Mania of the Zombies Book One

In 2012, twelve year old Gretel Harding escapes from zombies that have been let loose from the Laboratory. When she's taken to a military camp she is forced to survive, as the apocalypse continues to wreak havoc across America.


13. Amber 2


Amber ran towards the bunks. She saw the girl zombie was biting on its left hand; she heard the gnashing of its sharp teeth, as blood dripped down its rotten mouth. "Hungry!​", it said. Amber waited. Then she saw Gretel Harding fire at the new zombie's left hand. It stopped eating. Then its sunken, green, eyes focused on the group of soldiers; the soldiers fired back. Amber fled. "​We have to get rid of them​", Amber said. And she stared at the Army Base...and waited for night to fall.

Page 13.

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