Mania of the Zombies Book One

In 2012, twelve year old Gretel Harding escapes from zombies that have been let loose from the Laboratory. When she's taken to a military camp she is forced to survive, as the apocalypse continues to wreak havoc across America.


8. Evening-Section II


Edith Myer watched the jeeps. 

She started to throw a rock at the soldiers. One of them was holding an air rifle in his right hand. "​Stop that! Or you'll be taken away to the barracks​", he said.

"Why're the zombies here?", she asked him.

"That's classified", the soldier answered her. Edith's parents, Mort and Freda, grabbed their ten year old daughter. "Come with us, Edith", Mort ordered.

"Yes, Father". She watched the soldier leave, then she headed to her house unaware that by evening, she would be alone.


Mort shook his head,

"The zombies are coming, Edith. We must prepare for letting you go to the Army barracks". Edith cried. "Why, Father. What have I done?", she asked him.

"Nothing", Freda answered her. 

"But...", Edith wiped away her tears with her hands. As they ate their dinner for the last time, six zombies stormed the front door. As they banged away with their rotten hands, she screamed in horror. Then she fled the Dining Room, grabbed her clothes, and put them in a brown suitcase. Then, as the door was forced open, Edith raced out of her bedroom, and opened the back door. Once she ran away, the last screams she heard of her dead parents was silenced out forever,


Edith noticed the female zombie was feeding on dead meat. "Hungry!​", it said. She put down her suitcase. Then she threw a large stone at the riser. It stopped feeding. Then it rushed towards her. Suddenly the sound of shooting caused her to duck in terror. "​Duck!​", the Jewish boy said. Edith nodded. She saw the boy was dressed in his red pyjamas. The riser's body thudded to the hard ground that was dirty. "I'm Dean Kendal". "Edith Myer. Zombies attacked my house". Dean nodded. "The zombies have overrun New York. We must head to safety". He stared at her. "And your parents...?:, Edith asked. "They're dead from zombie bites. I had to shoot them dead. It was necessary before they did rise again", Dean answered. He saw her was crying. "Hey, Edith! I know where we can go to". "And that is where....?". "The Army Base in New York. We'll be safe there". And she stopped crying, and walked with her new friend towards safety. He gazed at the rotten sewerage that was floating down 131st street, and 7th Avenue. "We have to". Edith nodded. She was upset. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened in the early 21st century in the post-9/11 era. And now, by January 5, 2012, the idea of the raging death rate of the zombies was something horrific that, when everyone was watching the news on their I-phones, was a symptom of the state of mind. Edith remembered her parents were overly protective of their only daughter. As they preyed in their synagogue, the threat of the zombies became a nightmare that wouldn't be contained by political will. "What can we do?", Edith asked Dean. "The military will solve the horror of the undead; the President in the White House will put his life on the line, (and members of his Cabinet); the children of New York has been forced to go to the Army Bases across New York. We have to survive...otherwise the death toll will rise astronomically; the death toll is sadly unknown. We must fight before we die". Edith nodded. She had always fought with other school; she was always attentive. And now the World had changed for the worse....not the better. Seconds later she saw ten soldiers marching along the dusty street holding their air rifles in their gloved hands. Edith took another deep breath; Dean also took a deep breath, as they saw the soldiers stop. One of them. a twenty year old female soldier, spoke. "State your name", she said. Edith remained silent. Dean was silent as well. "​Speak!​", the soldier yelled. "Edith. I'm Dean. We're Jewish". The soldier looked at them. "All children must go to the camps". She waited for them to answer. "What about the zombies?", Edith enquired. "That's classified". she said. Edith grabbed Dean's left hand. He smiled at her. "Move!", she yelled. And the two teenagers gave up. Then the soldier forced them into one of the green jeep, and they travelled towards the Army Base just as the impending mania of the zombies became worse as each hour pass.




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