One Look | Harry Styles

When one stunning performance leads to the downfall of your career, there's only one thing you can do...


2. Chapter Two | We Must Go

He took a step closer to me, closing the gap. He looked like he’d just stepped out of a dream, dressed tastefully in a navy blue suit. I stared at the beautiful stranger as he towered over me. I stepped back as he tried to move his hand closer until I noticed the pink piece of paper in his hand. I gripped it and lifted it to my nose – scented. Mum?


Dear Chelsea,

You must not worry dear, but your father and I have had to leave for a couple of months. We will be back. I fear that you are in danger my love, and you must be protected, therefore, Harry will keep you safe in our absence.

Now I know you do not need a babysitter, but please listen to Harry. You must not stray from him darling. Do not ask questions, you will get no answers.

Most of all, enjoy your life to the fullest extent and we will return. We love you. Goodbye for now.

Love from,

Mother and father



“Where have they gone?” I asked looking up at the boy who must be called Harry.

“Do not ask questions.” He responded, crossing his arms.

“What danger could I possibly be in?” There hasn’t been one moment in my life where I felt truly scared, because I’ve never had a reason to. In this moment, the only thing bothering me is that my parents have left without a hug, without a kiss.

“you will get no answers,” Harry said mirroring the note my mother had left, “You know your parents would not leave if they did not feel like you truly had something to fear for.”

“Why haven’t they taken me with them?” I questioned

“They love you,” Harry nodded, “You will be staying at my home for the foreseeable future, we will be ready for any kind of danger you could be in Chelsea.”

I sighed and looked up at him, his hair was gelled neatly on top of his head and his piercing green eyes almost swallowed me. He smiled and offered me his arm. I linked with him without a problem and followed him to the other room where the celebrations were continuing, “This should have been for you.” He frowned. Each and every person surrounded the young Blake Lively doppelganger, staring in awe with goose bumps up their arms and round on to their backs as though every word she said was an Opera.

The night continued and the champagne flowed, but all night all I could think about is whether there was a correlation with the anonymous donator and this ‘real danger’ I could be in. Either somebody hates my dancing or they want me to fade into the darkness so nobody notices when they get me. I grabbed Harry’s arm tighter, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah Harry I’m perfect, my parents have left me, I can never dance on a stage again and apparently somebody is out to get me,” I growled sarcastically, “Use your common sense. Are you ready to leave?” He nodded, guiding me to the exit.

We reached his car and he opened the passenger door for me – What a gentleman. I pulled myself up and in to the car and went to pull the seatbelt around my body but Harry’s hand got there first, “Safety first.” He smirked, showing some of his perfectly white teeth. I checked mine in the mirror and shrugged, not everybody can be perfect.

“I need my things,” I said facing towards Harry when trying to redirect him to my street after he missed the turning for a third time, “Harry, you can’t expect me to come live with you without my things.”

“Your things are already at my house,” He said keeping his eyes firmly on the road, “I wanted to see how easy it is to wind you up.” He chuckled to himself and I sunk back into my chair.

Harry pulled on to a grey cobbled street which seemed to never have an end destination. The trees began to part and the cobbled street got wider. Eventually we found ourselves parked in front of a large, modern home with pink roses planted in the flower beds stretching the length of the street. The black window frames contrasted the white exterior effortlessly, “We’re here.”


“No shit.” I gasped, releasing a burst of breath I didn’t realise I’d been holding.

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