Slender Man the True Story

There is a man who lives in the woods. He trusted me to tell his story...


7. Woods

Dylan was out cold for what felt like hours. When he finally woke up his vision was blurry and his head was throbbing from the fall. When his vision cleared up he could see that he was no longer at the school and he was some where in the woods. "What happened just now..." He looked around to see he was in the woods now. Dylan looked around some more and then froze when he saw the tall man. "Don't be scared" The man said as he came out of his hiding place. "Only want friend" He said this as he once again stepped a little closer and knelt down in front of Dylan. Dylan wanted no part of this man as he backed away crying and pleading with him. "Please just let me go home. I won't tell anyone about you I swear!" He cried out and kept his distance from the tall creature. The creature looked down but let him go and Dylan didn't waist a second as he ran as fast he could out of the woods. He kept running until he saw the familiar light of his mom antique lamp that sat by the window next to the door. "I'm Home!" He yelled with tears in his eyes and then looked back to the see the creature was following him. Scared now he banged on the door and tried to open it but had no luck.

There was silence at first and then there were voices on the other side of the door. The voice that he heard sounded like his mom. He felt tears start to come to his eyes as he banged louder and the creature got closer. "Mom please open up its me!!!" He was crying out desperately as the two argued. "Honey come back to bed." His father said as he followed his wife down the stairs. "No what if it's Dylan! What if he got away and he's come home at last." She sounded like she was crying again. "Dear he's been missing for 12 days I don't think its him." Dylan kept banging as the creature slowly moved up the road in an inhuman way. "Please mom its me! Just open up!" She stopped out side the door and was going to turn the light off when she saw her son and swung the door open and pulled him inside hugging him tightly as he cried. "Oh my baby!" She cried as she ran her fingers through his hair and cried harder. Dylan felt relived to see his parents and be away from that creature. He didn't want to think of what might have happened if she hadn't opened the door and left him outside.

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