My Little Pony Afterlife

This idea came to me after I lost my mother. Writing and drawing always helped me deal with struggles in my life. Let my feeling go on paper or on the computer makes me feel better. So this helps me cope with my loss and hopefully this will go up on YouTube soon. The Opening is up under Purple Filly channel if you want to check it out.


1. Angel in Pink

Pinkie Pie laughed as she sprung up into the clouds and then landed on them. When she opened her she realize she wasn"t falling back down to Equestria. "Where am I? What? I don't have the walk on clouds spell on me. How could I be on clouds?" asked Pinkie Pie confused. An Angel pony wearing a short dark Pink gown, with pink coat,and a light purple mane and tail smiled at her. "Because you are dead. It's okay. You're safe from any harm. I'm Pinkalious. Your Guardian Angel at your service." Pinkalious said. Pinkie Pie guessed that she was called that because she was pink and her Cutie Mark was a purple cake. Pinkie Could tell she was friendly so she trusted her. "My Guardian Angel? Aren't we suppose to go to Heaven or something?" "Yes if you are ready." Pinkalious smiled. She lead Pinkie to the gates of Heaven. As the gates opened Pinkalious welcomed Pinkie Pie to Heaven. Anther Angel wearing a dark purple gown, with a purple coat, and a pink mane and tail greeted them. Pinkie saw a purple star on her flank. "Hi. My name is Purple Star. I'm Rarity's Angel and I help newcomers get dressed." she said. That explained her Cutie Mark. In a matter of seconds Purple Star transformed Pinkie into an Angel. Pinkie looked at herself She was wearing a teal gown, had wings that were white with pink in them and a halo floating above her ear. She was so happy. She tarted to prance in place "I'm an Angel! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she shouted. Purple Star left to go check and make sure things were just perfect for Pinkie. On a cloud above another Angel wearing a blue gown, with a white coat and orange and yellow mane and tail drifted down toward Pinkie and Pinkalious. "Wow! A new Angel! Hey Shining! Big Mac!" she called. Cumulus has a cumulus cloud as her Cutie Mark. Shining Armor and Big Mac were happy to see Pinkie. Shining Armor spoke first. "Hey Pinkie! So good to see ya again." Big Mac nodded. "Eeyup!" Then Cumulus had a great idea. " I'll go find you a friend." She flew off. Then a beautiful Angel Alicorn came up. She was the Head Angel of Heaven. She spoke to Pinkie with a warm, soothing, welcoming voice. "Hello Pinkie. Welcome to Heaven and your Afterlife." Pinkie wondered what an Alicorn Princess was doing in Heaven. " I'm Gold Lily. I used to be a princess. No royal duties in Heaven. Tell me do you know of the elements of harmony?" Pinkie nodded. "Yes. I am one." She smiled. "Will you use it to help us?" asked Gold Lily. Pinkie started to look a little concerned. "What is wrong?" she asked. Every pony started to shed tears. Shining Armor decided he would tell Pinkie what was Happening. "Angels are being kidnapped and becoming demons. Fluttershy's Angel was the last one to go." he explained trying to fight the tears. Pinkie was shocked. How could any pony be so mean to take an Angel away from Heaven and make them a Demon? "That's terrible! We have to save them all! I'll do it!" Pinkie felt very confident at this point. Gold Lily place Her Element of Laughter around her neck. "Then this belongs to you. Don't worry about the tree. I gave it entrenal life." Pinkie started to cry. She missed her friends. Shining trying to cheer her up said there was a way to get them up in Heaven. All she had to do was kill them. Pinkie didn't like that idea. She couldn't bring herself to kill her friends. Gold Lily had a better idea " I could let you go back in the daytime only. I'll casted a spell on your element to allow you to do that. We will pull you back up to Heaven at night or if we need you. " Pinkie liked that. Shining lead Pinkie to her room. "Here we are." he said proudly. Pinkie went inside and was surprised of how it looked. She had a gold bed with a sky blue cloud printed blanket, a cloud soft pillow, a dress filled with fresh new gowns to wear, a picture of her friends was framed on top of the dresser, and she even had a T.V. to watch what was happening on Equestria. She was happy to see Gummy her pet waiting for her on her bed. "Gummy! I missed you." she cooed to him. :Me too." he answered back. Pinkie jaw dropped. "You can talk?" "It's Heaven." said Gummy. Pinkie yawned. She went to sleep. In the Demon world Sterling the Head Demon was not happy with Wishful. Wishful was a white Unicorn with colorful patches all over her. She had a pink star Cutie Mark. "Wishful! You worthless, dead, unicorn! How could you let Pinkie go to Heaven?!" she yelled. Wishful pleaded to forgive her. Sterling was annoyed. " Forgive you? That's what Angels do." Gold Wing who was by Sterling's side said she had a plan to kidnapped Pinkie and bring her to their side. With an Element victory would be theirs. Sterling had other plans."No. Kill all of the Elements then we will kidnap them. Take care of things while I'm gone. I need to talk to my sister."
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