Slender Man the True Story

There is a man who lives in the woods. He trusted me to tell his story...


8. Slender Man

A couple days later he was allowed to go back to school. Everyone was happy to see him back safe and sound and back home. Jay was one of the first people to run up and hug him crying the way his mom had on that night. "What happened to you!" Jay asked from there usual seats in the lunch room. "One minute your on the front steps and then next your gone!" An image of the creatures smile came into Dylan minds and grew pale again. "I'm not sure...When I woke up I was in the woods and I ran away before I could find out who took me there." He was lying through his teeth and praying that he never saw the man again.

He started to work on the picture again in the library as he skipped class with Jay. None of the teachers were going to say anything about the kid who had been kidnapped in the woods. The only class that Dylan would go to is Art class. "What do you call him Dylan he's amazing!" She smiled at the picture that was now finished. That's when the chilling voice came back once again as if it wanted to haunt him. "They call me Slender Man" Dylan turned pale as panic spread through his body. "Ummm Slender Man." He said with a nervous smile. The teacher nodded and pat his head gently before she went on her rounds around the class room. Dylan sighed with relief thinking he was finally free from that creature until he looked out the window and saw the creature standing by the woods waiting for him. Suddenly the note "Always watches no eyes" made a lot of sense to him and it also made his stomach turn in ways that were not good.

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