Trouble with Twins

Meet Valerie, a stubborn but bubbly girl who decides to move to LA to live with her best friend, Lauren , after her dads tragic death that she feels responsible for. However her life turns for the better as she meets the Dolan Twins... but will she end up falling for the both of them? And who will she choose?

-Slight use of curse words
-Sexual mentions
-Mature theme


1. ~ Chapter One ~




~ Chapter One ~ 


I put my last box into the trunk of my car before I turned around with a slight frown and faced my mother. The wind blew in her hair and I could see a tear slowly forming in the corner of her eye. It was a hard decision for me to move to LA to live with my best friend Lauren after the accident which had left me devestated. Broken. It had almost been a year after what had happened and my mom was starting to slowly be happy again but I wasn't. I couldn't move on with everything in this town reminding me of what had happened. We both knew how why I had to leave but it didn't make it any less hard. I saw the tear slip from my mothers eye and I quickly pulled her in for a hug. I would miss her so much! I pulled away from the hug and looked her in the eye which were filled with sadness, but relief that I finally had the chance to move on and be happy. "I better get going if I want to arrive at the apartment before the sun goes down." She nodded as she knew how much I hated driving in the dark after the accident. Even thinking about made my heart pound with fear. 


I walked towards my car and opened the car door but before I went in I turned around and gave my mom a warm smile. "I'll see you at Christmas mom. I love you." She smiled at me and said, "I'll miss you honey, and tell Lauren that if she doesn't behave I'm keeping you for Easter!" I chuckled as I remembered how much trouble Lauren would get into when we were younger. She moved to LA a few months ago as she had to get a head start of her job and get our apartment sorted. We would always spend Easter together as it was our tradition and it meant a lot to her. "Alright mom I'll tell her that." She chuckled and I got into my car. I put on my seatbelt and took one last look at the house I grew up in and sighed. God, how I would miss it. I slowly backed out of the driveway and couldn't help but laugh at the way my mom was jumping up and down with her hands in the air waving frantically. A few minutes later I was on the freeway jamming along to Taylor Swift. I couldn't wait to see LA.




"I'll have 2 Caramel Frappuchinos with two pumps of sugar and caramel with no whipped cream on the top please!" I said loudly into the Starbucks drive-thru speaker as I ordered Lauren and I's usual drink. I had been driving for a few hours and had a few minutes so spare so I figured I would give her a little surprise with a delicious treat. "Alright, anything else?" A voice answered back from the speaker, "No that's it thank you." I said and smiled to the speaker before realizing that the person couldn't see me. "Drive up to the next window then." The voice said back grumpily. Well someone's had a bad day. I drove up to the window and was met with a girl who did not look pleased. "Not enough sleep?" I said to the girl and chuckled. She shaked her head, "My twin brothers kept me up all night, I'm staying with them this year." She had long brown hair with slight highlights and piercing brown eyes and she had heavy bags underneath her eyes. "Hah, trust me I know all about it. My brother moved away last year but before that he would play rock music at 2AM. Absolute nightmare." The girl let out a laugh and I instantly felt a connection with her.  Could I have just found my first friend here in LA? "I'm Cameron." She extended out her hand from the drive-thru window and I gladly accepted it and shook it lightly. "I'm Valerie, nice to meet you Cameron." Cameron gave me a quick smile before handing me my drinks. I looked behind me and thankfully no one was behind me in line yet. "Do you live here?" Cameron said and gave me a welcoming smile. "Nope, just moved here today actually, just thought I would buy a Starbucks for me and my best friend on the way to my new apartment." She looked at me with a surprised expression. "Well nice to meet you!  Wait I'll give you my number then you at least have one more friend here in LA!" She smiled as she wrote her name and number on my receipt. I gave her a big smile to show how that I appreciated the gesture. "Thank you!" I said as I took the receipt and paid before said goodbye to Cameron. I looked at the receipt so I could put her number into my phone. "Cameron Dolan?" I mumbled to myself. The name ran a bell but I had no idea where I knew it from.  


I was just outside the apartment trying to find a parking spot when I spotted Lauren on the sidewalk waving at me. I rolled down my window and drove over to her. "Hey!" I said excitedly. She quickly gave my a hug through my window. "Oh my god how I've missed you! And you look so much better." I gave her a half hearted smile but I appreciated the compliment. I had looked horrible after the accident and I almost looked like my normal self again. "Thanks Teacup, I bought you our usual order from Starbucks." I said handing her the drink with a smile. Her eyes lighted up and she quickly took a slurp. I giggled. "Guess I'm never going to get rid of that stupid nickname am I?" I laughed, "Of course not silly" She gave me a glare but couldn't help but giggle. She has the nickname Teacup as she would always break a teacup whenever we were at her grandmas house. Her grandma then started calling her Teacup and the nickname just kind of stuck. "Our parking spots are over there by the way," Lauren said and pointed towards a free spot right next to her black Mercedes convertible, "hurry up I have something to show you." And with that she disappeared into the building.

I drove over to the parking spot but frowned as a motorcycle was already parked there. Seriously?! I walked out of my car just as a brown haired guy walked over to the bike with a helmet under his arm. He was quite good looking, not gonna lie. "Excuse me, is this your bike?" I said with a sweet voice in order to not sound like a complete bitch. "Yeah why?" The guy said band looked at me. Oh those eyes... "I think it's my parking spot and pointed to a sign that said ' Reversed to 2A' AKA our apartment. He took a glance at the sign and raised his eyebrow. "So you're Lauren's friend?" I nodded and extended out my hand for a shake. He gladly accepted it. "I'm Cameron nice to meet you Valerie." I chuckled and he looked at me weirdly. "Oh sorry it's just that the very first 2 people I meet here in LA are both called Cameron." He chuckled. "Well I'll just move my bike. My apologies." I gave him a hand gesture to show him that it was fine. As he moved his bike I checked him out. He looked familiar in a way? I studied his face as I realized who he was and I let out a gasp. He turned his head to me and looked at me weirdly. "You're Cameron Dallas right?" He gave me a smirk and nodded. "Alright I gotta go. Nice to meet you Valerie." He said as he got on his bike. "You too!" I yelled as he drove away. Holy shit. First 30 minutes here and I already met someone famous. Wow. I parked my car and walked into the building. I already had a key so I just opened the door. I put one of my boxes on the ground. I had only brought one up with me as I couldn't carry anymore and this was the most important one. I took a look around the apartment and let a 'wow' escape my lips. I had always admired Lauren's style.

A heard someone curse in the room to my right and I looked inside. Lauren sat on a bed sucking her thumb while cursing slightly. I laughed and her head shot up towards me. "I got my thumb stuck in the door." She said as to explain herself. Typical Lauren. She stood up and stretched out her arms towards me. "Now give me a hug."' She commanded. I laughed and pulled her in for a tight hug. "This is your room by the way." She said as she let go of me. My jaw dropped. "No way! The moving truck isn't supposed to come until tomorrow morning!" I said as I walked around the room examining it. It was beautiful! "Well it came a day early so I figured I'd put up your stuff. I know how much you hate packing out your stuff. And I have better style than you anyways so consider this a huge favor." I gave her a glare but we both quickly chucked. "Thank you! I have a few boxes in my car but it's just decorating stuff." She nodded. "I'll help you bring them up." She said as she headed for the door. This was going to be great, I could feel it.

A few hours later it was pitch black outside and Lauren and I had just eaten dinner. I had packed out all my stuff and I was starting to get tired. "Alright, I think I'll go to bed then." I said as I put the dirty dishes into the washing machine. She nodded and stretched her arms and yawned. "Me too. Goodnight." She said and gave me a wink. I let out a chuckle. Oh how I loved her. I walked into my room and quickly put on my pajamas and took off my makeup. I had my own bathroom and so did Lauren. It was quite a big apartment actually and we got it for a good price. I slipped underneath the covers and quickly my eyes closed and I drifted off into a deep sleep....


Arghhh!!!! My first Movellas I'm so excited!! I hope you guys liked the first chapter! I'm sorry if it's not long enough to your liking but comment if it is! When I publish this chapter I will probably have 2 more ready to be published but let me know what you want to happen in the story and who Valerie should end up with in the end! Thank you so much for reading LOVE YOUUU!





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