Slender Man the True Story

There is a man who lives in the woods. He trusted me to tell his story...


4. Art

Dylan walked down the hall to the art room with a faint hing of a smile on his face. In class they where doing his favorite thing, free draw! This was the only time in school Dylan was allowed to draw what ever he wanted and no one would yell or judge him for what he liked. He quickly walked into the room and took out his sketch pad and pencils and got busy with work. He wanted to make sure that he got every detail just right as he drew the man that was still so fresh in his head. The teacher was being pulled out for a meeting that day so a sub had to step in and take over for her. Mrs. Nelson was the art sub for his class and she would often walk around the room and check on the kids art work.

That's when she stopped to looked at Dylan's art work and smiled a little confused. He had just finished a light sketch of the man when she spoke softly as to not brake his train of thought. "So what are we making today Dylan?" Mrs. Nelson was a child hood friend of his mom so he trusted her very easily. This was to be expected since he had grown up around her as a child and she had become sort of a second mom to him. She was also one of the few that had ever heard him speak out side of this family. Dylan looked up at her and smiled really wide. "I guess you could say I found something that interest me finally." He spoke a soft and gentle tone to her and looked happy and instead of his usual scowl. The teacher was delighted to him happy for a change and pat his head lightly. "Well then make sure to show me the finished picture some time." She gave him a thumbs up before she walked off to the boy a few seats behind me. Dylan smiled at is picture and gave a small node before he started to lightly sketch out the trees and the notes around the tall man.

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