Cannibal ~ BTS

Cannibal: a person/ people who eats the flesh of other human beings.


2. "What's in the box?"

"Answer to number six? Songdae?" Mr.Kim asked the fifteen-year-old female.

"Letter C, Mr.Kim" Songdae replied to her teachers' question. She got praised by him, just like all her other teachers.

Min Songdae, Strait A student. Min is known for her smartness. Actually, she is the smartest in the 10th grade. With that obviously, she gets Nicknamed. Nicknames such as goody two shoes, smartie, teacher's pet, smartass (that's what the "badasses" of the school call her). Talking about the "Badasses" they are the main reason she has no friends. With that said, she is also dubbed the name "loner".

She would go running home, crying to her Mother. Telling her all the things her classmates have told her that day. Her Mother would say soothing, calming things in her child's ear. That would happen almost every day when Min was in Elementary school. Until Middle school, Min learned not let the things bother her as much as they did in her elementary school days. Though it kind of dose today she tries not to think about them.

The last bell of the day rang. The rest of the students jump out of their assigned seats and started to pack their things in a hurry. Song(to shorten her name, and she liked the name Song it was also her nickname, the only GOOD one)took her time, but she kind of wanted to leave the school to. It is Friday after all.

Just as Min was about to leave the room Mr.Kim asked her to stay.

"Yes, Mr.Kim?" The Fifteen-year-old asked her teacher. She surely could not have gotten in trouble. Let me re-phrase that, Why would the most well-behaved student ever get in trouble?

"Songdae, I wanted to tell you that your grades are great, but I'm pretty sure you know that right?" Mr.Kim explained. The female nodded."Anyways, there is going to be a national spelling her and I want YOU to be apart of it, its couple other 10th, 11th, and 12th graders are going to be apart of it, and with you...we are most likely to win. So, what do you say?"

Min was in shock. She'd never expect to get to get chosen. The rest of the students...Honestly, wouldn't be surprised.

Min was super excited that she had to say yes," Well Mr.Kim I say YES! But when is the competition?"

"Well, it's I'm going to assume it's....actually, I have no clue when it's going to be." The teacher tried to explain to his student.

"If it's a long time I have time to study," Min said in a cheerful tone.

After that, the teacher gave his student a smile and gave her the words she needs to study.

After that, the teacher bid his student goodbye. Outside the school walking to her house she revives a text message from her older and only other sibling Daewoo:
Daewoo-Hyung: Hey sis can you get me a cup of ramen, please. I can't since dad thinks that I can't appreciate the one eomma makes us.

She could not say no to her older brother:

Min Songdae: Sure hyung but now you owe me 70 won

She waited for a couple seconds, but no response came.
She entered the store that is down the block from her house. She walked inside and saw a male at the cash register. He looked like he just got out of his teenage years. The male noticed her and gave her a small smile. She somewhat smiled and kept on moving. Min doesn't know how to smile a when someone tells her.

As she walked she saw another male. This male had broad shoulders, black hair, (A/N: is it black or brown? I don't know.) and was slightly taller than the other male at the cash register. But most noticeably was his handsome face. Just out of the corner of Min's eye she could see a girl a boy to take a picture a picture of him, but notices Song and quickly puts her phone away as if nothing happened.

She kept in walking. As Min turned the corner to continue her journey on finding an instant ramen cup for her brother she was meet with 5 aisles.

In the first one, there was a male with pumpkin spice colored hair. He had a long face that gave him the appearance of a horse. Min wanted to laugh at the thought. She quickly stopped herself. She would have slapped herself for having that thought.

She looks in the third aisle. There was a male with ash grey colored hair. His hair was long but enough to make him look of attractive. His hands look big, bigger than the rest of the other males. The male noticed her and smiled widely. He has a box smile. He looked away, kind of flustered. But Song shook it off.

In the fourth aisle was a make shorter than the others. His hair was blue but very faded that it looked grey like the man. What was with everyone dying their hair? Min thought to herself. Min likes the way it looked but her mother once told her," Appreciate what the lord and savior God and Jesus Crist gave you! Your body is you souls temple. So by dying your hair or getting a tattoo will damage it."  The man had really pale skin which stood out even more with the dark clothing of the uniform the employees have to wear.

And in the fifth aisle was a man, barely shorter than the one before. He had blonde dyed (assuming) hair. His hands look smaller than the rest of the employees but still bigger than Song's. He noticed her presences and smiled. The man has an eye smile. He looked away since the made eye contact.

Song kept in walking but sighed. Where is the ramen?!?! She reached the end and the farthest corner to find a man in a suite. He looks like he is the store's manager. He's talking on the phone.

"No! You can't bring the special orders in now! The place is filled with people and plus the boxes don't look normal people would be suspicious!" The man talked calmly but starting to get mad.

The man noticed her. Min had a questioned face as to what was the 'box'. The man ended the call and nodded.

Then everything went black

Wow! This took me a long time. The chapter was going to be longer but I haven't posted anything since SEPTEMBER!!! Well here you go and be thankful, it is Thanksgiving after all. Oh and one more warning:


Sorry for any mistakes.



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