A Girl's Strength

Octavia Cayson is a young woman on the rise in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Her life was rough, but that never stopped her. Despite how many times she had been pushed down, Octavia always got up again. But not this time. After being attacked while on an undercover assignment, her boss decided that she should spend some time with a team of highly skilled police officers in the city of Chicago. Now, back home and apart of a team she wants nothing to do with, Octavia must learn to work with her new team and to let people in, otherwise she might not get back up.


2. One Month Later

~Octavia's POV~

Looking up at the building, I sighed. I really didn't want to work here.

"Oh my god, just go in already before I drag you in" Montgomery complained from beside me.

"You didn't have to come" I snapped crossing mys, causing my bag to hit my side. Montgomery snorted.

"Nice one" he commented.

"Whatever Montgomery. No one better touch my desk. Cause I am coming for that. Now, get out of here before I tell them that you are me and I high tail it out of here" I warned giving him a sideways glance.

"And be responsible for your reputation? No thank you. Call me when you get home. You can tell me all about your first day" Montgomery mocked as he walked away. If he was closer, I would have hit him. Taking a deep breathe, I walked up the front steps and over to the desk.

"How may I help you?" the lady behind the desk asked not looking up from her paperwork.

"I'm Agent Octavia Cayson. I've been, temporarily, detailed to the Intelligence unit" I said holding up my FBI credentials. The lady looked up at my credentials before her eyes settled on my face.

"You're late. Come with me" she said dropping her pen and walking out from behind the desk. Fighting the urge to raise my eyebrow, I followed her up some more steps and to a metal gate.

"I'm Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt. You will have to fill out some paper work in order to get your palm in the scanning system. There is a code you type in, then press your hand on the surface, as indicated. You report here to your boss Sergeant Hank Voight, every morning unless you get a message telling you to meet somewhere else" Platt explained as she punched a series of numbers in before scanning her palm. The gate clicked and she pushed it open, allowing me to enter first. Whilst I was walking past her, I knew she was looking my outfit choice.

"Voight, she's here" Platt announced as she led me up more stairs. Seven pairs of eyes turned toward me. I looked at each one of them before settling on a man who was standing in the doorway to an office. He was looking directly at me as he stood up straight and walked over.

"Sergeant Hank Voight. You must be office-"

"Agent" I interrupted. "I may be detailed to this unit, but I still hold my FBI status. And yes, technically I am the same rank as you, however, I will answer to you and not put up a fight, maybe, because the more I cooperate, the faster I get back to my rightful job."

Voight looked at me before he nodded, a hard expression on his face.

"Right, Agent then. Agent Octavia Cayson. You are partnered with Officer Kim Burgess. Your desk is that one there. You may outrank Burgess and you might have more experience than her, but when you are out in the field, she is in charge. Until you prove yourself that is." Voight said before he turned and walked into his office. He shut the door behind him, leaving everyone a little speechless. Raising my eyebrow, I watched through the window as he sat at his desk and picked up his phone.

"Hi, I'm Burgess. You can call me Kim though. So, FBI huh? That's cool. And about the whole, I'm in charge thing in the field, don't pay much mind to it. If you make a move you think you need to, then it's fine with me" a young brunette said as she walked over and held her hand up. I shook it, a little weirded out by her...perkiness.

"Nice to meet you. And sure" I said voice giving away that I wasn't actually sure with anything she said. Burgess-Kim's smile dropped slightly. Wanting to avoid hating my new partner, I smiled at her.

"Sorry, I still can't wrap my head around the transfer" I said which wasn't a total lie.

"It's fine. It would be hard" Kim said as she moved back over to her desk, getting back to paperwork.

"Nice outfit. Officer Adam Ruzek. This is Officer Kevin Atwater. Why did you get sent here? Who did you piss off?" a young, attractive male asked with a grin.

"Ruzek..." an older man warned from the other side of the room. I noticed his desk was pushed up against Kim's.

"That's Olinksy. Ignore him" Ruzek joked. 

"Or, she could ignore you" the only other female said as she walked up. Looking my up and down, not bothering to hide it, the woman pursed her lips, thinking.

"Erin Lindsay. That's Jay Halstead over there. Burgess is cool, and do pay attention to Olinksy. Feel free to ignore Ruzek and Atwater though" she said holding her hand out.

"Octavia Cayson. I would say call me Cayson, but odds are I'll only answer to that if you yell it; so you all can call me Tav" I said looking at everyone as I shook Lindsay's hand.

"What would happen if I called you Tavie?" Ruzek asked. I sent him a sweet smile.

"I'll shoot you in the ...well, you don't know where I would shoot you" I replied feigning innocence. Watching Ruzek pale slightly, I sent him a wink and a smirk before walking over to my desk. It had a computer, a tin with a single pen in it as well as a piece of paper with a list of numbers and instructions for setting up my new computer. With a sigh, I sat down, slightly wincing.

"You ok?" Halstead asked speaking for the first time.

"Yeah. Just a little stiff. I've been home, doing absolutely nothing for the past month. I wasn't even allowed at the gun range. I can thank my ass of a technically ex boss for that" I replied sitting back.

"You get injured or something?" Atwater asked a concerned frown on his face.

"Yeah. I was doing an undercover operation and, well I don't remember anything after walking out of the bar. Woke up couple days later in the hospital. In Chicago" My answer came up angry. Everyone looked at me, concern all showing on their faces. I waved it off.

"Don't worry bout me. I'll be fine. Just not used to moving round this much. Plus I don't think it helped that I went for a run this morning before work" 

"You sure?" Kim asked, clearly worried.

"Yeah. You'll know if something is wrong. Cause odds are I'll be cursing a lot"

Kim nodded and everyone went back to their work, occasionally glancing at me. Sighing, I pulled my phone out and began entering the numbers into my contacts.

"Looks like it's going to be a slow day today. You should come to Molly's afterwards. And before you ask, it's a bar over in Bucktown. A couple friends own it." Kim said as she pushed her chair over to my desk.

"Sounds fun. I don't have many, well any, friends here in Chicago." I admitted turning on my computer.

"Seriously? This your first time in town?" Atwater asked. Seems I had gotten the attention of everyone else.

"Well, no. But it;s been a while since I've been home. Almost 10 years"

"So you're from Chicago?"

"Yep. Canaryville. Good ol; Canaryville" I said bitterness clearly heard in my tone.

"What's wrong with Canaryville?" Halstead asked frowning, as if he was offended.

"Nothing is wrong with Canaryville per say, but more of my memories of growing up in Canaryville. Why, you from there or something?" I questioned. Halstead nodded. I blinked, not expecting that at all.

"oh, well, sorry if I offended you views on Canaryville" I apologised, though I felt pretty stupid doing it. Halstead waved his hand.

"It's fine. Just don't go trash talking any sports teams. Cause then you and I will have a problem" Halstead grinned.

"You don't have to worry about that. I don't watch sport. And don't bother trying, Montgomery tried for years"

"Montgomery? He your fiance?" Ruzek smirked.

"My Fiance? God no. I'd consider drinking bleach before even considering dating him. Besides, he is like, 10 years older than I. That and he is like an older brother to me"

"Then who is the lucky guy?" Ruzek asked pointing towards the ring on my left finger.

"There isn't one. The story behind this is complicated. And no, I am not going to tell you" I replied referring to the ring.

"How would one go about getting to know the story behind it?"

"One would have to be god friends or family" 

"So then I'll ask your family"

"Sure. They are at 7800 W Irving Park road" I volunteered. 

"Wait...isn't that a cemetery?" Kim asked.

"Yep. So good luck getting them to talk" I replied, tone light, void of most emotion. Everyone was silent, shocked at my tone.

"Yeah, I get it. I sound like a bitch for not being emotional about my family. They died a long time ago and we didn't really get along. So, please move forward and get on with your lives" I commented, already annoyed at this topic of conversation.

"Sorry to hear that" Halstead commented. 



Looking round as I entered the bar, I was met with instant warmth and noise.

"Agent Cayson?" a familiar voice asked. I turned to see Dr Rhodes.

"Doc" I greeted the door shutting behind me.

"How was your first day?" he asked motioning me towards the bar.

"Boring and kind of tense. Though I did show up here so obviously they did something right. My new boss is super intense though" I replied as he headed to the bar.

"Sergeant Voight right? Yeah, he can be pretty intense. But he is a good cop"

"Even though he has been investigated several times for bribery and putting hits out on people?" I questioned before taking a seat. Rhodes sat next to me.

"Hi there. What will you have?" an older gentleman asked with a huge smile.

"Whiskey on the rocks please" I replied.

"Beer thanks Herrmann" Rhodes said.

"You know the bartender? You get free drinks?" I chuckled.

"I wish. Yeah Herrmann is a friend. He is a firefighter. But no, he is pretty strict on the whole, free drink thing. Doesn't even let his fellow firefighters have free drinks" 

"Seriously? Though if you kept giving away free drinks to friends you'd never make any money" I guessed. 

"Exactly. Someone gets it" the bartender, Herrmann grinned as he put our drinks in front of us.

"Thanks Herrmann" Rhodes said grabbing his beer. I nodded in thanks, taking a sip.

"My god, I need this after today"

Rhodes chuckled, taking a sip of his own drink.

"Hey, you made it" Kim said as she sat down next to me. I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah. I thought, why not" I replied.

"Come join us at our table. You can come too Connor" Kim invited.

"Sure" Rhodes said. Not feeling like I had a choice, I got up from my seat and followed Kim over to the table. Lindsay, Ruzek, Atwater and Halstead where already there. With another man who I never wanted to see again.

"Octavia? It's been a while. How are you?"

"Detective Dawson" I greeted before downing my drink in one.


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