Slender Man the True Story

There is a man who lives in the woods. He trusted me to tell his story...


3. Buddies

The boy smiled at the response, "Well would you mind if I sat with you?" Dylan said nothing and continued to eat. The boy who so desperately wanted to sit and talk with Dylan was named Jay. Jay was one of the popular kids in school that everyone adored and would do anything for. Dylan however soon lost interest in his food and looked out one of the windows of the cafetiere as he watched a bunch of cars pass back and forth in front of the school. Jay noticed this right away and decided he would join him in watching the cars.

"It sure is beautiful out side huh?" Jay went on not caring if Dylan spoke back to him not. No matter how much Jay talked to him the most he would get out would be a soft sigh or a node if he was lucky it wold be a low grunt. Though he was still yet to hear the strange boy speak a word to him or anyone else. Dylan often would zone out and think of the man he had seen out the window during his last class. He could feel him self growing more and more curious of the strange faceless man that stood in the woods but at the same time he felt afraid...of what he could do to the boy. Then the bell rang and everyone started to head off to there next classes Dylan being of the kids among them with Jay right by his side. Jay made another attempt at talking but was shot down by a harsh look given to him by Dylan as he hugged his sketch book tightly to his chest and walk off.

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