His one and only

Love is blind that is until you meet the right one well for Sasha delay it's always been Grayson Dolan she's been in the same class with him and his brother Ethan Dolan since they were in pre-school


1. 1. the letter

"Hannah Stanley?"


"Grayson Dolan?"


"Ethan Dolan?"


"Chloe sky?"


"Andrea James?"


"Viola voyage?"


"And lastly Sasha?"

"Here! I'm here I'm so sorry miss Kingston it won't happen again" I said as I ran into the class catching my breath.

"You have been saying that for 12 months and yet you keep coming later everyday loser" Hannah said while her and the rest of the class laugh as I walk to my seat and sat down.

"Hey Sasha I need to talk to you at lunch" I looked up and saw Grayson handing out a letter to me I grabbed it and got back to working.

*after class*

Dearest Sasha

I have long for this day to end so I can see you face to face I have missed your beautiful face those soft lips those gentle eyes and that perfect smile I've wanted you to be mine ever since I first layed eyes on you the reason I haven't been around is because I know I get lost in your eyes I have tried so hard for everything to work out and I hope you forgive me.

I love you


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