Mania of the Zombies Book One

In 2012, twelve year old Gretel Harding escapes from zombies that have been let loose from the Laboratory. When she's taken to a military camp she is forced to survive, as the apocalypse continues to wreak havoc across America.


10. Danielle


Danielle Gordon was a normal girl. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened to her since last week when her English homework was finished; nothing compared to the critical news on her I-phone about the mania of the zombies event. Her mother, Cindy Gordon, had divorced from her no-good husband Eric Gordon. The bitter end of their ten year old relationship was sending herself mad. When she turned eleven on August 9, 2012, the idea of seeing her parents talking to her before and after school was a joke. She saw Miss James, the Principal, gaze at the other students. "We have to tell your parents to pick you up immediately". Danielle shivered. Her mother and father were working in Upper Manhattan as lawyers. They worked long hours...and didn't spend any time with their daughter. "I can't go", Danielle said. She looked at the glass windows. She sighed. One of the girls, Anne Baxter, watched one of the zombies were eating into its left hand. She had decided to grab a hammer in her right hand; she had whacked into a male zombie's left shoulder. The zombie grunted with shock. Anne hit the zombie two more times. Then it bit into  its  left finger. "Hungry!​", it said. It moved faster. And faster. And then it collapsed onto the hard ground...and died before it could feed on more humans.


Danielle raced to the Ladies' Restrooms. 

She ran down the halls. 

She didn't care whether Fran Donnelly, the Hall Monitor, would tell her off for running. She didn't care. All of the other girls behaved; some of the girls didn't behave. She flicked on the bright light, then she closed the door. Five minutes' later, Danielle flushed the toilet. When she washed her hands in the white sink, she dried her hands. Then she opened the door, and heard the glass windows smash. Danielle looked around. She saw an axe was in the "DO NOT BREAK-EXCEPT ONLY IN EMERGENCIES" sign on the left creamy wall; she ignored the sharp weapon since it was too late. She opened the back door. More zombies were feeding on their fingers. "Hungry!​", one of the zombies uttered. Danielle saw an old nineteen eighty year old air rifle lying in the soft, muddy, ground; she gripped onto the rifle with her left hand...and begun to fire twice. More blood spilled. Danielle ignored all safety precautions. She saw six soldiers who were driving their green jeeps. When they stopped near the school, the Principal. Miss James, was overrun by the zombies...and she was bitten three times in her left hand by the risers' sharp teeth...and the terror continued to create mass panic across New York.


Danielle ran. 

She reached ​Bradley's Gas Station​. She saw Ted Hops sip some coffee. He stared at her. Then he saw four zombies. He dropped the coffee, spilling the hot liquid across his brown, polished, shoes. "​Dammit!​", he said. Danielle saw two zombies chomping on their fingers. Blood spilled downward. Flesh ripped. "Hungry!​", they uttered. Suddenly two Army soldiers fired their air rifles at the undead. As their bodies crashed near their boots, Danielle raced down the street. She watched the soldiers maintaining law and order. She reached Lower Manhattan. And preyed to God that she would survive the outbreak.


Danielle watched a group of zombies congregating outside the gas station. They were feeding on their fingers; they were drinking the gas, savouring the acrid smell that consumed the place. She ran away. Up ahead, she saw a riser biting its right hand. She winced at the sight. Somehow she was thinking about the end of the World. Her uncle, Peter Jacobs, had told her when she was six..."​To survive the enemy, Danielle, you need to fight back from those who threaten to harm you​", he uttered, Then, as she scrambled to the gravelly road, Danielle saw a boy aiming at a woman zombie. The sound of shooting was heard from afar. She glanced at the zombie. It rushed the boy who was terrified; it gnashed its teeth. Then, by five o'clock PM, the frantic shooting finally ended. "​Get out of here!​", the boy shouted. Danielle ran away. She wanted to leave the Zombie Only Zones without getting bitten; she headed to one of the roads. Nearby was another sign. It read: ​WARNING: DO NOT PASS THIS AREA​. She ignored the warning. Then she noticed a shelter. One of the padlocks were rusty; one was lying on the grassy road; one of them was disused. Danielle opened the front door with all of her strength...and went inside.


The abandoned shelter had been around since 1918 during the height of World War I. Danielle saw a skull with the word "Poison" written in the middle of the grey door; the door was remarkably intact. Two lightbulbs glowed down a dim hallway. Danielle flicked on the lights.  She peered inside. Then she saw several dead soldiers lying on the soft ground. She ignored them. Then, holding her head, she retched. When she recovered, she saw an old black table. She stopped near a fridge, She sensed a cold breeze waft through the shelter. Danielle didn't want to look inside the fridge. She watched the silvery iron pipes to her left; to her middle was the smell of fumes; to the right was nothing at all. 

Danielle was about to leave when she heard the sound of gunfire.

She put her hands up, and knew that someone was in the shelter.


Danielle watched the soldier. He wore a rifle in his right hand. "Who are you? What's your name?", he asked her. "Danielle Gordon", she answered him. 'I'm Frank Deane Kincaid. This is a Restricted Zone Area.  The zombies are running amok across America; the undead risers are here because of a lab outbreak. That's the cut version. In short, no one is prepared for the mania; no one is". Danielle gazed at the zombies. Frank fired into their rotten hands. Blood spilled down their hands. "Hurry! Let's go!​", Frank yelled. And Danielle followed them outside. Then she saw a female riser biting its left hand. "Hungry!​", it yelled. Then it savoured the blood that seeped down its rotting fingers. Frank shot it dead. The riser's body thudded near Danielle's feet. "They'll die faster if their brain is dead", she said. Frank nodded. He aimed the rifle at two more risers. And shot them dead before they could feed; they were dead before the mania continued to ruin New York.


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