Zootopia: Revelations

Zootopia: Revelations is a fanfiction based on Disney's successful movie titled Zootopia. The story takes place a few months later after the movie ended focusing on two unique characters developed specifically for this story which is dark and mostly gloomy that makes the reader experience much more intense events and battles that were never seen before in the movie itself. Zootopia: Revelations is a story that can manipulate with your feelings without difficulties. Your favorite characters from the movie will reprise their roles in the story as well so there's a lot to look forward to! Prepare to meet many new unique characters featured only in this story. Have fun!


6. The Extinction

Storyteller: This chapter directly continues from the previous, picking up where Nick & Angelina were romantically hugging each other after Nick had experienced an extreme nightmare with many, many depressing scenes, flashbacks, memories… But after he had woken and recollected himself, he made a move that would change his and Angelina’s life for the better, even more so than it was before. Now they’re looking out into the city, appreciating the sunrise and comforting each other. It’s still dark inside their house, despite the sun beaming directly into their room. So after Angelina releases Nick to head downstairs, she flicks a light switch, but no light comes on.

Angelina: Look, Nick… Whatever happened, it was just a dream, alright? Well, I’m going to go downstairs grab breakfast, I’ll come back up, just wait for me here. Oh, darn. Seems like the light is busted, will have to feel my way down in the dark…

Storyteller: At that moment, Nick’s ears perk and his eyes narrow, experiencing a flashback from his nightmare, and immediately rushes to Angelina, grabbing her before the gets to the stairs, fearing his dream will come true.

Nick: NO! Uh- L-let I… let me carry you downstairs instead… I can see in the dark, it’d be safer…

Angelina: What? Why? It’s not like anything will happen…

Nick: I just- well… No, I’m going to carry you downstairs.

Storyteller: Nick lifts up Angelina and carries her safely and steadily downstairs into the kitchen.

Angelina: Nicky c'mon, do I look like a little bunny doll to you? 

Nick: Yes, yes you do. Look, I care for you, my wife, I don’t want you fall and hurt yourself.

Angelina: Gosh, you calling me a wife, it sounds so charming and beautiful. I just can't believe we’re getting married.

Nick: Yep, this is your husband looking after you.

Storyteller: Nick hugs her tightly and releases Angelina down to her feet once they’re off the stairs.

Angelina: I just hope that dream you had isn’t impacting you too much, I don’t want you to be scared for the rest of your life.

Nick: I won’t be, I’ll probably just forget this one… 

Angelina: That’s good, just wait for me here, I’m going to take a leak, and no peeking! I should lock the door, actually.

Storyteller: Angelina chuckles and walks into the bathroom. Nick rolls his eyes and patiently waits for her. Soon after, he hears her screech and yell his name.

Angelina: Ah! Nick help!

Nick: What's wrong Carrots? Unlock the door! Angelina!

Storyteller: Angelina keeps screaming in fear, ignoring Nick’s instruction. Nick begins to get panicked and doesn't hesitate to kick open the door, breaking the lock and cracking the door frame.

Nick: Angelina?! What's going on?!

Storyteller: Angelina is standing in the bath tub with a mop pointing at a cockroach moving across the floor.

Nick: Are you serious? All this panic just because of a tiny insect? 

Angelina: Y-yeah… I can't stand cockroaches, j-just dispose of that creature please…

Storyteller: Nick looks at Angelina disappointingly and impales the insect with a claw.

Nick: This isn't that big of a deal…

Angelina: Now I am a bit embarrassed… but thank you for rescuing me I guess....

Nick: Angelina this is so silly… I mean that cockroach would’ve been ten times more scared of you…

Storyteller: Nick flicks the cockroach into the bin and washes his paws.

Nick: Well, c'mon dumb bunny, the perimeter is clear… why are you so scared of a roach? I thought you were one of Charles’ soldiers?

Storyteller: Angelina takes the joke offensively and frowns.

Angelina: Hey! I’m not a dumb bunny!

Nick: Angry little bun bun…

Storyteller: She puts away the mop and vaults over the side of the bathtub to get out of it.

Angelina: Let's just get some food and head back to bed…

Nick: Sure, why not?

Storyteller: They head to the kitchen. They pour cereal into a bowl, and soon after, Angelina rushes upstairs, away from Nick, to the bedroom in a playful fashion. 

Angelina: Come and catch me if you can, you slow snail fox!

Nick: Hehe, well, nobunny can escape my sense of smell… the predator is coming to hunt down its prey!

Storyteller: Nick sneaks upstairs, careful not to spill his bowl of cereal, but slips on the wooden staircase, hitting his mouth on a step and chipping one of his teeth, as well as spilling his cereal on the steps.

Nick: Agh shit! Ow, my nose… and mouth… jeez.

Storyteller: A couple of seconds later Angelina returns to the sound of a loud thunk and a shattering bowl, wondering what had just happened.

Angelina: Nick? Are you okay?

Nick: Don't worry carrots, I'll be fine, I’ve had worse injuries…

Angelina: But you’re bleeding from your mouth… I’ll bring you a gauze and some other things…

Storyteller: Angelina sets off to get a first aid kit, but Nick stands up and heads downstairs to the kitchen again.

Nick: Hey, carrots. It's fine! No medical attention is needed…

Storyteller: Angelina keeps searching for the medical supplies in the kitchen pantry.

Angelina: No, it's not! It's all my fault, I shouldn’t have rushed up the stairs like that, one of us was going to fall for sure.

Storyteller: Nick goes through another flashback from his earlier nightmare and yet again his eyes narrow and his ears perk, before shaking his head.

Nick: NO! NEVER AGAIN! It’s better off me falling instead of you…

Angelina: “Never again”? I’ve never fallen on the stairs though, Nick, are you referring to your dream again?

Storyteller: Nick has been way too stressed out about Angelina ever since his devilish nightmare, about him losing her because of an accident on the stairwell.

Nick: Ugh, hey, I… understand you wanted to play around and want to help, but I’m fine, just don't worry about me, okay? I can deal with it.

Storyteller: Angelina sighs in despair and gives up searching for the medical supplies.

Angelina: Okay then… I just feel so bad for you…

Nick: Well, the tooth won't grow back, but I’m okay. Like I said, I’ve had worse. Much worse.

Angelina: So did you break only one tooth?

Nick: Yeah, it's really sore actually…

Angelina: I’m terribly sorry about that, but I’m sure you can tough it out easily!

Nick: Haha, hey, I could make you a necklace with that tooth, couldn’t I?

Angelina: That’d be really awesome! It would look really marvelous and sharp!

Nick: That's why I am going to do it, I’ll make a necklace out of it, made with love just for my little bunny…

Angelina: Aw, Nick you’re so sweet…

Storyteller: Nick gives Angelina a quick kiss on the cheek and hugs her. She yawns and hugs back.

Angelina: I’m so tired… we gotta get back to sleep honey…

Nick: You can rest, I’ve got to stop this bleeding and clean up the mess on the stairs…

Storyteller: Nick picks Angelina up and carries her to the living room and sits her down on the couch. Then Angelina relaxes and talks in a sleepy tone.

Angelina: I feel like I’m light as air when you carry me around… like that…

Storyteller: Angelina slowly starts falling asleep on the couch. And Nick gives her another quick kiss, this time on the lips. He strokes Angelina’s ears as she falls asleep.

Angelina: Nick, I love you…

Nick: I love you too, Angelina.

Angelina: I’m just so happy to have such a great, kind hearted husband… with such a warm and beautiful tail…

Nick: And I’m even happier to have a wife that loves me with all her heart…

Storyteller: Angelina falls asleep on the couch smiling, and Nick kisses her once more.

Nick: Cute bun bun… well, I’ve got to clean up the shattered bowl on the stairs now…

2 and a half hours later…

Storyteller: Both Nick & Angelina are sleeping, cuddled up with each other on the couch. Angelina slowly opens her eyes to the morning sunshine and stretches while yawning.

Angelina: What a relaxing rest… Oh, my love is still sleeping…

Storyteller: Angelina tries to sneak away from Nick but he suddenly snatches her arm…

Nick: That’s not gonna work, baby bun…

Angelina: Oh no! Help me! This fox is going to eat me! 

Nick: Come here! 

Storyteller: Nick pulls her back on the couch on top of him and softly nibbles at her ear.

Nick: Remember why we’re not going to work today?

Angelina: Stop nibbling my ears, leave my ears alone, hehe… Why was that again? 

Nick: Because we’re getting married sweetheart! Silly bunny…

Angelina: Now that’s a great reason for taking some time off work.

Storyteller: Angelina kisses him and buries her head in Nick’s tail with a huge smile on their faces.

Nick: You sly bunny…

Angelina: Oh you dumb fox…

Storyteller: At that moment, Angelina's phone rings and vibrates on the table.

Nick: Who dares disturb us at this time, huh?

Angelina: I’ll check, but I wonder who it could be…

Storyteller: Angelina picks up her phone and reads the caller ID.

Angelina: It's Chief Bogo! 

Nick: What does he want? And at this time in the morning?! 

Angelina: I don’t know, but I should answer.

Storyteller: Angelina nervously answers the call and puts it up to her ear as she begins to head upstairs.

Angelina: Angelina Hopps here, Chief Bogo?

Chief Bogo: Listen up, Miss Hopps! There was a massive explosion in the city square! Several officers have already been deployed to investigate. So far they’ve reported that the attackers to have no fur, only on their heads. But they’re roaming among the city causing a relentless havoc. I want you two to go out there to secure the square and eliminate any and all threats, I repeat, eliminate ANY and ALL threats. We can't afford many more losses! We've got several officers holding the square and are engaging. You and sheriff Shelemy are the best officers I can count on that aren’t deployed!

Angelina: They’re humans, aren’t they? I thought they were forbidden to enter our premises… How did they get here..?

Chief Bogo: WHAT? THEY’RE HUMANS?! This is worse than I thought! Angelina! There's no time to lose! Get to the station with Shelemy and arm up with all the necessary equipment you need for this!

Angelina: Yes sir! We will be there ASAP! 

Nick: We aren’t going to work today due to the wedding, he said that we’d have this month off, right Angelina?

Storyteller: Angelina hushes Nick and continues to talk to Bogo.

Chief Bogo: Hold on, I’m getting more reports, they say that the attack has quietened down and the deployed officers are trying to control the situation…

Angelina: So, it’s dying down?

Chief Bogo: Hopefully, yes…

Storyteller: Suddenly more explosions and gunshots are heard over the phone.

Angelina: CHIEF?!

Chief Bogo: Nevermind! Situation is not under control! Hopps, this is only going to get worse! I’ll have to contact the local military and we’ll work from there to do everything in our power to stop this attack. They’ve already demolished the surrounding area, so get your asses here ASAP before things get further out of hand! 

Storyteller: Bogo ends the call and Angelina becomes extremely anxious about the situation and mumbles to herself.

Angelina: Humans…it’s about to be worse than I thought…

Nick: Angelina what did you say? What's going on?! 

Angelina: Could it really be though..? No…


Angelina: Nick! The city is being attacked by humans! We’ve got to stop them at all costs! Bogo’s officers claim that they’re terrorists…

Nick: Humans? Shit…Hey, couldn’t we call Britton's forces to aid us in battle?

Angelina: NO WAY! Exclude Britton from this! 

Nick: C'mon don't be such a pinhead, Britton's forces of highly trained and skilled mammals are unstoppable! They’ll kill all these bastards! They’re our only chance…

Storyteller: Angelina suddenly explodes in anger at Nick’s slight insult and ignorance as he continues to mention General Britton. Nick remains speechless, never yelled at before besides from Bogo.

So let’s fucking go. Before it’s TOO LATE.

Nick: A-Angelina? Why do you talk nonsense when Britton, or anyone like him, is mentioned? I don't know what kind of relationship you have with him, but I’m seriously concerned!

Storyteller: Angelina quickly covers her mouth with her paws, remorseful for yelling at Nick out of the blue. Nick's mood suddenly changes for the worse and his facial expression becomes surprised, afraid, shocked. Having never seen Angelina lash out at him, or anyone like him.

Nick: T-this isn't my wife… I had hoped that I wouldn’t get yelled at by someone like you… Everything's a lie…

Storyteller: Angelina rushes up close to Nick, hugging and embracing him.

Angelina: Nick I’m extremely sorry! I got out of control! I’m just so stressed out because of what's happening! I’m so afraid of what they’ll do to anyone…

Storyteller: Nick has yet another unfortunate flashback, this time of the moments his family was killed by a group of thugs. Nick holds Angelina tightly.

Nick: I've already lost my family once… It’s not going to happen again… never in a million years!

Storyteller: Nick’s tone has changed again, he’s very serious now. Nick’s words are final. No negotiating.

Nick: Angelina, you are the most courageous, vigilant bunny I've ever set my eyes on in my life. What’s happening now is merely a small obstacle. Let's go show them with who they’re messing with. Without Britton and his measly soldiers.

Storyteller: A huge explosion is heard outside, shaking the house.

Angelina: We must go! Now! 

Nick: I agree! Quick, get dressed so we can go!

Storyteller: Both Angelina and Nick rush upstairs to their bedroom dressing up in their uniforms. Nick swings open his locker, dresses in his uniform, grabs his very own Desert Eagles, holsters them and puts on a kevlar vest. Angelina does the same, but only with the vest.

Nick: We should head to the station and gear up there, Bogo will know what to do next! Let’s go, QUICKLY!

Storyteller: After dressing and equipping themselves, Nick and Angelina storm out of their house as quickly as they can to their ZPD cruiser on their driveway.

Nick: Good thing I left this beast parked here, it’ll just be like the pursuit…

Angelina: We are so fortunate then! This will help us reach the station in no time! Gazelle's sake! LOOK!

Storyteller: Angelina points at a skyscraper collapsing in the far distance. The sky has turned a deep orange due to the fires and collapsing buildings of Zootopia. The air is being filled with debris and toxic gas. The residents still on the street are panicking and searching for underground shelter. There are loud, screaming voices of small mammals trying to save themselves and their families. All sorts of sirens can be heard screeching throughout the city. The peaceful and beautiful city has become a warzone on the brink of absolute destruction.

Nick: Holy shit! I've never seen anything like this ever before, not even in movies! Whatever the fuck is going on, we’re desperately needed! Our duty is to defend this city by any means necessary! As a sheriff of BBPD, I’m partially in charge of ZPD as well, not as much as Bogo, of course, but he’s assigned me this rank. It’s why I have such a huge office.

Storyteller: Angelina jumps into the passenger seat while Nick slides over the hood to the driver’s side and leaps into the car.

Angelina: I was going to ask you about that at some point, but you’ve already answered. But you share your jobs with Bogo hey? You argue with each other most of the time, and, uh, don't you think we should evacuate the mammals?

Nick: Our main priority is the ZPD at the moment. We can plan a counter-attack once we get there, and we’ve still got to get the right equipment! We're losing more and more time! There's nothing we can do to save everyone right now, this has to be our main priority!

Storyteller: Nick flicks out his aviators and puts them on. He starts the car, spins off their driveway and launches down the road at full throttle, full speed with the cruiser's emergency lights on, siren blaring loudly.

Nick: And we were going to get married and have the month off… I’m going to track down EVERYONE behind this attack and shoot them all to tiny fucking pieces! They’ll be mincemeat when I’m done with them…

Angelina: Nick! Don’t you think that’s a bit excessive?!

Nick: No, not at all! I think they’ll deserve every bit of it. After blowing up half the city, I think- no, I KNOW that’s what their fate should be.

Storyteller: The road ahead is completely blocked by cars and trucks, blocked by an earlier crash before the attack. Luckily, there was a vehicle transport with its ramp lowered. Nick could’ve just driven onto the sidewalk, but he already knew what he wanted to do.

Nick: Hey Angelina, looks like we have a road block up ahead, watch this!

Angelina: What? How are you- You’re going to jump that?! You’ll wreck the car! You’ll kill us! You’re crazy!

Nick: You bet I am! So you’d better hold on!

Storyteller: Nick launches up and off the truck ramp, sticking the landing and clearing the wreckage by a long shot. Good thing there wasn’t any traffic on the emergency lane.

Angelina: Whew! Well, we're still in one piece, same with the cruiser…  Alright. Phew. We’re not far from the station now, almost there! I just can’t believe that this would happen, why would anyone do this? I’d have to assume that whoever is behind this had a sick and twisted mind…

Nick: I’m going to put an end to their leader. I’m going to do it myself. No matter what! No one destroys my city and get away with it! They’ll end up with no part of them to even bury.

Angelina: Jeez… Well, good luck with that, tough guy!

Nick: Whoever is behind this mayhem, he’ll get it…

Storyteller: After taking several shortcuts and avoiding more roadblocks, Nick and Angelina finally reach the ZPD station and stop their cruiser in the underground parking lot. When they get out of their car and are about to sprint towards the station, they spot Judy HoppsNick WildeChief Bogo and many of his other officers burst through the doors carrying crates with weapons and equipment to arm and ready themselves to face the enemy that has threatened to destroy and undo their animal kingdom. But after Angelina sees Judy, all she can do is immediately shout her name and run to her, leaving Nick to grab his gear from the cruiser himself.

Angelina: JUDY! I’m so glad to see you!

Storyteller: The team of officers stops and glances at Angelina running towards them from the distance. Judy begins tearing up as she sees her sister rushing towards her and offers a tight and warm, comforting hug. Angelina leaps into her arms and wraps her own around Judy.

N. Wilde: Well, well, well. What a delightful reunion, Judy!

Judy: I’m so happy to see you Ang! I’m so glad you’re okay! But, I’m just don’t understand how someone could destroy such a beautiful city like this, the city of people’s dreams…

Angelina: Don't worry! We’ll take it back, all of us!

Judy: Ang, you make me so happy… I was so worried, I thought you were dead, I really, really did…

Angelina: Judy! Relax! I’m right here, in your arms…

Storyteller: Both sisters release each other as Nick walks past them towards Bogo.

Nick: Well, we’re here, Bogo.

Chief Bogo: Very good. EVERYONE LISTEN UP!

Storyteller: Everyone stops talking amongst themselves and turns towards Chief Bogo as he briefs the situation to everyone again, this time, with Nick and Angelina.

Chief Bogo: We have tried to get in touch with the local military, The Thunder Troops, but our communications have been interrupted and jammed by an unknown source. All our communications have been blocked. So, for now, we are on our own! But this is no problem. We are what stands between Zootopia's future and its ultimate destruction. The fate of this city rests on our shoulders. We've always been here serving for the citizens, maintaining justice, order. The little things. Every one of us is ten times better trained, equipped and skilled in every way compared to those terrorist hellhounds who are out here to cause devastation and slaughter innocent lives! Today, the ZPD will face its single biggest adversary it ever had to deal with. For some of you, this may be your last briefing. Some of us might not survive such mayhem. But we will fight to the end, or die trying! Current objectives are the following: Secure the perimeter around the station, make it safe, and make it a stronghold. Objective two! Terminate any enemy bastard that you stumble across! Next! Evacuate as many remaining civilians as possible to this station or other strongholds! And the last! Make sure all of you dish out everything you’ve got! Make sure all of your efforts are worth everything we fight for. We may be lesser equipped than militaries, but we won't be sitting on our asses in offices trembling in fear for rescue because of this! We ARE the rescue! WE WILL RISE AS VICTORS, OR WE WILL DIE AS HEROES WHO FOUGHT FOR THEIR CITY! THEIR NATION! NONE OF YOU WILL BE SCARED TO OPPOSE THE ENEMY! YOU WERE NOT TRAINED TO FAIL! YOU WERE TRAINED TO FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT! NOW GEAR UP EVERYONE! HOORAH!

Every officer at once: HOORAH!

Storyteller: Everyone begins to prepare to fight, officers hand out weapons and gear to fight and neutralize all the invaders. Meanwhile, Bogo takes the opportunity to kneel down to talk personally with Angelina & Nick.

Chief Bogo: Nick. No Chief would ever be so as proud of you like me. I've always wanted you to cooperate with me more, 
argue less… But even though you do, you NEVER fail me. If I can’t keep the role of Chief for whatever reason, you’ll be promoted to the rank of Chief to replace me. There's no other animal with as much knowledge and ability besides me and you. 

Nick: You can't be serious Bogo, you’re making me tear up…

Storyteller: Bogo then turns to Angelina and begins to talk to her.

Chief Bogo: Angelina. You may be our newest member, but you have the courageousness, heroicness, and intelligence of a veteran. You’re bringing balance to the nation. It's a true honor to have officers like you.

Storyteller: Bogo stands up straight and looks at both Nick and Angelina in the eyes.

Chief Bogo: Now arm up. You two will need better equipment than what you’ve already got for this kind of situation! There’s extra equipment in the armory if you need them, but most of the stuff is over there, in the crates.

Storyteller: Nick and Angelina rush into the station, heading to the armory to check for better equipment and weaponry. Meanwhile, half of ZPD's officers have already been sent out to secure the perimeter around the station and clear out enemies, while the rest is being prepared to be sent out to reinforce a frontline. Chief Bogo observes the activity in the huge underground car park. At that moment, loud, heavy gunshots and explosions are heard coming from within the city along with the sounds of collapsing buildings. Everyone turns their heads towards the carpark entrances, then to each other and Bogo.

Chief Bogo: Ah shit, that isn’t good. Alright everyone it's time to take action! We can't lose more innocent lives! Officers Delgato, McHorn, Fangmeyer, Wolfard, ready your squads! You are coming with me to the centre to reinforce our units there! We're going to wipe out these simpletons off of the surface of this planet!

Storyteller: They all shout and ready their equipment. Bogo orders them to load up their multitude of grenades, thermal goggles and ammunition up into the cruisers and armored trucks.

Chief Bogo: Officers Hopps and Wilde! You two need to come as well. We don’t have much time!

Judy: I thought we would all go together with Angelina and Shelemy, Bogo!

N. Wilde: Bogo, we shouldn't leave our teammates behind. They can provide us with immense support!

Chief Bogo: There isn’t any time to wait around! We need to go, NOW. So get to your cruiser, that’s an order!

N. Wilde: C’mon Bogo, it’s not like this is their first day, they’ll be an extremely important asset! But I guess you’re right. We gotta go. Thousands of innocent mammals are dying out there, their lives depend on us!

Judy: I am terribly sorry, Ang… we’ll have to leave you behind… Well, we’ll see you on the other side, stay alive for me…

Chief Bogo: Wilde has come to his senses it seems… Now get to the transports, squads one to four! And don’t bother apprehending these terrorists, we’ve enough on our plates already!

Storyteller: Squads one to four, Bogo, Nick and Judy rush towards their cruisers and armored trucks. After everyone is ready to leave, they drive off after the lead car to their designated location in Zootopia to terminate any threats. But Nick & Angelina have been left behind. After some time, Angelina & Nick walk through the doors heavily equipped. And realize that their team has been deployed without them.

Nick: You gotta be fucking kidding me… Now how in the hell do they expect to wipe out the enemy when they leave their allies behind?!

Angelina: I dunno, but I gotta say, the equipment in the armory is pretty advanced! I’ve never seen a police station equipped with such advanced military technology…

Nick: It’s all Britton, baby girl. I’ve told you that he grants us access to leftover high-tech, military-grade equipment every month. Thanks to this, we’ve got a huge advantage over the attackers.

Storyteller: As they walk towards their cruiser, Angelina points out that Nick is mentioning Britton again.

Angelina: Nick, I've told you this earlier. I don't want to hear that name.

Nick: Why not? Tell me what bothers you? Did he do something unpleasant to you?

Angelina: His name causes me huge distress…

Nick: Are you sure that's everything you've to say?

Angelina: Y-yes, just… bad memories from the academy… that's all.

Storyteller: Nick has been thinking about Angelina's weird behavior each time her former general is mentioned, and he’s become very cautious about the whole subject. Soon Nick and Angelina both rush into their cruiser and drive off as fast as possible with the hopes of catching up with the ZPD convoy.

Nick: C'mon, they can’t too be far away.

Angelina: There has to be signs of them. Can you see any beacons flashing in the distance? Anything of that sort?

Nick: Nope, negative. Kinda hard with all this black smoke. Argh, it’s damn near impossible to see anything at all! We’re going to lose them, I can barely even see this fucking road!

Angelina: C'mon Nick, don't give in so easily. We can find them, surely it can’t be that hard for a fox like you.

Nick: Find them? What, all dead in an explosion?

Storyteller: Angelina sighs deeply and facepaws.

Angelina: Look, we’re entering a zone that’s got toxic air, all the smoke and chemicals in the air, the debris, dust… we’ll suffocate!

Nick:  I just want to find out who’s responsible for this attack on our city. I just want to kill him for what he’s done to our nation!

Storyteller: Nick growls in anger and tries to focus on the road. Suddenly they burst out of the enormous cloud of black, toxic smoke and a huge suspension bridge appears in front of them. It seems to be fairly intact, no cables or supports look damaged. There are multiple pairs of tire marks leading across the bridge.

Nick:  Oh look, Angelina. That's probably the only structure here that isn’t completely demolished yet!

Angelina: Should we go across it?

Nick:  Well, by looking at all these tire marks here, this has to be the only route our convoy took… so the answer is yes, yes, we really should.

Angelina: Hey Nick, I’ve been pondering…

Nick: What is it, Angelina?

Angelina: You never told me anything about your parents, I’m curious to what happened to them, what your story with them is.

Storyteller: Angelina says while staring Nick in his eyes. Nick breaks eye contact with Angelina and looks forward again, trying to brush away the question, but Angelina’s innocent question just replays in Nick’s head over and over again. Eventually, Nick answers quickly...

Nick:  I had awful parents, they refused to keep me, and so I ended up in an adoption centre, that's where I grew up. It was depressing. That's it, that’s my childhood… They never contacted me, Shelemy isn’t even my original surname…

Angelina: I… Oh that's just awful! Hearing this is just really extremely depressing…

Nick: Yeah… I was lucky to get a chance to be educated. I got… adequate grades in high school, so I could continue my education through to college. I was only 18 when I met the love of my life, we got married, I graduated, we had kids, and, I… I’ve- I’ve lost all of them. I’ve suffered from mental illness, I was just so depressed all the time, thinking about whether I should just end my suffering or not. But somehow, I managed to keep just enough hope to keep going. But I’ve taken the toll, the death of my family brought me nothing but pain, rage, and an urge for revenge. That's why I attended the Zootopia Police Academy, where I could serve my nation and become a sheriff, so I can keep Zootopia safe from thugs and all that. I just didn't want any other families to suffer the same kind of fate as mine… by keeping the streets clean, or at least safe. By becoming a sheriff, I knew I could get the choice whether I could arrest them and leave others to deal with it or do it myself and land him every bit of punishment he deserves. For my family… because they are the same, all heartless and eager to kill the innocent for fun, for the thrill.

Angelina: So that’s why you became a sheriff…

Nick:  Yep, if my family was alive, I wouldn't feel the need to be in this position. But Carrots, listen, you’re my only family left, I trust and love you from the bottom of my heart. Even though it’s flooded with the pain and sorrow of the past…

Angelina: Nick, I love you with everything I can, perhaps more, but, I’m terribly afraid of losing you…

Nick:  You won’t lose me to anything, Angelina. I promise you.

Storyteller: Angelina gives Nick a quick kiss to help comfort him. As they pass the midpoint of the bridge, they spot flashing lights on the supporting columns of the bridge.

Angelina: Nick! Do you see what I see? Those red flashing lights!

Nick:  Oh shit! IEDs! This bridge is going to be blown to bits with US ON IT! There’s no safer and better routes other than this bridge, we need to go! We need make it off this bridge by any means necessary!

Angelina: Nick! You’re going to get us killed!


Storyteller: Angelina covers her eyes as Nick pushes the pedal to the metal pushing the car to its limits! As they approach the bridge and get on it, the planted bombs detonate and the bridge begins to collapse behind them like in a movie, causing shaking violently and nearly making Nick’s cruiser to spin out. However, because of his exceptional driving skills and a small tap from a car wreck, Nick manages to maintain course and keep their cruiser from falling off the bridge, though now skidding sideways, Angelina & Nick manage to reach the end of the bridge onto solid ground and stop to catch their breath as the rest of the bridge crumbles behind them.

Nick:  Fucking hell, we barely made that! Why is this happening?! What’s the point in destroying this magnificent city?! Who’s in charge of this attack? So many unanswered questions…

Angelina: This is the craziest ride I’ve ever had in my life, Nick, next time, I’m driving!

Nick:  We’re really close now, I just need to catch my breath for a bit.

Storyteller: Gunshots are heard nearby, followed by shouting and an explosion.

Angelina: Over there! That’s where they have to be!

Nick:  It’s got to be the place where our allies are risking their lives for this city…

Angelina: Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go provide them with some well-deserved support!

Storyteller: Nick revs the car and they begin driving into the combat area, towards the shootout in an attempt to aid the ZPD forces and defeat the unidentified terrorist marauders. They stop their vehicle amongst collapsed buildings, in a cloud of dust and suffocating smoke covering the entire area, which is only flaming ruins. Breathing here without a filtered mask will be impossible.

Nick: C’mon, we need to get out of the car and get prepared!

Angelina: Nick, I have a really bad feeling about this…

Storyteller: Nick grabs Angelina’s paw.

Nick:  Look, Angelina. I do too, but we didn’t come here to just run away again. We supposed to be committed to our duties! We can’t fail Bogo!

Angelina: Nick, tell me, do you want to live?

Nick:  Yes, at this point, why wouldn’t I?

Angelina: Well if you do want to live, why are you sticking out your head like this? You’re going to end up fighting death itself! We can’t do anything to it, these “marauders” just don’t seem like anything before, even if they are human.

Nick:  Angelina for fuck’s sake, this city can still be saved, and it can be saved while we’re still breathing, it won’t take so long that we’ll die of old age. I’ve strong faith in this city and everyone fighting for it, that it won’t go down in a pile of ashes, not if I can do anything about it.

Angelina: Sure we can still fight for it, but keep in mind that, it’s over. We can’t win this, we can’t rebuild this city, everyone’s dead or dying, everything’s destroyed or being destroyed, what’s the point?

Nick: Angelina! The fuck’s gotten into you?! C’mon, grab your gear and let’s go! Our colleagues are dying because of you slowing us down! Your hopelessness is not helping anyone, and you’re making this extremely stressful and difficult for me to pull off. We are not incompetent, so just come with me and fight for the future of this city.

Storyteller: Nick picks up his equipment and gets ready to storm into battle, but suddenly everything goes silent. Only occasional shots are heard, probably their allies finishing off enemies. Besides that, only sounds of debris can be heard.

Nick:  Silence? Sounds like the shootout is over?

Angelina: Just, fine, I’ll come, I can’t lose you…

Nick:  There we go, that’s the wife I want to marry, but hurry, let’s go.

Storyteller: Nick and Angelina head through a narrow passage, surrounded by debris and rubble. What they’re about to see once they crest the mound of rubble will shock them like never before. They reach Zootopia’s main park square. They scan the area with caution from their high ground, their weapons up and ready to be fired. But when they spot their fallen Officers and civilians, their mouths drop. Only a few officers remain, either trapped under rubble or hiding in craters, injured. None of the attackers are to be seen. Nick and Angelina run down the pile of rubble towards the ex-battle ground.

Nick: My, god…

Angelina: I’m... I’m so speechless… how could this happen?!

Nick: Angelina, looks at this slaughter, everyone’s dead or dying. GONE! We’re probably the only officers left of the team! Fuck, maybe even the last remaining officers of the city! They’ve probably already sieged and cleared our headquarters! They’ve probably set explosives to blow it up… THEY’RE GOING TO KILL EVERYONE THERE!

Angelina: Nick calm down! Please! You’re going to bring them back! They might be still around! Be on your guard Nick!

Nick: Angelina how could you be fucking calm? In a situation like this, where a company’s worth of officers have been slaughtered?!

Angelina: I’m FAR from calm, Nick, I’m just not freaking out so the entire city can hear me!

Nick: We need to finish what our allies have started, if we coordinate, we can come out on top! We can be victorious! We WILL be victorious!

Angelina: Exactly! And do you sense what I sense?

Nick:  Yep, danger isn’t far…

Storyteller: At that moment, shots are heard in the distance. Tranquilizer darts fly towards Nick and Angelina. Nick notices them and leaps away from them after warning Angelina, who manages to dodge them as well by leaping and rolling into cover.

Nick: What the- These are sedatives! Who, in this time and situation would want us tranquilized? And why?!

Angelina: I don’t know, but we should run! No use shooting a target we can’t see!

Storyteller: Angelina grabs Nick’s paw and leads him to some more solid cover behind the rubble of a building

Nick: Ah shit… I just hope that Bogo got away.

Angelina: I see some of them! Armed. Who are they? What are they?

Nick: Let me see…

Storyteller: Nick peeks through a hole in the cover and scans the area with his binoculars. There are many of the city’s attackers, or Marauders, as many call them, marching down what’s left of the street. They seem to be searching for something, or someone. They are dressed in what seems to be dark military uniforms, wearing a variety of headgear ranging from fully protective ballistic helmets to a simple beanie and facemask. They are armed with an array of weaponry including assault rifles to launchers, among other things.

Angelina: There has to be someone big behind this attack, it's not just a group of mammals that decided to do this… But if you want to take them out, we can split up and sneak around to flank them. We’ll gain a huge advantage that way.

Nick: Well I disagree! I’m going to go in guns blazing, I’ll give those motherfuckers bullet brunch!

Storyteller: Angelina sighs in disapproval and prepares her weapon, loading it at fixing attachments. Her vest is already on, so are her ammunition pouches. Nick holds Angelina’s paw and winks. Then stands up and prepares his own gear.

Nick: Carrots, c’mon. We can do it, together! We’re an unstoppable force!

Angelina: Fine… It’s going to be okay Angelina, just breathe, you’ll be fine. You were one of the top students in the academy!

Nick: It’s time to unleash absolute fury!

Storyteller: Angelina & Nick peek out of their cover from different sides, take aim and open fire at the Marauders on the street. A few are immediately killed, while the rest splits up into smaller groups and dive into cover behind whatever can stop a bullet. The Marauders have an especially large group of militants around what appears to be the squad leader, well-guarded by his troops. He calls an unknown higher ranking figure via radio.

Marauder Squad Leader:  Sir, we’re under fire from another group of ZPD officers, be advised. Requesting authorization to destroy this filthy city’s last standing skyscrapers and complete our attack after we’ve dealt with these scumbags. We do that and we’re done here. Yes sir. Understood sir! Will do. Raiden Tiger, out.


Storyteller: Angelina dives back into cover, onto the ground and narrowly avoids being hit. Nick steadily aims and fires off two shots. The sniper ducks, then pokes his head back out soon after, only to catch a bullet from Nick, with his head, and falls to the ground.

Marauder Squad Leader: Airstrike has been given the all-clear! Falcon Squadron you are free to destroy this city’s remaining skyscrapers, command has given the all clear! Repeat, ALL CLEAR! Do you copy?

Falcon Wing Commander: Copy that, Raiden Tiger, aircraft are on strike run and ready to engage.

Marauder Squad Leader: Command will be pleased! Squad! Let’s get moving, these guys are a waste of our time!

Storyteller: Seconds after the order from their squad leader, the Marauders begin to move out of sight of Nick and Angelina group by group. Some remain to continue suppressing Nick and Angelina, while the others fall back. Nick continues to fire at the Marauders, managing to kill at least five of them before they all retreat.


Angelina: Why are they running? We can’t have scared them off, they had us pinned!

Storyteller: Nick and Angelina gingerly scan the area of any remaining Marauders while they converse amongst each other.

Nick: I told you, they are simply heartless cowards, marauders, seeking innocent lives to end and causing pointless destruction all for fun. Though I doubt that they’re retreating from us. We’re not their main target, so I suppose we’re not important to them. They seem to have gotten what they want. They’ve demolished our city. Barely any part of the city stands… This is going to be the extinction of our kind.

Angelina: You’ve got a point, that we’re not a big target, I’ll have to agree with you there. I assume their main goal was to wipe our city and its inhabitants, to destroy everything we’ve ever created. I can’t believe my own eyes…

Nick: We used to be mutual allies. We used to leave each other untouched, in peace. Looks like that mutuality has crumbled. They went to destroy Zootopia, they got what they want, and they destroyed Zootopia. I’m assuming that they’re humans from their lack of ears, tails, fur, and all that, plus the reports, as well. But this isn’t right, they’re already the dominant species on this planet, so why bother destroying our nation? We’re a mere speck on this world compared to them. They’re taking everything we love, our nation, our lives, our city… I just don’t understand why… We’re living beings as well, with feelings and families, we’re human-like, why would they hate that? Why would they hate something that they created themselves?!

Angelina: Nick, quiet! Listen! Do you hear that too?

Storyteller: Nick perks ears and scans for sounds. They seem to be coming from the sky.

Nick: The sky? Oh fucking hell LOOK UP IN THE SKY!

Storyteller: Two groups of two fighter aircraft are flying towards the last remaining skyscrapers in the city, one of which is extremely close to Nick and Angelina’s position. 

Falcon Wing Commander: Payload is armed and ready to deploy. Skyscraper locked. All aircraft, weapons free, weapons free!

Storyteller: The aircraft open fire on the remaining skyscrapers scattered around the city. The one closest to Nick and Angelina is struck first by a missile, then a bomb. The glass windows shatter and fall with large chunks of debris which rain down to the ground upon Nick and Angelina, putting their lives in grave danger.

Nick: Oh fuckin’ SHIT RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Angelina: Oh shit! I’m getting the absolute fuck away from here!

Storyteller: Nick drops his weapon and shoves Angelina from underneath falling debris, Nick stumbles backwards to avoid a huge beam of metal. Angelina is knocked unconscious after falling forwards, and is separated from Nick, who quickly attempts to find a way around the rubble. He finds a hole to crawl through towards Angelina and does so.


Storyteller: Nick tries his best to find Angelina and dig her out from under the debris, but a steel pole lodged in a nearby pile of rubble shifts, falls and slams into Nick’s head, knocking him out.

Falcon Wing Commander:  Buildings destroyed. Returning to base. Mission Accomplished. 

Storyteller: The Falcon Squadron flies back to its base after a successful mission, disappearing into the red-lit clouds. Nick & Angelina are left in the debris of the collapsed buildings, both of them unconscious.

30 minutes pass.

Nick regains consciousness and tries taking deep breaths. He coughs heavily after inhaling the dust around him. Luckily, he’s barely buried, only under small and medium sized rubble and the steel pole. Nick stands up and immediately searches for Angelina, he’s feeling extremely light headed.

Nick: A-Angelina? Angelina? Baby, where are you? Please tell me you’re alive… You can’t die this way, not out of my sight, never do I want that to happen again…

Storyteller: After several minutes of desperately searching for the love of his life, he uncovers Angelina’s body, it’s covered by chunks of concrete and her uniform is bloody.

Nick: ANGELINA?! No… No, no no!

Storyteller: Nick rushes to uncover her from the rubble and debris. He picks Angelina up, sets her down on a flat metal plate and checks her pulse. She is alive. Her heart beating faintly, blood everywhere.

Nick: Oh thank god, Carrots, I thought you’d left me alone in this world again…

Storyteller: Nick holds Angelina in his arms, hugging her while she slowly recovers.

Angelina: N-Nick… what happened?

Nick: Their jets destroyed the skyscraper with us under it, not sure what the purpose was, maybe to kill us, but probably just to destroy the building and everyone around it.

Angelina: Agh, my fucking head hurts so much…

Storyteller: Angelina clasps the wound on her head which is bleeding, but not as badly as other areas.

Nick: You’re bleeding everywhere! I need to get you medical treatment, stat!

Angelina: N-no! I’m fine, I’ll be alright!

Nick: No, Angelina. You’re not fine.

Angelina: Just put me down and you’ll see that I completely am!

Storyteller: Nick puts reluctantly Angelina down to her feet. She wobbles a bit but quickly manages to regain her balance.

Angelina: See? I’m just a bit disoriented, but it’s not a big problem. Whoa, oh jeez… what now?

Nick: Do you think we should go and search for any survivors? Before we get attacked or something again?

Angelina: Yeah, that’s not a bad idea, but we need to be extremely careful. We’ve no weapons anymore…

Nick: Fists can be much more effective than bullets, Carrots! Certainly in a close-combat scenario.

Storyteller: Both Angelina and Nick snicker quietly. Suddenly, engines are heard and four jeeps approach and surround them. Painted on the jeeps is a silver G with wings on either side. The wings’ details are sharp and aggressive, no curvy lines here. There are soldiers sitting in the jeeps, one of which has a machinegun turret. The soldiers inside get out of their cars to secure Nick, Angelina and the surrounding area.

Gryphon Lieutenant: Gryphon Rescue Forces, HANDS IN THE AIR!

Nick: Oh fuck me…

Storyteller: Angelina and Nick have no other choice but to surrender themselves. One of the soldiers pulls out his radio from his vest and speaks into it. Nick and Angelina shuffle closer and whisper to each other.

Gryphon Lieutenant: Sir, area is secured. It’s safe to land, over.

Angelina: Oh no, this can’t be happening…

Nick: What’s wrong, Carrots?

Angelina: I gotta run… I gotta escape…

Nick: Run? Where? You’ll be shot before you can even get to your feet!

Angelina: They won’t fire at me, you’ll know why soon…

Gryphon Lieutenant: You two. QUIET! No talking.

Storyteller: Angelina and Nick are kneeling on the ground, hands on their heads. Angelina is extremely nervous the whole situation, knowing all too well of what’ll happen. A squadron of support choppers and a large transport helicopter burst through the dust in the sky, blowing away the black smoke, suppressing fires and blowing dust everywhere. The transport helicopter lands, while the supports hold their position in the air.

Angelina: No no no! I can’t be caught, I need to escape!

Nick: What? Angelina! Wait!

Storyteller: Angelina leaps to her feet and dashes for her life, squeezing through a narrow opening in the debris and flees from the Gryphon Forces.


Gryphon Lieutenant: Subject BE-44 is on the run! We are in pursuit!

Nick: Subject?!

Storyteller: Nick remains on the ground, on his knees, shocked by Angelina’s bold move. The helicopter’s hydraulic cargo door opens towards Nick, and a sinister figure walks out of the helicopter with two Gryphon soldiers at either side of him. As he exits the transport and enters the light, General Charles Britton stands before Nick. The head of the Private Military and Gryphon forces. He bears his rank of general, five stars, joined point to point, creating a more or less a ring. He bears this on his shoulders. General Britton also has a multitude of medals pinned on the left side of his uniform and has a cigar in his mouth, wears tinted aviators, 4 metal rings on his right hand and a red beret. He turns and looks at the G-Forces who are surrounding Nick, some are aiming at their victim.

General Britton: I distinctly remember ordering you to find and rescue them from this apocalyptic muck, not threaten them! Idiots. You’ve made one run off, and the other is scared shitless! Lieutenant! I don’t want this to happen again.

Gryphon Lieutenant: In the name of the Gryphon Forces sir! I pledge that we will not fail you sir! You can be certain about that!

General Britton: Good. Because if you do, it’ll be the end of you.

Storyteller: The G-Forces quickly lower their weapons and stand up straight, saluting, as Britton walks through their formation, inspecting them, and approaches Nick.

Nick: Charles? Thank goodness you’re here! But, w-what the hell is this going on now? What are the Gryphon forces doing her at this time?

General Britton: Well first of all, let me apologize for the inconvenient approach, Nicholas. It got slightly out of hand. This habitually happens when there isn’t a proper official around to give proper orders. So, you managed to survive this far eh? Well, the city’s is been overrun by Marauders and we’ve come to defend it, naturally. So, where’s Angelina gone?

Nick: She ran away right after she saw your helos coming in. I dunno why, but she freaks out every time I mention your name. You two had some kind of conflicts or misunderstandings in the past? In the academy?

General Britton: Well, to say the least- WAIT SHE RAN AWAY?!

Storyteller: General Britton stares at his trooper Lieutenant.


Nick: Charles for fuck’s sake! You came to rescue us, right?

Storyteller: The general clears his throat, gives the lieutenant a death stare and slowly turns back to Nick.

General Britton: Yes… Of course. And we did have some really rough patches with Angelina during trainings. I'll explain it all, she simply fears my maleficence and managed to leave her true occupation. She became a ZPD officer instead, as you would know. You recruited her. She wasn’t supposed to be in such an irrelevant position that doesn’t fit her skills. She has disobeyed me many times. So her dream becoming a military soldier is no longer in consideration. Yet she remains just a disreputable frightened rabbit. A liability. I should have been more considerate back in the labs… She’s caused much inconsiderate trouble to others.

Nick: Wait, you created her in a lab? She's just a biological experiment? An artificial bunny? So she wasn’t lying…

General Britton: Yes she is, WAS, more like. But I need her back.

Nick: What? Why though?

General Britton: To continue modifications, so she can serve her true purpose to the full extent! But she’s been… distracted. I shouldn’t have let her out. She simply wasn’t created to serve for the ZPD. That day is the one I most regret.

Nick: What kind of purpose..?

General Britton: We can discuss that later, Nick. We don’t have much time. We’ll fly you to Outpost Sierra, it’s not too far from here by air. It’s a hidden outpost in the mountain. I’ll explain everything to you there, once we find my experiment. I’m sorry we couldn’t arrive sooner. Communications were blocked until now, this attack meant that the destruction of Zootopia was inexorable.

Nick: Alright, but Britton. I can’t let you touch Angelina without any further explanations, I want to know what exactly you’re trying to do with her. I don’t want to lose her. I love her with all my heart, and without her, I’m a goner. She’s the reason why I still want to live.

General Britton: Nicholas Shelemy, I’ve said that everything will be explained once we find her and get to safety.

Storyteller: Britton orders the G-Forces to begin tracking down Angelina.

General Britton: Listen up, Subject BE-44 is on loose, whoever finds her, may get a medal and extra payment! But listen carefully, I want her ALIVE! Understood? Good. Now prep up!

Nick: Hey, Charles, I can help. You can rely on me! She’ll listen to me. I know where to look for her. Charles, she'll run from your troops and you, I can find and bring her back in no time!

General Britton: You’ve got a point there, Nick. I like it. Grab what you need and get going.

Storyteller: General Britton revokes his order to search for Angelina and await new orders.

General Britton: Nick, take this GPS. It’s got important points marked. Our outposts, landing zones, patrols, all that. Outpost Sierra is your destination. I’ll be waiting for you there. And make sure you get her back alive and breathing! Alright, Troopers! Time to RTB! Pack up your gear, I want two of you on patrol, the other two head to Base Bravo Three! The rest of us are flying back to Outpost Sierra. 

Storyteller: General Britton boards his transport, a number of his troopers follow suit. The cargo door closes and the helicopter takes off, the supports follow.

General Britton: Pathetic persuadable fox… So easy to manipulate. He’s walking right into my trap and has no clue about it! Once he delivers us that rabbit, everything will be in place.

Storyteller: The troopers smirk and laugh quietly with their General, as their transport and support helicopters fly in formation, disappearing in the red sky. Meanwhile, the troopers still on the ground prepare for patrols and get into their jeeps, soon taking off in the direction of gunfire. Nick is left alone. On a mission to locate Angelina and bring her to Outpost Sierra, to ‘safety’.

Nick: Everything’s gonna be alright, let’s go, Nick. Agh, this shit is driving me crazy. I’m talking to myself again… But, it's not a problem, I guess.

Storyteller: Nick begins his search for Angelina. He first decides to head through the same narrow opening of the rubble that Angelina took on her escape. Nick yells Angelina’s name, in hopes that she is still nearby.

Nick: Angelina? It’s me! Nicholas Shelemy! Holy shit, what happened here?!

Storyteller: Nick crawls through the small gap and stumbles across a mass of dead mammals. Many are Officers. What shocks Nick the most is the buffalo horns buried by the debris. It can only be Chief Bogo, without a doubt. Crushed by literal tonnes of concrete, with no way to have survived the incident, Nick walks towards Bogo and looks at his badge, laying on the ground, covered in dust and blood. Nick tears up and kneels down.

Nick: Bogo, you were my idol. I wanted to be as respected as you, as renowned as you, you’re the single most heroic mammal I’ve ever known, more so than me. May you rest in peace, Chief Bogo. I’ve lost everyone… Everyone I’ve ever liked, loved, worked with, everyone except Angelina… I won’t lose her. It will not happen! Angelina! WHERE ARE YOU?!

Storyteller: Nick is losing hope, he’s looking for any kind of clues to Angelina’s whereabouts. He eventually discovers a clue. There are bloody pawprints on the ground, leading into a train station, their shape is long, but relatively small, with the paw on the front end. They have to be Angelina’s. Nick follows the prints inside the station, and spots Angelina sitting on a bench, holding her head, sobbing. Nick rushes up to Angelina, calling her name.

Nick: Darling! Angelina! You’re alive! Are you okay? You’re bleeding…

Angelina: Nick, please… You s-shouldn't be here…

Nick: Don’t cry baby girl, everything’s going to be alright! Rescue is here. I’m getting you out of this hellhole, we’ll start a new life after everything’s fixed again.

Angelina: You’ve come to take me to General Britton, haven’t you?

Nick: No, I’ve come to find the missing piece from my heart and put it back in its place. That missing piece, is you. Nothing else, and never will be. Only you can fill the void in my heart.

Angelina: Nick, I can’t fall into his hands again…

Nick: Baby, we don’t have any other choices left but to listen to Britton and go to his outpost. We’ll die here if we stay, the station is falling apart, you’re bleeding all over the place. You need serious medical treatment.

Angelina: I would rather stay and die here, than being captured and enslaved by him.

Nick: None of that will happen, so long as I remain breathing. I’ll let nothing bad ever happen to you again.

Storyteller: Nick carefully picks up Angelina and kisses her on the forehead, wipes off her tears and walks out of the station with her. There’s plenty of functioning vehicles around to use.

Nick: Look, we can pick a ride. All of them are open! What about this one, hmm?

Storyteller: Nick picks a car and sits Angelina down on the passenger seat and puts the seat belt on her. Nick hops into the driver’s seat, puts on his seatbelt, starts the engine, and puts the GPS that Britton gave to him on the dashboard.

Nick: The outpost is just a couple miles away, honey, it won’t be long.

Storyteller: Angelina stays silent, looking out of the window with an upset expression on her face. The highway ahead of them is only slightly damaged with a few potholes and cracks. It also leads directly out of Zootopia, towards the mountains. Nick applies full throttle and drives off out of the centre on the highway.

Nick: You’re going to be alright, Carrots, just bear with me. General- I mean, he’ll cause no harm to you, not if I can stop it.

Storyteller: Angelina’s ears are dropped. She just continues to stare out the window.

Nick: C’mon sugar, don’t be so upset, smile for me, please? You’re more beautiful when you do…

Storyteller: Angelina turns around and looks at Nick for a moment, then leans on him as he continues driving.

Nick: That’s better, there’s my wife. Hey, look, there’s the mountains! Now that we’re out of the burning city, we can actually see the sky as its normal color, and an environment that isn’t covered in fire…

Storyteller: Nick and Angelina have made it out of the Marauder attack and destruction of their city. Nick is on the highway, heading away from the city. It is in a near-perfect condition, however, many cars have been abandoned on it, blocking parts of the road. After some time of driving on the highway, Nick turns off of it, and they head towards the mountain range, where Britton and his forces are awaiting Nick and Angelina’s arrival.

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