Lost It

Poor Stacy didn't know what was coming to her. At school in the cafeteria, she saw him do it. He'd smacked her on the butt and kissed her. "How dare he? That man whore...!" Now she has to figure out what to do. Should she confront him or let it slip? Find out what she does in this interesting story.


3. Chapter 3

     First thing Tuesday morning, after I got off the bus, I went to see if Ron had arrived yet, but when I looked around I couldn't find him. "He'll be here in a little while," I thought to myself. 

    So while I was waiting for Ron to show up I tried not to go near Callie, the "friend" that beat up her brother, so the only thing I could do was walk around. I ran into one of my other friends and talked for a while.

    "Hey Stacy. Who are you waiting for? Ron?" said Katy sarcastically.

    Katy always tried to make me mad, but this time she went a little too far saying what she said with that tone. The "you better back off" tone. I could deal with it, even though I didn't want to, so I left for the bathroom. I placed my bags on the floor and let my anger show. I balled up my fist,and hit the wall as hard as I could. I backed up, balled my fist again, and punched the wall a second time. I prepared to hit out again, but the bathroom door opened and the next thing I knew was I was pinned up against the wall. "Please don't. I can't let you do it again."

    "Sophia, is that you?" I asked, trembling with adrenaline. I tried to wriggle free, but she was too strong. "Sophia, you can let go now!"

     If it wasn't for Sophia coming in when she did, I would still be punching the wall. I just had to calm down and she'd let go, but even after five minutes of being calm, she still wouldn't let go. Eventually, she realized that I wasn't going to fight back, so she released me.

    We left the bathroom together while she held the hand that I used to punch the wall. Right outside the door waited the one person I really wanted to see - Ron. I ran up to him and hugged him tightly, but when he saw my hand his faced turned white. "Stacy, what did you do? Did you punch a wall? Stacy?"

    I didn't want to tell Ron because I knew he'd freak out. I didn't want him to beat anyone up. Not yet, anyway. So I told him that I couldn't control myself. That I was too upset. But that obviously made matters worse. "Who are you mad at, baby? Who made you do this to yourself?" He was not going to stop until I told him, but I wasn't going to tell him.

    All day I was struggling to hold in the truth, but it became impossible and I told him. Oops...I am so dead. I told him that Callie beat her brother up, and it pissed me off. Worse case scenario, he would get suspended for what he was about to do. Best case scenario, he wouldn't get expelled. At least he didn't hit Callie, he just approached her and shouted at her in front of a whole class of students. I ran after him into the classroom, but I was too late. The teacher yelled at him to go to the office.

     After about half an hour in the office, both Ron and I left with only a detention slip in his hands. He only had to serve twenty minutes after school tomorrow. "Hey, at least you didn't get suspended." I said with a weak smile. " It could be worse."

     "Yeah, you're right, Stacy." He leaned down and kissed my forehead, then raised my chin and kissed me on the lips. I still got butterflies every time he kissed me, almost like it was the first each time; the softness of his lips, the gentleness of his body against mine. This time when he kissed me he did something a little different. He took his tongue and traced my lips with it, then I parsed my lips and I let his tongue enter. We stood in the hall kissing for what felt like the rest of the day, but it must of been only a few minutes because the bell rang and kids started coming out of the classrooms. We realized that it wasn't a regular bell to dismiss class, but it was a the fire bell. "Must be a fire drill."

     On the way outside for the drill, someone from behind ran into me and said, "Move it."

     "Dang people must be on their period today..." When I looked to see who it was, I knew that it wasn't someone on their period - it was Katy. Ron just held me closer and made sure no one ran into me, accident or not.

     When we got outside, Ron and I went to the curve with the rest of our class. When we got there everyone turned to us and started booing and making all these "disagreeing" noises. "Now I know why the fire bell went off..."

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