Slender Man the True Story

There is a man who lives in the woods. He trusted me to tell his story...


10. Home isn't safe

The two walked till Jay got home. "You sure you'll be okay?" Dylan nodded and smiled at his friend. "Yeah I'll be Okay and I'll see you tomorrow okay man?" He smiled at his friend getting a small node from Jay before he walked into his home and shut out the cold dark sky as the sun was starting to go down. Dylan walked a couple more blocks playing music in his ear as he walked along the road. When he finally reached his door he saw that there was a note on his door. At first he thought it was his parents telling him they where out but then he got closer and he got see what it really was and it made his blood go cold. "No one can escape." He ripped the paper off his door and stormed into his house crying hoping that it was just some joke that some kids were playing on me. my mom heard my tears and ran out of the kitchen.

"Dylan what's wrong why are you crying?" He couldn't find the words to speak so he just showed her the note and watched pure anger took over her face. "What kind of sick joke is this!" She yelled as her husband come down stairs to see what was going on. "What's wrong dear?" He asked as she showed him the note and then just before he could say anything the door bell rang and all of them fell silent. Dylan wiped his eyes and said that he would answer the door and it was probably jay coming to check in on him. When he opened the door all he saw was that thing that he had seen in the woods. Dylan let out a terrified scream at the sight of the thing and its big pointed tooth grin that it gave him. His father ran out side with his wife and started to scream at the creature. "Is this so some kind of joke to you! Leave now before I cal the cops you jack ass!" He yelled for a bit with his wife by his side but then it went silent and there was nothing but blood everywhere and the creature was gone with out a trace. 

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