Fairy tail next generation

This a story about how all the ships in fairy tail settled down and had kids read and join fairy tail's next generation in there crazy adventures
P.s I don't own fairy tail,fairy tail belongs to the ondergul creator hiro mashima


6. Training for the grand magic games

Wow three months of training goes by fast Sylvia says exasted well all that training just means we're gonna be number one ☝️ again nashi yells excitedly I can't believe we get to compete this year storm says nervously I'm excited to make our parents proud Avery practically yells while she is on gales back yeah yeah calm down your choking me gale says with our breath yes but we can do a lot better Scarlett says while cleaning her sword yeah I just know we're gonna knock the socks off of those competeters like our parents did rosemary says while shooting her bow and bulsy rosemary yells while putting her fist in the air I can't believe we leave tomorrow guys Layla says shyly yeah but we're totally ready Luke yells as the group boards the train 

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