Lost It

Poor Stacy didn't know what was coming to her. At school in the cafeteria, she saw him do it. He'd smacked her on the butt and kissed her. "How dare he? That man whore...!" Now she has to figure out what to do. Should she confront him or let it slip? Find out what she does in this interesting story.


6. Chapter 6

    I was so frustrated that Katy still craved my boyfriend for herself. "Hey, Ron, I need to talk to you." I pulled him aside and told him what was on the cameras. "It wasn't you, but it was someone else that looked like you. Do you have a brother?"

    "Yeah, he's a year older than me, but we look quite similar. Only the people that pay attention can know the difference between us. And it looks like you've been doing your homework by paying attention to your teacher!" he said sarcastically.

    "Hahaha, very funny baby. No, but I have been paying attention." I kissed him gently.

    "Now I get to talk to my brother..." he said like he was dying.

    "Wait, does your brother know about me? Because if he does, and he knows that Katy and I hate each other, then this could be payback for an argument between you guys." I stated as I wondered what his brother would want to get back at him for.

    "What would your brother wanna get back at you for? Getting Abby's sister pregnant?" I asked.

    "That and stealing Abby's sister from him. Or what he thought was stealing." he sighed. I only judge people by their personality, not what they look like, but in this case I had found someone good looking who also happened to have a good personality. He even wanted to do what most teenage males didn't - take care of his child - despite everything else on his plate, like education and home life.

    Later that day, I was walking down the hallway and saw Ron with...wait, not Ron - that's his brother. Oh... what was his name? Crap! Ron didn't tell me his name! Despite this, I approached him and Katy. "Katy, I hope you know, but I pay enough attention to my man to know that that's not him. So stop being a slut, a whore, or whatever they call you, and stop trying to play with me. I know he's Ron's older brother. I know what my man looks like you...you slut.

    "Well, I hope that taught you a lesson not to mess with my man then." Katy said stupidly.

    "What lesson Katy? I knew from the moment I saw on camera who he was. My man is my man," I said before a pair of hands touched my side, and backed me up.

    "What are you doing, Stacy? You're just going to make it worse." hushed Ron.

    I didn't want to make things worse, but I felt like what I was doing was going to help. Either way I started crying. Once Ron saw the tears roll down my cheek, he raised his hands, cupped my face, and wiped the tears off, kissing me for good measure. After our lips parted he whispered in my ear, "Just play along, it's working now that she sees nothing can split us apart."

    I couldn't help crack a grin. It didn't matter because she couldn't see the smile on my face from the angle at which I stood. I turned around with more tears rolling down my cheek, smile gone, and walked away from them. What Katy didn't notice was the teacher standing in the hall assigned to watch them. They didn't notice they've been followed all day since they kissed, so each time they kissed or Ron's brother grabbed her butt, their detention time got so much longer. I walked past the teacher and smiled.

    At exactly three o-clock that afternoon, the intercom came on. "May I have Katy Butch and John Tyler to the office, please." Katy was of course in my class, so when she got up and looked at me I gave her the biggest smile I've ever had. Her face went from smiling to pale and shocked. "You didn't know that trying to trick people came with a price now, did you Katy?" I laughed loudly. "Now I hope you've learned your lesson to stay away from other people's men." 

     The whole class burst out in laughter while Katy walked out the door, embarrassed, with rosy red cheeks. 

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