Zootopia: Revelations

Zootopia: Revelations is a fanfiction based on Disney's successful movie titled Zootopia. The story takes place a few months later after the movie ended focusing on two unique characters developed specifically for this story which is dark and mostly gloomy that makes the reader experience much more intense events and battles that were never seen before in the movie itself. Zootopia: Revelations is a story that can manipulate with your feelings without difficulties. Your favorite characters from the movie will reprise their roles in the story as well so there's a lot to look forward to! Prepare to meet many new unique characters featured only in this story. Have fun!


2. The Bunnyburrow Incident

Storyteller: It was late in the afternoon when Angelina was returning home from the nearby military training camp. She had just gotten off her train and was about to walk home. However she spots her son being restrained by an officer near the station exit, and runs towards them.

Angelina: Excuse me sir, could you please explain why you’re holding my son by his ears?

Michael: Mom! Help me! It really hurts!

Sheriff Nick: Oh look who’s here, so this your mommy? Well it looks like you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

Storyteller: Nick smirks at Michael and turns to Angelina

Sheriff Nick: Could I get your name, Miss?

Angelina:  It’s Hopps, A-Angelina Hopps…

Sheriff Nick: Hopps? Hm. So he wasn’t lying. Angelina Hopps, so you’re the mom of this little mischief named Michael.

Angelina:  I am, yes. But what has he done?

Sheriff Nick: Well I overheard him saying some really disrespectful stuff to some mammals around here, so I decided to pick him up and give him a little lecture on public obedience. He’s quite a handful, too. Hence why I had to hold him by his ears, wouldn’t stop trying to escape when I didn’t.

Storyteller: Suddenly Angelina’s husband, Tristan Hopps, shows up out of nowhere and immediately takes an offensive stance towards the officer restraining his son.

Tristan: Angelina? Michael? Nicholas?! What are you doing with OUR SON?!

Storyteller: Nick slowly releases Michael’s ears and puts him down onto his feet.

Sheriff Nick: Listen here rabbit, I didn’t mean to hurt your little chewy gum. I was just telling him to not discriminate passers by…

Tristan: Don’t you call my son a chewy gum, you dumb fox.

Storyteller: Tristan says as he stares Nick in the eyes, then turns to Angelina.

Tristan: Angelina my love, Nicholas here is lying and you should never trust foxes, the sly bastards…

Sheriff Nick: Hey, just because I’m a fox that doesn’t mean that I’m constantly lying and deceiving people! How do you think I got this role as an officer? You’d think that they’d let a liar into the force?

Tristan: You probably just bribed them into letting you get your paws on a firearm.

Sheriff Nick: Tristan, listen, I know you were shouting at a bunny yesterday and I let that fly. I can’t do that with you anymore. So behave and act decent, or I’ll have to arrest you for public disobedience.

Tristan: Oh shut up. Why don’t I just beat your head in and leave you to rot on the sidewalk?

Angelina:  Tristan that’s enough! Let’s go…

Storyteller: Angelina grabs his wrist and tugs Tristan away from the officer.

Sheriff Nick: You better listen to her, Tristan. Leave before I’m forced to take harmful action.

Tristan: That’s it. I’ve had enough!

Storyteller: Tristan breaks free of Angelina’s grip and steps closer to Nick

Tristan: I’m going to beat your head in. Right here, right now.

Angelina:  No! Tristan! Don’t you dare to fight with him! Attacking a public figure is not the right thing! You’ll get yourself imprisoned!

Tristan: I. Don’t. Care. Sweetheart, I’ve got to teach him a lesson about discriminating us rabbits.

Sheriff Nick: Aw c’mon Tristan, I’ve done nothing but protect your town. Do you want me to stop doing my job? And let criminals run rampant among the streets?

Storyteller: Tristan slowly starts to walk closer to the officer, ready to throw a punch, but Angelina runs in front of Tristan, blocking him, and looks ruefully into his eyes.

Angelina:  I am NOT letting you fight this police officer. Not in front of me and OUR SON.

Storyteller: While Angelina and Tristan were arguing amongst each other with the officer, their son behind them looked sadly at them, and backed away slowly, and started for home.

Sheriff Nick: Look, Tristan, I’ve had a family myself, and I’ve lost them all… I know how it feels when you see loved ones in danger…

Tristan: Oh, yeah, right. I highly doubt ANYONE would love you. Just get out of here you sadistic fox.

Angelina:  TRISTAN! How can you say such a thing?! I’m extremely sorry about this! My husband isn’t normally this aggressive…

Storyteller: Angelina apologizes for her husband’s behavior, and Nick realizes he’s being defended, that someone cares for him, and smiles.

Sheriff Nick: Well at least somebody here has heart and mercy…

Tristan: Get your eyes off of her, you savage.

Sheriff Nick: Hey, calm down. You don’t want me to use this, do you?

Storyteller: Nick points out his pistol to Tristan, and begins to step away, but soon after is contacted through his radio.

Tristan: Humph.

Angelina:  You have gone way too far today! You almost got yourself arrested!

Tristan: I know, I know, I was just protecting our son. I don’t want him to be abused. Speaking of our son, where has he hidden?

Angelina:  Michael? Where are you?! He was right by that bench just a couple of minutes ago…

Tristan: MICHAEL?!

Storyteller: Tristan begins to freak out as Angelina starts searching for their son, and Tristan joins in on the search, only to be noticed by Nick, who has just finished his call.

Sheriff Nick: YOU LOST HIM!?

Tristan: It’s all YOUR FAULT!

Angelina:  No, Tristan we need-

Sheriff Nick: My fault?! I’m not the one to blame here!

Angelina: Tristan! We need to go! There’s no time to lose! Let’s find our son as soon as possible! Who knows where he could be, he’s probably run home… Let’s go Tristan!

Storyteller: Angelina grabs Tristan’s paw and pulls him towards the station exit... Before being stopped by Nick, once again.

Sheriff Nick: WAIT!

Tristan: We have to go, NOW! What more do you want with us?!

Sheriff Nick: I just received a report saying that there’s a dangerous criminal on loose in the Bunnyburrow Town Square!

Storyteller: A booming voice can be heard through the P.A. system, telling everyone to stay clear of the Bunnyburrow Town Square

P.A.: Attention citizens! Remain calm! There is a report of an incident in the Bunnyburrow Town Square! Stay clear of the area!

Storyteller: The announcement continues to loop, and the nearby residents of Bunnyburrow erupt into loud chatter.

Angelina:  Dammit, let’s go Tristan!

Tristan: Wait, Angelina! What are we going to do? We can’t go home, that’s where the criminal is!

Angelina:  Darling, we have to-

Sheriff NickTRISTAN!

Storyteller: Nick calls to Tristan from the parking lot behind the fence.

Sheriff Nick: You worthless rabbit, get over here! I’ve got something to hand you!

Tristan: Who do you call worthless huh?! This is all your fault! Because of you, our son ran away!

Sheriff Nick: Just get over here Tristan! Before I change my mind.

Tristan:  No, I’m staying right by my wife. You say there’s danger, so why should I leave her?!

Angelina:  Tristan, I think you should listen to him, he did let you off the hook earlier, and he’s trying to help us…

Sheriff Nick: Just get over here! Bring your wife if you want, I’ve got no time for arguments! CITIZENS ARE IN DANGER!

Storyteller: Tristan finally caves and runs over to Nick’s police cruiser, bringing Angelina with him.

Tristan: I’m sure at this point it’d be already dealt with by other officers…

Sheriff Nick: Here, put on this holster.

Tristan: I, what? O- Okay…

Storyteller: Tristan puts the holster around his waist and is surprised when Nick hands him a tranquilizer gun and 3 darts, as well as a card.

Sheriff Nick: Here, you’ll need these if you’re going anywhere NEAR the Town Square, I’ve gotten reports that there’s more than one on the loose… And don’t lose that card, it’s what’s going to stop you from being arrested for having a firearm without a license. You can keep that gun as long as you have that card, okay? Now go find your son and keep him somewhere safe!

Tristan:  I- I will. *Tristan runs off towards his house in search for Michael*

Storyteller: With that, Tristan runs off towards the Town Square, his fate remaining unsure, while Angelina looks off at Tristan as he runs down the road.

Angelina:  S-stay safe, my love…

Sheriff Nick: Don’t worry bun bun, he’ll be fine with that tranquilizer. Now stay safe right in that shop, I’ve some unfinished business to deal with…

Angelina:  Alright, just don’t be too long…

Sheriff Nick: I promise I’ll return after I’m done! Just wait for me in there, okay?

Storyteller: Angelina runs into the grocery shop and watches Nick as he loads his tranquilizer rifle, ready to deal with the criminals. Nick soon drives off to the Town Square and later, gunshots are heard in the distance. After some time, Nick returns to the shop with a couple bruises and a dented police cruiser.

Sheriff Nick: Hey bun bun! I’m back and still kicking! Phew, that nearly got out of hand…

Angelina:  Nearly?! There were gunshots! Is this normal or something where you come from? Officer?

Sheriff Nick: Well, kind of. We’ve had worse, especially after that “savage” animal crisis. And you can just call me Nick, by the way.

Storyteller: Nick winks at Angelina, who giggles back.

Angelina:  Of course, offic- I mean… Nick Thanks for everything! Well, except… hmm… you know.

Nick: Yeah, I apologize for those things that happened today, especially with your husband. His behavior was just outrageous, and things got much more serious than they should have.

Storyteller: Angelina sighs, and replies with a soft voice, partially upset.

Angelina:  It shouldn’t be too much of a problem, Nick. He gets way too riled up sometimes… and recently he’s been planning to leave me because of his behavior for a good while now, and it’s probably that time… we’ve known each other for only a few months… well, life will have to continue without him… I’m going to miss him so much though… But it was an honor to meet you, Nick. I’ve got to go find my son now, he’s probably the only one left for me…

Nick: I understand… Speaking of your son… Michael, was it? I’m sorry for grabbing him by his ears and-

Angelina:  Well, he’s got really sensitive ears and it’s a lot worse when he gets picked up like that, compared to others.

Nick: Oh, how old is he? If you don’t mind sharing that.

Angelina:  He’s only fourteen…

Nick: Oh, alright. Hey I just didn’t want him to get in any more trouble. He was being real mean to a few animals. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to properly lecture him. Anyways, you were coming home from where?

Angelina:  Well, I’m currently a trainee at Military Academy as a student and was coming home by train. I’ve really wanted to become part of the military… The first of my species as well… Just like my sister Judy when she graduated the Zootopia Police Academy… Oh I wish she was here…

Angelina:  I’m so proud of her…

Storyteller: Angelina looks off into the distance and Nick laughs lightly

Nick: Wait, you said Judy? Judy Hopps?!

Angelina:  Yeah, of course! Do you work with her?

Nick: No, I don’t work with her unfortunately, but I’ve really looked up to Wilde, myself, heh. But Judy was actually my supervisor once at the Academy!

Angelina:  Wow really?! You’re one lucky fox then!

Nick: Kinda. She was sort of tough though, probably just a job thing.

Angelina: Oh… hey, how did you get your rank? Sounds quite superior to me!

Nick: Well, I got promoted for capturing a charging rhino, with help, of course. But I like to think I did most of the work. But then I decided to drop out of the city and live a more peaceful life, be it alone, and just patrol Bunny Burrow instead of the busy streets of the city…

Angelina:  But you managed to become a sheriff! *Angelina smiles* But once again, it was an honor to meet you Nick!

Nick: And it was an honor to talk to a relative of Judy like you, the cute, lovely bunny you are… Well, Angelina, here. Text to this number if you want something, okay? I’ll call you back when I can!

Storyteller: Nick passes over a piece of paper with his number on it, and Angelina writes her number down on the notepad and passes it over.

Angelina:  Thank you so much Nick! Here, I’ll give you my number as well, if you need anything from me.

Nick: Oh thanks bun bun… But before I go, do you want to see some pictures of me and Judy from the ZPA? I managed to get them when Judy was on her break and not as tough as she was in the training sessions!

Angelina:  Of course! Why wouldn’t I?

Storyteller: Nick begins to show Angelina his photo gallery of him and Judy together in various parts of the academy.

Nick: Remember, feel free to text me anytime you want! I’m always trying to help and protect! See you later then bun bun!

Storyteller: Nick smiles and winks at Angelina and then gets back into his damaged police cruiser and drives off, leaving Angelina behind, who is slightly upset that Nick’s left now. Her smile slowly disappears as she sees Nick driving away and sighs...

Angelina:  I’ve never seen such a great fox with a big heart and solicitude to others… I wish there was more like him...

Storyteller: Angelina walks along the street until she finally gets home with the hopes of finding her son, Michael. Upon entering the house, Angelina runs upstairs to Michael’s bedroom and calls him out...

Angelina: MICHAEL! Mikey? Are you here? I know where you always hide from me… C’mon I know you‘re hiding your bunny butt under there somewhere… come out Michael, I need to talk to you. You’re not in trouble, there’s just something I need to tell you…

Storyteller: Angelina finishes checking Michael’s room and heads downstairs to check the kitchen cupboards, another common hiding place for Michael when he's upset. But Angelina spots a note the fridge and her life changes completely after reading it. It’s in Tristan’s handwriting.


Dear Angelina, if you’ve returned back home with the hopes of finding Michael, then don’t bother looking for him, he’s not here. I couldn’t stop thinking about him and I decided to bring him with me. Poor being was rolled up in the in the corner of his room, so I’ve taken him to with me, somewhere safe. Somewhere where nobody can or will hurt him. Far from the city of Zootopia. But listen, you have to get out of Zootopia as soon as you can… Something is going to happen, I know it. I know everything, you’ve been hiding something and I’ve found out what it is. General Charles Britton has some sinister intentions with you, so don’t let him control you, or at least go somewhere where you cannot harm anyone… Please be very careful and pay attention. Save yourself, and don’t worry about Michael, it was too much of a risk to leave him with you this time.

 Stay safe Angelina Hopps, Tristan~


Storyteller: Angelina reads through the letter multiple times over, trying to take in what she’s read, and slowly breaks down into tears, overwhelmed by the letter.

Angelina:  H- how did he find out…? Does he really know? He must be thinking about something else…  He has to be. Is he? I… I j-just don’t know...

Storyteller: This was probably Angelina’s worst day of her life, she came home from an argument between her husband and a police sheriff, and lost both her son and husband, all in a couple hours. Angelina cried herself to sleep that night, right on her couch, not knowing what to do the next day. In the morning however, Angelina eventually decides to call Nick, and go from there after suddenly sitting up from a nightmare.

Angelina: Tristan? MICHAEL!? It… It really did happen. It really did happen… What do I do now? I’ve got the day off, no training to attend… should I call Nick? I’m going to call Nick.

Storyteller: Angelina says as she looks around the dark lounge room, small streams of light peeking through the window blinds. Angelina reaches, and grabs her phone and dials Nick’s mobile number.

Nick: Hey Angelina! It’s nice to speak to you again! You were supposed to text me first, remember?

Angelina:  Oh, sorry… Am I bothering you?

Nick: No no, I’m free right now, just doing some paper work, what’s the matter? You sound down.

Angelina:  Yeah… Listen, I’ve got a big problem, can I come over or something?

Nick: Of course you can, but what’s bothering you?

Angelina: Well, a lot of stuff happened when I got home yesterday… Tristan took Michael away, I doubt I’ll see them anymore He left a note, too.

Nick: Hmm… what did the note say?

Angelina: I don’t really want to talk about it… he broke my heart and I don’t know what to do anymore… I can’t go to the Military Academy… not after all this. Do you know what I should do? I can’t handle this alone…

Nick: You could come over to the Police Department, about how far away are you?

Angelina:  About a 15 minute drive I suppose?

Nick: Alright, I’ll meet you out the front then.

Angelina:  Okay, thanks Nick…

Nick: I’ll be waiting for you!

Storyteller: Angelina was extremely glad to have someone still care about her. Angelina finds Tristan hadn’t taken her car keys, they were still on the kitchen bench. After collecting everything she needed, she heads to the garage and starts up her car, ready to drive to the ZPD station, but receives a text from Nick.

Nick: Hey Angelina, when you get here, what do you want? Coffee or tea?

Angelina: Oh! Tea with forest fruits please, thanks for the offer!

Nick: No problems, drive safely!

Storyteller: Angelina puts her phone back into her handbag, starts the car and begins to head towards the ZPD station. When she reaches the station and parks, she grabs her handbag and walks to the main entrance, seeing Nick leaning against the wall looking out into the street.

Angelina:  Hey! Nick! Over here!

Nick: Oh! There you are, nearly thought you got into an accident!

Angelina:  Oh sorry! I’m not late am I? Didn’t mean to scare you! Uh, once again, I’m really sorry about what happened yesterday… with that conflict between you and…

Nick: Ah it’s alright bun bun, it’s all on the past now, no need to worry about it!

Angelina: Okay! I’m glad you’re ok with it! Anyways, let’s go inside. I’ve always wanted to see the inside of ZPD, and now I’ve actually got a chance to do so! You have a personal office at the ZPD I assume?

Nick: Sure I do, c’mon let’s go inside then.

Storyteller: Nick and Angelina walk into the main hall of the ZPD, which exceeds all of Angelina’s expectations. They walk by the receptionist, radio dispatcher and donut addict, Benjamin Clawhauser eating multiple donuts at once.

Angelina: Nick, is that really Clawhauser?

Nick: Yes he is! He’s our radio dispatcher and receptionist. The entire department loves his huge smile and passion for donuts!

Angelina: He looks so cute with that smile!

Nick: Yep he does! But moving on, my office is on the right at the end of that hallway, follow me!

Storyteller: Angelina feels overwhelmed by her surroundings and huddles closer to Nick

Nick: Feeling nervous, Angelina?

Angelina:  A little bit… I’m not used to places like this, it looks spectacular!

Nick: Don’t worry fluffball, there's nothing to be afraid of! And try not to step on my tail, okay?

Angelina:  Oh sorry, I’ll try not to!

Storyteller: Angelina giggles, and so does Nick as they walk into his office.

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