Slender Man the True Story

There is a man who lives in the woods. He trusted me to tell his story...


2. Lunch Time bullies

The boy sat at the lunch table alone thinking about the man. "whoops my bad nerd!" Some bullies started to pick on kids as if they ruled the lunch room and everyone who set foot in it. They only stopped when they spotted Dylan. The boys all laughed and got together to make a plan. "Why don't we see if the mute freak feels like talking today." Josh and his goons laughed as they surrounded Dylan's table. Johnnie the follower of the group walked up to Dylan first and slammed his hand on the table. "Hey Dweeb!" He said loudly to catch his attention. Dylan looked up at the group with very little interest in what was happening. "Got something to say to me dumb fuck?" He only shrugged and went back to eating his lunch upsetting the boys more.

"Hey Punk! I'm talking to you!" Josh yelled getting angry and tried to throw a punch at Dylan but he only caught the fist mid-punch. Slowly a smirk started to grow across his face as he looked at the fear on the other boys face. Josh stood tall and proud trying to act tough to hide how scared he was of Dylan in that moment. "Look who thinks he's Mr.Tough guy now." He said laughing to his friends but no one else was laughing with him. Mistake #1 that happened on that day Johnnie trying to punch Dylan and failing. Mistake #2 that day Johnnie going in for another punch in the same day. Once again he caught his hand but this time he started to twist it in a way that could almost brake his hand. Johnnie let out a painful scream and caught everyone's attention in the cafeteria. Dylan knew that he could easily brake his hand or his arm but decided that it wasn't worth the trouble. Just as he let go Johnnie ran off screaming. "Your a freak that's what you are!!!" Right after the bullies ran off leaving him alone another boy about the same age as Dylan walked over to him and took a seat. The boy had bright green eyes and straight black hair that fell in his eyes from time to time but above all he had a beautiful smile. "Why do you always sit alone?" The boy asked him softly as if scared to chase him off. Dylan looked up and shrugged making very little effort to speak to the boy sitting in front of him.

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