Slender Man the True Story

There is a man who lives in the woods. He trusted me to tell his story...


9. Always watches no eyes

After what had happened on that day Dylan wanted to stay away from the woods. Today was no different than the rest. Jay ran down the hall to catch up with Dylan right after the last bell rang. "Hey Dylan wanna walk home together?!" He yelled from across the hall way. Dylan jumped and quickly spun around sighing with relief when he saw Jay. "Oh um...sure sounds good to me." Jay had smiled the biggest smile he could on his that day. Once Dylan had gotten all his books and his bag they both headed home. "What street do you live on? I live on Oak Street 3 houses down on the left."  Jay was trying to make some small talk with Dylan. "Oh I live on the same street 3 blocks down on the left."

Jay started to rant on about hanging out more often since they lived on the same street. Dylan didn't pay much atteion as he stared at the woods the whole way home. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched by something or someone. "Hey dude are you okay? You look really pale man its worrying." Dylan looked back at him and quickly smiled to ease his friends mind. "Yeah sorry I thought I saw something back there in the woods. Must have just been an animal." For a moment silence filled the space between the two boys and then Jay suddenly let out a nervous laugh. "Yeah must have been that."

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