Mania of the Zombies Book One

In 2012, twelve year old Gretel Harding escapes from zombies that have been let loose from the Laboratory. When she's taken to a military camp she is forced to survive, as the apocalypse continues to wreak havoc across America.


11. Gretel Harding 2


Gretel Harding fired at the riser's left hand. It stared at the blood that fell downward. Kath looked at the other zombies; she fired at them just as the other soldiers battled the raving undead. "Get out of here?",, Randall Pryce, Jr., asked them. "Fine", Gretel answered. She fired one more time. Then. by seven o'clock PM, the Army Base was full of zombies.


Kathleen Briars watched her parents die. It wasn't something she talked about during her therapy sessions with Doctor Aileen Foster, MD, her psychiatrist; it was something that was inherently horrible to think about over the past year or two when she saw a zombie roaming along the dusty road in Lawrence, Kansas. She had friends in Kansas; she enjoyed writing, eager to be a novelist one day like Stephanie Meyer. In short, she had dreamed up a lot of stories when her father, Ronald Briars, a noted lawyer, moved to New York after he had a transfer back in the freezing winter of 2008. That was four years' ago. she grabbed a framed picture of her dead mother, Alison Briar, who had ovarian cancer aged 31. Her death rocked her ten year old daughter. She started to believe in death more and more. Kathleen gripped her schoolbag that was lying on her bed; she read a Roald Dahl book called '​Matilda​', about a girl who had supernatural powers and had awful parents. Before she could read the book, she saw a female zombie biting its left hand with its sharp teeth; she screamed in terror.  "​Daddy!!!!​", she yelled. She grabbed her I-phone and called 9-1-1; she waited for the operator to answer. "9-1-1, what's the emergency?", the female voice on the other end of the busy line asked. "There's a female zombie outside my house. The address is: 1264 State Road New York. It is off 7th Avenue. My name is Kathleen Briars". The operator nodded. 
​"Stay where you are Kathleen. And we'll send some police officers there. Remember there's a curfew that must be heeded". And Kathleen nodded, and pressed the END CALL button...and waited for help to arrive/


Gretel Harding ignored the unearthly screams. She gripped her air rifle and fired with brutal force. She waited for the loud, dull, thud. Then, as the sheer horror of what was happening seemed to sear her fractured mind, the apocalyptic cable television news on-line, were on the computers on the Military Base. Kath raced towards the zombies...and begun to fire at them with her own air rifle, just as General Ian Harding ordered the base to be closed off.

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