Mania of the Zombies Book One

In 2012, twelve year old Gretel Harding escapes from zombies that have been let loose from the Laboratory. When she's taken to a military camp she is forced to survive, as the apocalypse continues to wreak havoc across America.


6. Dinner


General Ian Harding, (no relation to Gretel Harding), was in his office. Dark clouds hovered in the sky. The New York skyline was full of red colours; the sky was the last thing the humans knew about when everyone was thinking about the zombies. He was thinking about the undead when Gretel spoke to him. "How long will it take to end the mania?", she asked him.

"I don't know", he answered. He started to believe in the fact that the zombies were released by scientists who were being paid huge amounts of money to release the undead from their prisons. Kath walked towards her seat. "We have to do something...anything", she said. And, as they walked towards the window, she saw ten risers moving very slowly. "Get the rifles!", Gretel yelled. And she took a long breath...and they waited for the zombies to attack them.


Gretel ate her dinner in silence with Kath in the Mess Hall. 

"What can we do?", Kath asked her girlfriend.

"We have to fight the zombies, Kath. Somehow we'll be free of the raving dead", Gretel answered her. Kath nodded, then they finished their dinner with the other soldiers as the thought of death prayed on their minds. She gazed at the windows. The other soldiers were eating. They were eager to think that the zombies were too slow to feed. they were angry. Kath finished her meal. She cleaned up her plate, then she saw a girl tapping on the front door. "Please let me in! Please!​". Tyler opened the door. "The risers are nearby. I want to come here because it's safe". "Come in!". And the girl smiled...and she rushed into the barracks.


"What's your name?", Gretel asked her.

"Beth Anderson", she answered. 

"Didn't the soldiers catch you?", Kath enquired.

"I was hiding in my bedroom. I thought that the zombies would bite them. Mom and Dad are dead. They had cancer. I am all alone". Kath nodded. "I'm Kath. This is Gretel. And Tyler. And the other soldiers will give you their names when they can. General Ian Harding is in charge of the Army site". Beth nodded. "There's some food you can have for dinner if you like from the kitchen. I think there's a spare bunk you can sleep in", Kath said. "Thank you", Beth said. Then she sat down...and Tyler gave her dinner.


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