Slender Man the True Story

There is a man who lives in the woods. He trusted me to tell his story...


6. History is Key

Dylan left his last class after the bell and sighed taking his seat. "Oh my god No way!" The person next to him said excitedly. Dylan ignored them thinking they were talking to someone else. "Dylan I can't believe we have history together!" He looked over to see Jay practically jumping in his chair with excitement but Dylan only rolled his eyes and continued drawing. Jay calmed down a bit and looked over at Dylan's desk checking out the drawing he had made. "Wow your pretty good at that. Do you enjoy drawing?" Dylan didn't respond in words instead he looked at the boy who wore a big cheerful smile and frowned silently. Jay took that as a don't talk to me and looked down at his hands a bit upset.

When the bell run Dylan jumped to his feet eager to leave the building like most kids his age and sure enough Jay was right behind not ready to back down just yet. Before he get to the door Jay jumped in front of him face bright red. " you mind if I walk home with you?" He asked softly and shyly. Dylan shrugged his shoulders a bit and sighed figuring he wouldn't leave him alone if he said no. "sure..." he responded in a soft whisper that just barely reached Jay's ear. He lifted his head up surprised but happy that they were starting to grow closer. "Okay great!" He responded after awhile of awkward silence. The two walked down the halls stopping at there lockers long enough to get there bags and headed out the door where they didn't get very far. Dylan couldn't seem to shake the feeling that somebody was watching him from the woods. 'Is the man there again?' He thought to him self as he checked the border but saw no one but birds among st the trees.

Jay could tell something was wrong but wasn't sure if it was his place to ask about it so he just stayed quite and walked along side Dylan. Then the voice came back again and this time it seemed to be calling to him. "In the woods..." Dylan looked around and saw the man that was not there before watching him from the woods. A creepy smile grew across the faceless mans face as Dylan grew pale and panicked backing up and tripping. Jay lunged out to catch his new friend but just barley made it as he whacked his head harshly and started to black out. Dylan looked up at the sky and saw the world spinning around and the man starting to come closer. Then he heard Jay yelling out to him trying to get his attention and that was the last thing that he heard before everything went black. "Hang on I'm going to get the nurse!"

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