Fairy tail next generation

This a story about how all the ships in fairy tail settled down and had kids read and join fairy tail's next generation in there crazy adventures
P.s I don't own fairy tail,fairy tail belongs to the ondergul creator hiro mashima


7. Fairy tail vs saber tooth

         Nashis view 

I can't believe it we're here I'm so excited to fight I can hardly contain it 

Normal view 

Allright folks first contestants are fairy tail against sabertooth let's here it for Nashi dragneel and lexy dreyar against Erika eicilufee and  Kendra Cheney can nashi beat sabertooth like her father did years ago "hey fire freak ya ready"? Lexy asked pumped up  ya let's beat these losers nashi says while her and lexy hold up the 👆Who's going to win no one can predict the out come of this fight well it looks like nashi made and lexy made the first move fire dragon iron fist! And nashi punches Erika hey cheap shot! White dragon roar what are you pointing a laser at me?! Fire dragon roar better get into this to lightning dragon dark dragon roar and black orange white and yellow collide together and the whole arena gives out and Erika and Kendra are out nashi was about to fall over but lexy quickly grabbed her come let's go lexy says out of breath 


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