Mania of the Zombies Book One

In 2012, twelve year old Gretel Harding escapes from zombies that have been let loose from the Laboratory. When she's taken to a military camp she is forced to survive, as the apocalypse continues to wreak havoc across America.


14. General Ian Harding


General Ian Harding grew up in Mississippi in the biting heat of that Southern city in 1961. After seeing racism first-hand as he grew up, he knew his parents Jean and Bob Harding, an inter-racial couple, knew what it meant to survive as he got older. At fifty-one, the General was young for the job...but not too young to lead.  "What do we do now?",  Anson Mather, the Deputy Head of the United States Army asked him. "We secure the whole of the US of A; we secure everything​", he answered strongly. Anson, who was forty-four, was married and had three children under ten. He took his time scanning the Internet feed. "It's ​a disaster! Look, there's six risers. Do we shoot them. General?". General Ian Harding gripped his air rifle in his strong hands. "Yes, and that's an order". Anson saluted. Then, as they fired their weapons the zombies moved faster than their predecessors. "Hungry! Hungry! Hungry! Hungry!​", they said. And, as they headed towards them, the soldiers fired at their hands. The undead begun to stare at them...then in a matter of seconds, all of them ignored the blood that spilled. And they then dropped like flies into the harsh black dirt...and didn't move.


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