A Girl's Strength

Octavia Cayson is a young woman on the rise in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Her life was rough, but that never stopped her. Despite how many times she had been pushed down, Octavia always got up again. But not this time. After being attacked while on an undercover assignment, her boss decided that she should spend some time with a team of highly skilled police officers in the city of Chicago. Now, back home and apart of a team she wants nothing to do with, Octavia must learn to work with her new team and to let people in, otherwise she might not get back up.


1. Changes

Agent Octavia Cayson sat in the back of a bar, eyes trained on her target. Every 30 seconds or so, her eyes would sweep across the room, before darting back to her target. Agent Cayson didn't want any surprises. A tinkling bell sounded, announcing the arrival of another customer. Eyes flicking over, Agent Cayson received a nod from the newcomer. A fellow Agent, there to provide backup, if needed. Eyes returning to their original target, Cayson watched as he stood. Waiting until he had reached the door, Cayson stood and followed her target out of the bar. Keeping to the shadows and staying silent, she followed him into the night.



Moving my head slightly to the right, I groaned out, not liking the pain I was feeling. Forcing my eyes open, I quickly shut them again, the white ceiling and white walls way too bright to look at.

"Tav?" somebody asked. Forcing my eyes open again, and forcing them to stay open, I turned my head to the left and found Montgomery looking at me, concerned. Sweeping my eyes towards the right, I found the rest of my team waiting in the room a well.

"Aw, guys. You do care" I mocked a smile appearing on my face. Laughter echoed all around.

"Yep, she's fine" Price grinned as he slapped my shin. As soon as he made contact, I winced. "Well, not perfectly fine" he added. I gave him a look before settling my gaze on Shaw.

"So, what happened? Cause I don't remember anything. Well, not at the moment at least" I asked, face blank and serious. Shaw looked at me, hard, his eyes not wavering from my own.

"I think that is best left for the doctors" he said. I could clearly see that he was choosing his words carefully. I frowned and studied his face. After a few moments, I made a decision. Throwing the blankets off, I ripped out my IV's and tried to stand up. I got as far as as ripping my IV's out.

"Don't make me get the doctors to strap you to the bed" Shaw warned forcing my shoulder's down while the others took my legs and torso. I glared at my boss, but eventually relaxed back into the bed.

"Jenkins, get the doctor" Shaw ordered as everyone stepped back. They were still on alert, just in case I decided to make a break for it.

"Can you tell me anything?" I asked crossing my arms, glare softening just slightly.

"Yes. But I will tell you after the doctor has checked you over. And I'm going to get his to stay just in case I need him to sedate you" Shaw replied, his own arms crossed. Narrowing my eyes, I looked at every inch of my bosses face.

"It's bad news" I stated more than asked. Everyone stated quiet, answering my suspicions. 

"Ah, good your awake. I'm doctor Rhodes. How are you feeling Miss Cayson?" a good locking doctor asked as he entered with Jenkins.

"First up, it's Agent, not Miss. And secondly, I hurt all over. But I'm guessing you can give me something for the pain and I'll be on my way" I said a smile appearing.

"Ah, not quiet I'm afraid. You had sever injuries. Internal bleeding, cracked ribs, fractured leg and a sever head injury. You're not leaving that hospital bed for at least a week. And then you will be on strict rest for about a month after that. It is my recommendation that you do not return to work for a month and a half. If you do not take the time to heal properly, then there is a possibility that you might re-injure yourself and end up right back here" Dr Rhodes explained. 

I stared at him, not wanting to believe a word he had just said.

"Cayson....?" Montgomery asked, breaking the intense and awkward silence. Not saying a word, I threw my blankets back, again, and tried to stand, again.

"Cayson!" Shaw yelled as he and the others, Doctor Rhodes as well, pushed me back down.I struggled for a few minutes before giving up.

"Fine, I'll stay in this stupid hospital. But I want to be paid for the month I'll be off" I warned Shaw.

"I can't do that Cayson. I've detailed you to a different unit." Shaw stated, no emotion in his voice or on his face. I felt my heart almost stop beating before it started beating a hundred miles a minute. Or at least that's what it felt like. The sounds of the machines could be heard but they sounded miles away.

"Agent Cayson, I need you to calm down" Dr Rhodes said as he placed two fingers on the inside of my wrist. 

"Get. Out" I demanded looking at Shaw. My voice was even, my expression calm, but my eyes were narrowed and staring right into Shaw's.

"Of course. I'll have Montgomery bring you everything you need for your new team. I know the Sergeant and I think you'll fit right in. I am only doing this for your safety. It was an honour having you in this unit. And someday, I believe that you will be able to rejoin this unit" Shaw said before he walked out of the room.

"If we don't leave he will leave us here in Chicago" Jenkins commented. I snapped my head towards him,

"I'm sorry, leave you where?" I asked eyes wide.

"Chicago. We had you airlifted here once you were stable to move. This is where your new team is. You now work for the Chicago Police Department" Price explained before walking out, Jenkins right behind him. I turned to Montgomery, who looked apologetic.

"I'm sorry Tav. I tried to get Shaw to send you somewhere else, but he was adamant on you being in Chicago. I did however, get him and the commander of the district to let you retain your FBI status. You are still and an Agent and have equal power as an Sergeant in the city. Shaw wanted you to become an Officer" Montgomery said before he handed me a folder, kissed my head and left. I turned to the doctor.

"Now what I am supposed to do? I don't have anyone to call and no where to live" I asked.

"I'm sorry I can't help you there" Dr Rhodes said before he, too, left the room.

"Fan-freaking-tastic" I muttered to myself sarcastically.

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