Lost It

Poor Stacy didn't know what was coming to her. At school in the cafeteria, she saw him do it. He'd smacked her on the butt and kissed her. "How dare he? That man whore...!" Now she has to figure out what to do. Should she confront him or let it slip? Find out what she does in this interesting story.


4. Chapter 4

      First block was a major killer. Everyone was glaring at me like I was a weirdo. If only they knew what kind of guy Ron really was. A while ago, Ron didn't know his (now ex) girlfriend was cheating on him, but he ended it the moment he found out. He and the other kids in school had seen her kiss another boy. Now he's with me. I would never cheat on him and hopefully him with me.

    After first block, Ron met me outside of the classroom and walked me to quips class. It was a class we had together, but he got moved out of it. When we arrived, he leaned down, kissed my forehead, and said "I love you", before leaving with a very valuable hug. I was so happy to be with him that just the sight of him made me gleeful. Second block he had Ms. Qaups for history, and I had work to turn into her, so I asked the quips teacher if I could go work on it in her classroom in case I needed help, and Mr. Floss - the quips teacher - agreed and wrote a note for me. When I got to Ms. Quaps' class, Ron was the first person to glance at me. "Yes, Stacy, may I help you?" 

    "I haven't finished my work yet, so Mr. Floss said I could come and finish it now." I handed her the note from Mr. Floss and she told me to go sit down at the back, which so happened to be by Ron, and get to work.

    Thank God she didn't know Ron and I were together. "Hey Stacy. What are you doing here? I thought you were in quips with Mr. Floss," he whispered as I sat down next to him.

    "I was thinking, you have this class and, well, I do need to get her work done so I thought I'd just come in here. I'm smarter than you think," I pointed out.

    "I know Stacy, but I didn't think I was that attractive," he giggled. Luckily Ms. Quaps is partialy deaf, or else she would have moved me right away. Ms. Quaps was never the "second chance" type. I glanced at her, then at Ron, and wiped my hand across my forehead, signaling that that was a close call. When Ms. Quaps and the rest of the class wasn't looking, he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips, but we didn't expect the teacher to turn around as quickly as she did. "Damn it," I whispered to Ron. 

    "Ron Tyler, can you tell me why your breaking a rule in my class? In fact, several of the rules?"

    "Um, yeah - I have rights and technically you can't boss me around." At that, the whole class oohed. "So, I believe I don't have to listen to you and I can technically walk out anytime I want," he winked.

     Either Ms. Quaps was more deaf than we thought or Ron was just talking quietly, because Ms. Quaps rolled her eyes and turned back to the board without punishing him. Ron just saved our butts from the most fiercest person here at this school. I gave a small "woohoo" and "raise the roof" cheer. Everyone including Katy giggled. Just because Katy giggled along with the rest of the class, it didn't mean we had resolved our issues.

     Later on at lunch, I skipped getting my tray and went immediately to go find Ron, but when I saw him it wasn't such a pretty sight to me. All I could do was stop in my tracks and watch. Ron, my boyfriend, was standing with his hand on Katy's butt. Right before I passed out, I saw Ron kiss Katy and turn towards me. I was so dizzy I couldn't see if it was really Ron or not, but I could only hope it wasn't. As I began to fall I felt hands catch me and lower me to the ground. God, I wish I knew who saved me from falling too hard. 

     When I awoke, I found myself lying in a musty-looking room. There was mold dripping down the walls, and boards missing out of the floor. "This place is huge," I thought to myself. As I began to sit up, my head started to throb. It felt like my brain was about to burst out of my skull, so I closed my eyes for a moment to steady myself. Through all the pounding in my head I heard a creaking. The creaking kept getting louder, but at it's loudest point I opened my eyes to see a blurry figure standing before me.

    "Drink this," the figure said. "It'll make you fell better. I bet your head is throbbing right now. That's because of the medicine that saved you from the poison, Stacy."

    "How do you know my name? Who are you?" I asked, my voice fearful.

    "Stacy, do you not remember me? I caught you as you fell." he said as I drunk the putrefying liquid inside the cup. After I finished, my vision started to clear and the pounding in my head began to fade.

    "Ron, is that you?" Sure enough, when my vision cleared it was Ron sitting on the edge of the moldy mattress I was laying on.

     Another person had come in sometime when my vision was still blurry, but suddenly, there she was. Katy. She walked over to Ron, sat on his lap, and started to kiss him. "Enough! Enough! ENOUGH!" I screamed, but all they could do was laugh and keep kissing.

    I closed my eyes tightly, and when I opened them I found that I wasn't in the musty room any more. I was in the gym. Still laying right where I passed out. Ron, Katy and a few other people were hovering over me. Ron was squatting, rubbing my forehead with a wet paper towel. Katy, on the other hand, was standing with a smile on her face just as evil as the one I had seen Callie wearing that morning.

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