Its the End

Eren has had enough.
He wants to end it all.
He's the last Titan.
They've all been defeated.. except him.
He doesn't know what to do.


1. It's the End

It was six months after the titans had been defeated.

Six months since since the last of humanity wasn't threatened with desperation, death and despair.

Six months, since it stopped.

The people of the walls were joyous. They were happy, exited, overjoyed that they could finally live without fear. They hailed the Scouting Legion as warriors, hero's, people who shall always be remembered. Everyone was happy. Everyone was a peace.

All but one.

Eren Jaeger.

Ever since the death of the last titan, Eren had retreated into himself. Falling into depression. He turned away from his friends and comrades, shutting them out. Ignoring them.

At the earliest chance he could get, he bought a small, one room house as far away from the walls as possible. It was next to the ocean.

For days and days he simply sat at his window and stared.

Stared at the ocean, the sand, the sky.

He did not eat.

He did not sleep.

He did not speak.

He ignored everyone of Mikasa's attempts to try and make him respond.

For hours she would hammer at his door, yelling at him, begging for him. She even persuaded Levi to try and snap him out of it.

But i wouldn't work.

Nothing would.

Eren was beyond saving.

She knew that deep down, but she wouldn't admit it;

There was nothing she could do.

Eren just couldn't understand. Why did they all die? Why did he stay alive?

Oulo, Eld, Petra and Gunther.

They were elite, top soldiers. They shouldn't have died, but they did. Protecting him.

And then there were the others, his friends and comrades.

Marco, Sasha, Jean, Mina, Thomas, Hannah, Erwin, Mike, Moblit... and Armin, his best friend.

They had all died.

All because of him.

Because he was too weak to transform.

Because he was a monster.

A monster, that is what he is. That is what he deluded himself into believing during those long hours of nothingness. That Eren Jaeger. 'Humanities last hope' and the 'amazing titan shifter', was a monster.

A titan.



Something that was no better than the creatures that had ruined his life.

He thought that he was a monster.

Who didn't deserve to live.

His dull turquoise eyes flickered down to his bare uncovered arms, filled with scars and scratches. Each small, thin, white line had given him the blissful pain which helped him escape from his nightmareish reality. If only for a few hours.

He had no one left. Why should he even be here?

He has no family, friends or reason to be living. Sure there was Mikasa but he was certain that she hated him as she hadn't spoken to him in weeks.

He eyed the thin, nimble blade between his fingers, admiring the way that the sun reflected of its surface. Its not like anyone would miss him, or even remember him. Because, you see, the world is a cruel place, History will not remember the fallen warriors and people that died, it will only remember the victorious leaders.

So why would they need him. He would simply be another 'fallen warrior'.

All it would take is a few precise movements and then maybe his pain would be gone, he would be gone.

Eren brought the blade down to his wrist, pressing it against his skin. Watching in morbid fascination as beads of dark red blood followed every thin line the steel made.

Soon his whole arm was covered in reopened wounds and new, deeper ones.

He was finally destroying himself.

He was destroying the last monster.

The last titan.

A steady stream of blood still dripped down his arm and onto the floor. His head fallen onto the table.

Turquoise eyes unfocused.

Skin pale.

He was at peace.

He was gone.

The door behind him opened.


She was too late.

*Why... dah fuck.. did i write this....

I originally wrote this on wattpad. Please check out my other stories at hanji_likes_titans on wattpad c:

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