My Little Pony Afterlife

This idea came to me after I lost my mother. Writing and drawing always helped me deal with struggles in my life. Let my feeling go on paper or on the computer makes me feel better. So this helps me cope with my loss and hopefully this will go up on YouTube soon. The Opening is up under Purple Filly channel if you want to check it out.


2. Laughter Returns

In Heaven, Pinkie was sleeping peacefully. A knock woke her. She yawned and asked who it was. Gold Lily walked in. "It's Gold Lily. I was coming to see if you are ready to go back to visit your friends." Pinkie jumped around with joy. "Yes! Can Gummy come too?" Gold Lily shook her head."Afraid not. He is needed here. You will see him tonight. Keep your element on at all times. Remember it's only for the daytime. I've opened the portal. Just jump." Pinkie understood and went through the portal on her way to Equestria. At the graveyard, all of Pinkie's friends were there giving her gifts and saying their good byes. Rainbow Dash hung back as the other ponies left to continue their lives without Pinkie in it. Rainbow Dash cried. Pinkie sat up in her coffin and called out to Rainbow Dash. Rainbow dash thought she must have missed Pinkie more than she knew to hear her voice. "Dashie! Look! It's me!" shouted Pinkie. Rainbow dash looked and shot back surprised. "Pinkie? Pinkie! You're alive! " Pinkie smiled. "I'm back!" Rainbow and Pinkie ran to Twilight's Castle to tell her the exciting news. Spike answered the door. When it saw it was Rainbow Dash and Pinkie her told Twilight it was her friends. Twilight came out to greet them. When she saw Pinkie she had mixed feeling about that. "Pinkie? You're back from the grave? This is amazing! Rainbow go get Fluttershy. I'll get Rarity. We'll meet up at Applejack's place." Twilight and Pinkie went to Rarity's place and Rarity was overjoyed to see Pinkie alive. Rainbow had a little trouble convincing Fluttershy to come along. Finally she agreed but if it turned out to be a prank she would not like Rainbow. When they all were at Applejack's farm every pony was happy to see her. Applejack walked up and saw all the girls there. See didn't see Pinkie because the girls were all around her."Pinkie's here!" Twilight exclaimed. Applejack just laughed. "Ha! Ha! Good one Twilight. Pinkie is dead and probably having a good old time in Heaven." When she heard Pinkie thank her for her gift. Applejack saw that she really was back. They all asked how long was she back for and what was Heaven like. She told them everything she had seen and that she could come back as long as the sun was up. When the sun went down she was going to be pulled back up to Heaven. She even told the sad news of Fluttershy's Angel. Pinkie assured her that she would find a way to get her back.They all had a party to welcome Pinkie back even if is was for the daytime only. At sunset, Pinkie laid down in her coffin and was showered in golden light. A second later she was welcomed back by Pinkalious and Gummy. Elsewhere in Heaven, Sterling was threatening her sister. Gold Lily asked her to let her forgive her. Sterling wouldn't listen. She said she will one day take Heaven. Sterling vanished in flames. "Sister. Why?" Gold Lily cried.
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