Slender Man the True Story

There is a man who lives in the woods. He trusted me to tell his story...


1. Alone

In the small town of Harvesting sat a middle school. The middle school was the only one in town that was near the woods. Of course no one went inside the woods though. The bell rang awaken the school from it's long slumber as children filled the halls of the school. A teacher took her place at her desk and did her best to quite her students down after a long summer of fun. "Settle down now class." She called out trying to be heard over the sea of children. In the way back of the class sat a boy all alone who always looked out the window. He never spoke in class unless it was someone he really trusted and never payed attention in class yet always got good grades. No one really noticed him in class either so he always just seemed to blend in to the background listening to his music as he stared out the window. He didn't mind not being noticed in fact he seemed to prefer it.

How ever today was not like any of the others. "Dylan would you like to join us for a lesson?" The boy had long brown hair that fell in his eyes and bright piercing blue eyes that peaked out from behind his bangs. Every girl at school at one point or another had a huge crush on him. Yet each one was rejected by him with silence. The teacher sighed as she waited to get a response from him and every kid started to lean in to see if he would really speak. Dylan opened his mouth as if to say something as he took one of his ear buds out of his ear his music still playing loudly in his other ear. "Omg he's gonna speak!" One of the girl in his class whispered to her friend excitedly. He cleared his throat and then....sneezed wiping his nose he sat there facing forward acting like he cared about the lesson as he waited for the teacher to carry on. She shook her head and went back to teacher the class of disappointed faces.

He tried to pay attention but some how he still ended up looking out the window again bored. At first all he saw was the same boring trees that line the street across from his school. The tree's held so many mysteries and creatures that lived somewhere deep in the woods. Dylan wondered if being out in the woods would be any different then being in a boring class room. Then suddenly Dylan noticed a tall pale man standing in the woods. He was almost like a ghost being there one moment when he was not before. Out of curiosity he waved his hand a little and waved to the tall man to see if he was real. The man to his surprise waved back to him and Dylan found him self more interested instead of afraid. Dylan quickly looked back at the teacher to make sure she wasn't looking at him but she had already seemed to forget he was there. When he turned back to the woods he saw that the man was gone once again and nothing but trees were starting back at him. 

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