Trouble with Twins

Meet Valerie, a stubborn but bubbly girl who decides to move to LA to live with her best friend, Lauren , after her dads tragic death that she feels responsible for. However her life turns for the better as she meets the Dolan Twins... but will she end up falling for the both of them? And who will she choose?

-Slight use of curse words
-Sexual mentions
-Mature theme


2. ~ Chapter Two ~

~ Chapter Two ~

I woke up and the smell of pancakes quickly filled my nostrils. I got up from my bed and put my hair into a quick ponytail and did some light makeup. I didn't do much makeup anyways, I mostly just did my eyebrows and put on mascara and a small amount of blush. As I was about to go into the kitchen I heard voices. Was Lauren talking to herself? No there was definitely a guy in there talking. I walked in and 2 pair of eyes looked in my direction. "Good morning sunshine! Sleep well?" Lauren said with a sweet smile as I nodded and directed my attention towards Cameron. He gave me a smirk and said, "well you look shit." I rolled my eyes and Lauren chuckled. "This is Cameron by the way, he loves to tease but don't take it personally ." She said and nodded towards Cameron. "Yeah we met yesterday" I said and gave him a half smile. He finally lifted his gaze from my face and gave me a wink. I rolled my eyes. Boys. "I made breakfast! We're going out today before you start work tomorrow." I nodded and smiled and we sat down at the table.

Oh I completely forgot to tell you about myself! Well as you know, my name is Valerie and I'm 17 years old. Yeah I'm a little young to move away from home but I am responsible so my mom knew I could handle it. And where is my dad may you ask? Well as I probably already told you, I was in an accident about a year ago with my dad. The road was slippery and my dad who was driving the car drove right into a pole. He died right at the scene. I remembered that I tried to scream his name and shake him trying to wake him up. The airbag had come out in my side and nothing happened to me. But the trauma of seeing my dads head opening with his eyes wide open broke me and haunted me for months. The only friend I kept after that was Lauren. She made me feel better and after a little while she was only friend that I had any contact to.

"Earth to Valerie?" I looked a Lauren who had an annoyed expression on her face. "Yeah sorry I was just thinking. What did you say again?" I said with a sweet smile to make her soften up. She rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile "well Cameron suggested that we go to the club tonight. He'll introduce us to a few friends, Nash will be there..." she drifted off. Lauren and Nash were kind of dating but she said it wasn't official yet. I winked to her and she blushed. I was really excited to meet him. "Well I'd love that. Thanks Cameron." I said and send him a smile which he returned with a wink. My phone beeped as Lauren and Cameron started a discussion about pancakes. It was Cameron from Starbucks who had send me a message. She had agreed to let me call her Cami as I found it confusing to know two Camerons. I was going to spend the day with her before we headed to the club. She wanted to introduce me to her brothers and get to know me a bit more. She needed some more friends in LA too apparently.

I put on a cute outfit and started curling my hair. I had put on some light blue shorts and a band shirt I had seen in a store and thought it was cool. I had no idea which band it was but I liked the shirt. I put on my white Converse and a bit of jewelry. I checked myself out one last time before heading out the door. Cami said she and her brothers would pick me up at 2:30. I sighed as I realized I had to wait for a while. So I sat on the turf and starting going through twitter. Same old bullshit. Suddenly a car honked and I practically flew up from the turf. Annoyed, I turned to the car that had scared me for life but softened up as I saw Cami and 2 boys sitting in there. I walked over to the car and I got in at the front seat. "Hey Cami!" I said as I gave a her a slight hug which she returned. We had texted quite a bit and had gotten to know each other a bit more. She was originally from New Jersey just like me so we had that in common. "This is my brothers, Grayson and Ethan." She said and nodded towards the boys in the backseat. I turned towards them and opened my eyes wide in shock. They laughed as they figured that I knew who they were. "H-hi!" I stuttered and blushed at the embarrassment. "Cami has told us a lot about you." The boy I guessed was Ethan. I could tell which was which by their hair. "We're taking you somewhere but it's a surprise." Grayson said and smiled politely. I smiled back.

The whole ride to where ever the hell we were going, the conversations were flowing smoothly like we've known each other for years. They were all such nice and genuine people, just the kind of people I wanted to surround myself with. "We're almost there." Cami said and stopped at a red light. I nodded and turned my face around towards the boys. Like they had known me for ages, they started joking around and laughed along to my jokes. I looked at the clock. 2:58. It had taken almost half an hour to get there already. "Hey Cami?" She turned to look at me. "Would you mind if we drive back before the sun goes down?" I twitched my hair around my finger like I always did when I was nervous. For starters, I had to go back and get ready for tonight and I didn't want to sit in the front seat when it was dark. Too many bad memories. Cami picked up on my nervousness and looked at me questioningly. I shook my head as to tell her that I didnt want to talk about it. She nodded and looked back onto the road. The boys were joking around in the back and I couldn't help but chuckle. They were so great. "We're here!" Cami said excitedly. I shot my head towards the place. A skater park!? But I didn't know how to skate!

I started twirling my hair around my finger and biting my lip like I always did when I was nervous. I would make such a fool out of myself no question. Ethan nudged me gently and looked me in the eyes. He had brown eyes that I could see myself looking into for hours without being bored. "Have you tried skating before?" His question snapped me back to reality. I shook my head and looked towards the park. "We can teach you if you'd like?" Grayson joined in and flashed time one of his wonderful smiles he possessed. Oh god. "Oh no that's fine I don't want to be a bother. I'll just watch you guys!" I said happily and nodded my head enthusiastically. Cami quickly linked her arm with mine and looked me seriously in the eye. "We would love nothing more than to teach you Val!" She said and gave me a supporting smile as we all walked towards the park with a skateboard in our hands.

Oh god, this is it. This is when I'm gonna die.

I had my eyes tightly shut as I stood by the edge of the ramp with Grayson's skateboard underneath my right foot. He had lent me his while we were training. I took a deep breath and went down the ramp towards Cami and the boys who were cheering me on. Surprisingly, I didn't fall! Suddenly I was lifted from the air by Ethan who was turning around in circles with me on his back while he was jumping up and down from glee. As he put me down I put my arms up in the air. "I actually did it guys! Thank you thank you!" They all rushed in for a group hug and I felt myself being squeezed so hard I could hardly breathe.

As they all let go of me and I could breathe normally again, Cami looked at the clock and sighed. "We better get back now if you want to get home in time." She said as I nodded and picked up Grayson's skateboard.

We walked towards the car joking and laughing as we all got in. Today had been such a great day and I was so glad that I had met them. I put on my seatbelt but stopped midway as Cami said, "hey why did you decide to move to LA by the way?" I froze at the question and a quick silence filled the car. I didn't know them well enough yet to tell them about this... did I? "W-well I uhm... it's a long uh... well-" I stuttered barely being able to get through the sentence but was thankfully saved by Ethan as he said "I think it's a bad topic Cam..." I gave him a grateful smile and turned my head to Cami and gave her a half smile. She smiled apologetically and I waved my hand as to say it was fine.

The whole ride back the boys talked about some video they wanted to make but honestly I didn't pay attention I just stared out of the window and thought about what Cami had asked me. It had been the first time I had thought of the accident since I had gotten here and I hadn't even called my mom and told her how it had gone. I sighed deeply as I realized we were almost at my apartment complex. I had an hour to get ready but I'm sure I would manage.

The car rolled up to the door and I said my goodbyes and exchanged my numbers with the boys before walking into my apartment. I lifted an eyebrow as I saw all of Lauren's clothes had been ripped out of her closet. She was probably nervous about seeing Nash. I could hear her singing in the shower and I quickly went into my room so I could have a shower too.

"VAL!? ARE YOU READY?!" Lauren practically screamed to me from her room. "Yeah yeah almost one sec" I yelled back and chuckled. I had a tight black dress on to show off my figure and some high heels in gold with matching earrings and necklace with it. I had my hair out loose in beach waves and simple makeup on. I didn't want to look too over the top.

I walked out into the hallway and was quickly met with a 'damnnnn' from Lauren. I giggled and turned around in a circle so she could see the whole outfit. "Yeah damn." A males voice said behind men. I turned around to see Cameron's face with a smirk as he was checking me out. I rolled my eyes at him and grabbed my black Louis Vuitton clutch and headed out the door with my arm linked with Lauren's. I could feel Cameron's eyes burning in my back and I knew he where he was looking...

oh boy...


Sooooo second chapter! What ya think? I'll be posting a new chapter a day for a while I think because I'll be in a 9 hour flight tomorrow so I'll write lots of chapters there! :) please comment and tell me what you think! I would really appreciate it xxx

- Jaja

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