I've been wanting to write this one for a while. It's not going to be very long, just around 6 short chapters. The title is important. I won't say more, as it may ruin the story!


3. The One Below

   Two men are before me. They're running. No, The One Below is running. Fleeing. Sprinting. Escaping. The Feral Man is not. He is chasing. Pursuing. Hunting. The sun is setting. Dark shadows stretch along the ground. There is a fire nearby.

   Soon, the smoke will be everywhere, and the sun will be gone. I know it will be, because that is how it always happens. Just as it was last night. Just like it will be tomorrow night. My nightmare, it seems, will never leave me. The Crazy One makes it  worse. Whenever he talks to me, the night that follows is especially vivid. I wish he would leave me be.

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