fluorescent adolescent



1. chapter 1|devilish smile.

 love is love no matter what. I hope they ask you about me someday. I hope you hear my name and my voice rings in you ears sending cold chills down your spine. maybe you'll blame it on the wind or maybe you'll know that i was the only one who loved you so much that i would've given up a life times to stand by your side through sweat, blood, tears, shaky hands, and morning breath. i hope you tell them about the bridge i took you to. tell them how my pupils dilated when you looked at me and you didn't need the light on to tell it. tell them i loved you in the darkthe light, the rain and all the in betweens. tell them about the coffee shops, late night visits, the broken air conditioner, the night on the trampoline, the swimming pool, the phone calls, and the hundreds of pictures we took together. tell them that you left me empty, tell them you used me, tell them the stories, tell them everything. tell them that i loved you...even if you didn't. they'll know because there was love in the beginning.


My eyes follow everyone in the room, analyzing what everyone is doing. I watch two kids run around as their parents try to tame them, a lady pushing her dog in a stroller down the aisle, a woman drooling in her sleep, and i watch a man spill hot coffee on him, ruining his new white shirt. I go outside and i watch as all the cars pull out with new cars taking their spot. I watch as people struggle to find a parking spot. I watch as the people get inside the car in a hurry. I plugged in my headphones and placed them in my ears. I turned on 'Betrayed by Lil Xan'. My uber pulled up. I grabbed my stuff and put in the back then got in.
It was a silent ride. It wasn't an awkward silence that you feel when your mom talks about awkward stuff with you, it was a nice silence but i liked it and i had no intentions of talking with him anyways.

I brought my last bag up to my room. I sat on the bed and laid down. The bed had a memory foam feeling to it so it was hard but it sunk in with my body shape perfectly.I pulled back the curtains and I had a direct view into the window next to mine.I hope my neighbor is a girl so that we become best friends and we become like those movies when they sit at the window, sneak out, talk about problems, and all that stuff...but there is only one problem, that 'perfect' window i was talking about, the room looked like it belonged to a boy. I closed the curtians. I groaned and laid back. My door opened revealing Ralph, our butler.
"Upon your arrival your mother has requested that you will be attending your welcome home party"He said.
I sighed.
"Do i have a choice?"I asked, annoyed.
"I'm afraid not".
"okay, tell her i will go"
He closed the door. I called up my bestfriend James.
"Mary, hey"he said

"James. I need an outfit for tonight and i was wondering--"I said before he cut me off.
"On my way"
The line went dead.I walked downstairs and waited 
for him.


"It's cute but i wouldn't wear that to your coming home party"James told me.
I sighed. I changed into my last dress, this one i actually liked. I changed into it and walked back out.James stared at me.
"What?"I asked.
"i'm gay but i would fuck you"He said.
I laughed.I put the other dresses in the closet.

"Maryori everyone is here!!"I heard my mother yell.
"Shit"I cursed under my breath.
James and I walked downstairs. A lot of people were here already. one thing that my parents are always good at: Partying. No matter what kind of mood people were in they always knew how to cheer them up with a party. James and I sat down on the sofa, not looking forward to interacting with anyone at all.
"I wanna get out of here"James whispered.
"Well why don't we?"I gave him a devilish smile.

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