Fairy tail next generation

This a story about how all the ships in fairy tail settled down and had kids read and join fairy tail's next generation in there crazy adventures
P.s I don't own fairy tail,fairy tail belongs to the ondergul creator hiro mashima


5. Introductions dreyars/euciluffes/Cheney'

Nova dreyar:has her mothers white hair and has her mothers personality 

Magic: transformation 

Lexy dreyar: has her dads blonde hair and his personality 

Magic:lightning dragon slayer 

Erika euciluffe: has her dads blonde hair and his personality has her moms ( sorry if I didn't make this clear this sting and milliana) love for cats but is super tough like her dad 

Magic:light dragon slayer 

Kendra Cheney: has her dads black hair and has her dads personality but has her moms respectful side 

Magic:dark dragon slayer 

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