Lost It

Poor Stacy didn't know what was coming to her. At school in the cafeteria, she saw him do it. He'd smacked her on the butt and kissed her. "How dare he? That man whore...!" Now she has to figure out what to do. Should she confront him or let it slip? Find out what she does in this interesting story.


5. Chapter 5

    "How dare you? You cheated on me with Katy! If you wanted to be with her, why didn't you just tell me when you asked me out?" I raised my voice.

    "I swear whoever you saw kiss Katy was not me. I promise. I would never do that to you, Stacy!" he shivered as the first tear ran down his cheek.

    "Nope. I'm sure it was him who kissed me, Stacy." Katy laughed.

    "Hey, why don't you just stay out of this?" I bellowed. Everyone stared at me. I didn't care if the King of Hong Kong could hear me - I was going to make my point.

     Ron had already started crying, so I leaned over and whispered in his ear, " I promise if it wasn't you, I will find out who it was. Remember, the gym has cameras." I turned and started to walk away.

    I acted like I was going to a class, but when no one was watching I slipped into the office and asked for the principal. I strolled into her office and closed the door behind me. "Ms. Porter, I need your help." I sighed as soon as the door was closed.

    "What do you need, Stacy?" Ms. Porter asked.

    "I thought I saw my boyfriend kiss someone else in the gym, but I don't know if it was really him. It looked like him from behind. I was wondering if you could look at the cameras and see; mainly because I know about the PDA rule here," I breathed, "So will you be able to help me?"

    "Well, we have the PDA rule, so I don't see why not," She smiled, "When did this happen?"

    "It was today at lunch. In the gym."

    Considering Ron's face was pointing towards the bathroom, the cameras should have caught his face. There are two sets of stairs, one next to the elevator which is next to the bathroom, and one up front by the parking lot doors. Ms. Porter pulled up the cameras from lunch, but there was no film. "The cameras must have been wiped clean at this time. I'm sorry, Stacy. I would have loved to have caught the people who broke the PDA rule," she said as I sulked, walking back to the door.

    "Wait, Ms. Porter," I turned in the door way, "Doesn't the middle school have a connection to that camera as well?"

    "Well yes, but how..." she paused. "Great thinking ,Stacy. I can go up there now and look."

    "Can I come as well, Ms. Porter? I know what my boyfriend looks like, so I'd know if it was him."

    "Okay, but let me contact your teacher," she said as she walked to the intercom buttons. I told her the name of my teacher for third block, and she pressed the button to call. "Hello, Ms. Copper. I need to talk to Stacy for a while, so she'll be a little late to class."

    "That's fine!" a voice called back.

     All the way to the middle school office we walked in silence. When we arrived, Ms. Porter talked to the middle school principal and told him what the issue was. The principal let us in the room with all the cameras. "It's the camera next to the bathroom in the high school gym," I reminded them.

    Mr. Yens, the middle school principal, pulled up the film from lunch and luckily for us the film was still there. "Can you zoom on the boy kissing Katy?" I asked, and when he did my heart jumped in joy because...

    "Stacy, what are you doing in here?" someone asked. Oh god, was I not supposed to be in here with the principals? Luckily, Ms. Porter stood up for me.

    "She's with us." I heard Ms. Porter say. I turned around and saw the middle school secretary, Ms. Lilly, standing at the door way. "I see, that's fine." she said.

     When I got back to class, everyone was staring my way. "What did I miss, Ms. Copper?" I glanced at Katy and smirked.

    "Well...not much, but if you wait after class I'll get you started. I mean, you did miss almost the whole class."

    "Hey, it's not my fault - Ms. Porter had to talk to me! So..." I stopped myself from saying anything else, because I knew one more word would have got me a detention.

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