Mania of the Zombies Book One

In 2012, twelve year old Gretel Harding escapes from zombies that have been let loose from the Laboratory. When she's taken to a military camp she is forced to survive, as the apocalypse continues to wreak havoc across America.


9. The Zombie Only Zones 2


Amber stared at the male zombie. "We have to shoot it". She watched Gretel holding an air rifle. She shot the zombie in the right, rotten, hand; she saw blood drip down its hand, as if it was deciding on feeding on part of the limb. "Hungry!​", it said. And, after the zombie moved faster than before,  it bit a soldier's left hand. The soldier screamed in horror, "​It bit me! God, it bit me!!!!​". Kath shot the soldier dead with her air rifle. As the sound of thudding was heard in the harsh dusty military base, General Ian Harding shivered. "Jesus! How did the zombies bypass our security?", he asked the soldiers. "It was a lapse on judgment, General; it won't happen again", Foster J. Himes, Jr., the Head of Security said. He was sweating down his face. He was itching to make amends when several zombies rushed towards the razor wire fence. Their sunken eyes were full of empty eyes; their rotten hands ripped at the soldiers' flesh. The sound of screaming reverberated across the base. Gretel aimed and fired at two of the zombies. More blood spilled; more bodies thudded near her boots. "​Secure the bloody fences; secure them now!​", she yelled.  Tyler fired a rifle into the left hand of a female zombie. Some blood spilled down its hand. "​Hungry!​", it said. Then it moved at a faster rate as its predecessors. Kath fired into the zombies' left knee. Bone shattered into fragments. The zombie's body crashed into the razor wire. Deep cuts ripped into the flesh. Tyler shot the zombie once more. Then it died from its injuries. And, in the end, the other zombies were shot in a volley of bullets. And, seconds later, General Ian Harding ordered the Army Bass to be closed for the rest of the long evening.


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