Of All People, Why Me?

Lisa is a perfectly (sort of) happy and, most importantly, normal teenager. The problem is everyone else isn't. Stuck where everyone is special except for her, she does her best to live life to the fullest. Then her mother one day decides to go on a trip with her father leaving her to act as landlord in their place. That's when things go strange.


8. Chapter 8

Lisa grasped at the air, searching for something to grab onto. She wasn't the only one. People screamed and screeched all around her with her voice among them. With the ground rapidly approaching, she desperately sought for a way to avoid certain doom. When she was mere feet away, she closed her eyes, accepting her fate. She prayed it would be quick and painless. Something crashed into her, knocking her breath away. Realizing she was no longer falling, she snapped open her eyes and she had never been so happy to see Phrynosoma.

He landed with a roll, protecting her body. "Are you alright?"


She made the mistake of looking back and scrambled out of his grasp. He allowed her. On her knees, she released the contents of that morning's breakfast over the floor. Uncertain of what action he should take - he had never seen any react like that before - he brushed strands of hair out of her face to keep them from being covered in bile. She couldn't even voice her thanks, not when she saw what happened to the people who hadn't been saved. Once she had effectively emptied her stomach's contents, she panted.

"We can't stay here. Can you stand?"

Despite her assurance she could, her legs shook when she stood up. Phrynosoma scooped her up as she protested - she didn't try very hard - and headed for what he assumed was the exit. He couldn't go back the original way he came since it had fallen apart on the way there. Unfortunately, the path he had chosen to take was blocked by rubble. Fortunately, such things were not obstacles to him. Jumping between the debris, he landed onto one of the upper floors that appeared to be mostly undamaged. How that would last was the question.

Following the path, he passed several bodies with each in various conditions. He kept her face pressed into his chest knowing how she would react violently again. He couldn't afford for her to panic again, not when the possibility of the ones responsible could still be around. No, he had no doubt that they were nearby. There was nothing he could do for them even if they were still alive. Right now his first priority was getting her out of there and into safety. Then he would hunt down the criminals and bring about justice.

As he turned the corner, he was forced back as bullets flew past. "Looks like we have some survivors."

It appeared that he had found the perpetrators. Setting her down, he reached for his sword. Suddenly, she grabbed onto him. Her pale face and unseeing eyes made it clear she was overwhelmed with fear. The grip she had on him made him hesitate. He couldn't leave her there - while it was true, he could force her to let go, he didn't want to risk harming her - but at the same time he couldn't carry her and fight at the same time - he would have to worry about keeping her from getting hurt. Hearing the footsteps getting closer, he knew he had no choice. Picking her up again, he bolted into the opposite direction.

Bullets zoomed by them and Lisa screamed. Their attackers' aim was poor. Not a single one managed to graze them. They ducked behind some rubble, using it to shield them. Taking the opportunity to see how she was faring, it was clear she was not okay. She had her hands around her head as she quivered. Her breathing had become erratic and her glazed, fear filled eyes stared unseeing. He grabbed her shoulders and forced her to face him.

"Lisa, I need you to remain calm."

The tears that had formed at the edge of her eyes trickled down her face. "We're going to die."

"No, we will not. The children will be here soon."

That immediately snapped her out of her fear for her life. "Why did you bring the kids here? It isn't safe!"

"They refused to be left behind. Have faith in them. I've trained them."

"Trained them?"

They were interrupted by the rubble exploding behind them. Now they were exposed. This time they got a better view of their attackers. There were five of them in total. All male. None of them looked older than 20, but that was difficult to tell with the masks they were wearing. Phrynosoma pushed her back and stood in front of her to protect her. Lisa, on the other hand, was no longer there. Her mind couldn't comprehend what was happening. None of this was actually real right? It was all just a nightmare and she'll wake up to the kids.

One of them made a cutting motion and Phrynosoma raised his sword to deflect the sudden blade of wind. She screamed as she curled up into a ball shaking. He glanced back at her before he was brought back into the fight by a fireball. Dodging it, he cursed at being forced away from her. The only concession was that it had completely missed her since she was still on the ground. He rushed back to her only to be stopped by pillars of earth. She was effectively cut off from him and there was nothing he could do.

Lisa looked up when she felt the earth rumbled and promptly burst into tears. She was completely alone, not even Phrynosoma was there. What could she do? She was an ordinary human being. No, she wasn't even that. An ordinary human had powers. She had nothing. There was nothing she could do except wait to be rescued. If only she had power, then maybe she could at least protect herself.

Bubbles filled the water as Phrynosoma found himself unable to breathe. These scum had taken advantage of the fact that he had someone to protect. With Lisa trapped inside the earth prison and having no clue of her condition, he had attempted to break through. His blade, no matter how strong it was, would have broken if used on the earth so he had to rely on his hands. All he got for his trouble was bloody knuckles. They had no qualms attacking while he tried to free her. Now he found himself struggling to pump oxygen into his body when there was none.

"This guy's done for. Now we got to take care of the girl."

"I got it."

The earth prison shook as it shrunk and Lisa screamed. It appeared that they intended to crush her to death. She sobbed. She didn't want to die. Clawing at the closing walls, she only managed to breaks her nails on the hard stone with blood running down her arms. When she barely had an arm's length of space left, she crawled up into a ball. This was even worse than falling to her death. At least she could have hoped for a quick death. Being crushed to death would not be quick.

The ball of water exploded and Phrynosoma gasped. Landing on his feet, he gasped as he looked up to his savior. Patricia stood on top of a floating broom above them with a wand in her hand. The attackers didn't get a chance to process what was happening when the one manipulating the earth had his face smashed in by Daniel. Two more followed as Carl came up from behind with fur covered claws and smashed their heads together. With more than half their party dealt with, the last two decided it was time to make a break for it.

They didn't get very far. One was set on fire while the other had been stabbed in the eye with a knife. Both fell screaming as Amanda and Pain glared unremorsefully. Daniel was quick to break Lisa's prison. It crumbled beneath his punch. The moment she saw them she ran up to them and crashed into Phrynosoma. Sobbing uncontrollably, she clung onto him as he awkwardly kept his arms at his side. Nancy had finally caught up to them and despite not being sure what happened, she motioned for him to hug her. He did so. The kids followed suit turning it into a group hug.

Once her tears lessened, she pulled away as she wiped the races with her sleeve. "Sorry about that."

"What happened to your hands?" He indicated to her blood stained fingers.

She sniffled. "I panicked. I tried to claw my way out."

A dark look ghosted across his face. Amanda and Pain had similar expressions. Daniel tensed, ready to fight. Patricia and Carl did the same while Nancy studied the situation. The fire had gone on, leaving a heavily burnt man. The other man whimpered as he clutched face, unable to get up from the pain. Then it was gone and replaced a cool expression. Only Lisa apparently missed it as Phrynosoma took her hands to examine. Suddenly, he licked her hands. She was about to protest when she saw her hands heal beneath the specks of blood still on them.

"This should do for now."

"Thank you."

"Not to ruin this touching moment, but why are you three here? Shouldn't you be with my brother?"

"He had been called away. This place wasn't the only one hit."

The thought that there were other places just like where they were made her sick. Placing a hand over her mouth, she closed her eyes in an attempt to block the images out. She could still remember the broken bodies and how they were once people. How could anyone do something so horrible? Sure she knew there were villains out in the world, but it never really struck her how dangerous the world was. Phrynosoma immediately placed a comforting hand on her back.

She inhaled through her nose and removed her hand from her mouth. Giving him a shaky smile, she turned to the criminals. The urge to throw up returned. Even if they were criminals, she didn't think they deserved to be maimed. Only the ones Carl had dealt with appeared to come out mostly intact. She wasn't even sure the burned one was still alive. Not to mention that the one Daniel took care off would undoubtedly have a ruined face for the rest of his life. Then she noticed how one member had electricity running through his hands.

"Watch out!"

Shoving Phrynosoma away, she found herself in the path of the attack. Everything lit up with pain and then she blacked out. Seeing her fall to the ground protecting him, Phrynosoma felt unbridled fury. Lisa wasn't a fighter. She didn't even know how to defend herself. When he set out to rectify that, she had brushed aside all his attempts to teach her how to defend herself with a weapon - he didn't mention the fact he tried to teach her how to ensure they don't get back up. The fact that anyone would want to hurt a defenseless person deserved to die a slow, painful death.

Amanda beat him to it. Her normally blue eyes were now a deep red as she lunged at the man. With her fangs out, she didn't even give the chance to scream as she sank them into his throat. Instead of drinking, she tore apart flesh. Blood splattered across her clothes. Spitting out the chunk of flesh, she aimed to bite him again when she was pulled off. Hissing, she clawed at the giant who was keeping her away from the man who hurt her mother. If he was going to get in her way, she was going to kill him to.

"A baobhan sith, huh. Didn't expect to see one."

Carl winced at the sight before asking, "A what?"

"A type of female vampire though she doesn't appear to be a full one. They don't have fangs and use their nails to draw blood. This one is pretty young too."

"How can you tell?"

Daniel was cut off by Amanda's screech. "I'll kill you."

"Kid, you're a couple years too young."

She just bared her teeth and he was forced to grasp her by the neck to prevent her from biting him. It didn't help that her long nails dug into his flesh. Fortunately, his skin was tough enough to withstand the punishment it was taking. A wave of flames roared towards him and he let go of her, dropping her. Luckily, neither one had been burned. Looking to see his attacker, Daniel saw flames still licking around Pain's hand.

He lowered his hand as he said, "Don't touch my sister."

"Siblings? The two of you don't seem related."

"I think this is getting out of hand. What should we do?" asked Patricia.

Carl backed away. "Don't look at me."

"Show some backbone would ya."

"Oh boy."

Before Patricia and Carl could ask Nancy what was wrong, they heard loud footsteps approaching. They all turned to see a large force of police officers as well as heroes surrounding them. Considering the situation they were in - they were the ones standing with some covered in blood while the criminals were in poor shape on the ground - it wasn't going to turn out very well.

"You're surrounded. Surrender now."

"Well, this looks bad," said Nancy.

"You think?"

"Is that all you have to say?"

"Of course the cops would show up late." Daniel punched his fist into his palm. "You think you can tango with me?"

"Daniel, no! That's illegal."


Suddenly, the entire area erupted into flames. Startled, the police opened fire with no certainty that their aim was true. Realizing the futility of their actions, they stopped. The heroes immediately moved to put out the fire. It was a good thing one of them had the ability to manipulate water. Once the fire was gone, they saw that there was no one there. Well, the five injured criminals were still there, but all the others had vanished. Upon realizing that they had escaped, the group dispersed to search for them. They couldn't have gone too far and it couldn't be that hard to spot such a large group.

In the midst of the swarming police and heroes, none of them noticed a jammed door was forced open. Considering how much noise they were making, it was a surprise they couldn't hear it. The invisible group continued onward, away from the scene of the crime. Despite how they were fighting earlier, they had come to an unspoken truce to work together to escape. None of them wanted to be arrested for stopping criminals. Daniel glanced to the side at Phrynosoma who had Lisa in his arms. She was still unconscious.

Patricia groaned as she kept her wand out. "I can't believe you're making me do this."

"It's better than being arrested," said Carl.

Nancy looked at Lisa with concerned eyes. "We should get Lisa to the hospital."

"How would we explain her injuries?" asked Patricia.

A vicious grin stretched across Daniel's face. "I know a guy."

"Oh, boy."

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