Trouble with Twins

Meet Valerie, a stubborn but bubbly girl who decides to move to LA to live with her best friend, Lauren , after her dads tragic death that she feels responsible for. However her life turns for the better as she meets the Dolan Twins... but will she end up falling for the both of them? And who will she choose?

-Slight use of curse words
-Sexual mentions
-Mature theme


3. ~ Chapter 3 ~

~ Chapter 3 ~

I woke up with a throbbing headache and a growling stomach.

Yeah I had definitely drunk too much last night…

I squinted my eyes as I cursed myself for not closing the curtains last night. I slowly got up from the bed, still adjusting myself to the light. That’s when I realized…

This wasn’t my bedroom. Heck, this wasn’t even my apartment. I turned around in shock at the bed and surely enough some brown haired guy was laying there perfectly asleep. His head was facing away from mine so I couldn’t see who it was. I looked around on the floor trying to find my bra and dress. Guess I had lost those oops.

I only found my half-ripped bra in the room. I frowned. That bra was so expensive! I continued into the apartment and was surprised to see it was the exact same layout as mine… Where the heck was I? My stomach growled again and I walked into the kitchen trying to find something to eat. I yelped as I slipped in something.

My dress! I looked for my shoes but froze in place as I heard a familiar voice behind me. “Leaving so soon?” I could almost hear the smirk in his voice and I turned around crossing my arms, scowling at him.

“What the hell happened last night?” I said still crossing my arms.

He shook his head. “You came into my apartment clearly drunk thinking it was yours and just got in bed. I tried to wake you but you just stayed put. Now, since I sold my couch last week I had no option than to sleep in the same bed.” He chuckled.

“Oh… sorry.” I said awkwardly and put my arms by my side. He looked me up and down before putting his hands our his eye sockets.

“Eh you uh… should probably get your clothes back on” he said awkwardly.

I blushed. I’m such a fucking idiot! I quickly put my shoes and dress on before running out of the apartment muttering a quick goodbye as Cameron laughed loudly in the background. Idiot, idiot, idiot… That’s what I am.

I sighed before knocking on my door to my apartment. God this was embarrassing…

A few seconds after the door was opened and I was met by a smiling Nash. I smiled back at him and waved awkwardly as he chuckled and let me in.

“Walk of shame huh?” He laughed as I walked in and I put out my tongue at him jokingly. What little I remembered from last night was me and Nash actually becoming quite close… He was a nice guy and although I thought no one was good enough for Lauren, he certainly was close. They fit so well together and couldn’t keep their hands of each other. They were so cute.

“No I’m not on the walk of shame Nash, I actually walked into Cameron’s apartment on accident and fell asleep there. He tried to wake me but I sleep like a rock.” I shrugged my shoulders and took a banana from our fruit bowl.

Nash furrowed his eyebrows as I looked at him in confusion. “Well you guys were all over each other. You left together.”

I shook my head and laughed in confusion. Did Cameron lie to me?? “Nooo, I’m pretty sure I just mistook his apartment for my own.” He frowned slightly but it quickly turned upside down as Lauren walked over to him, giving him a quick peck on the lips. God they were cute.

“You back already? Did you have fun?” She said emphasizing on ‘fun’ and giggled. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

“Nothing happened whatsoever.” She scoffed. I gave her a look so say ‘what?’. She took out her phone and showed me a photo. I gasped and my hands flew up to my mouth.


On the photo it was me and Cameron standing outside a cap kissing. Not just kissing, french kissing. His tongue was shoved into the back of my throat as he rested his hands on my butt.


Why did he lie to me?

Nash tried to say something but I put up my hand warningly and he shut his mouth tight as I hurried out the door heading towards Cameron’s apartment. I shut the door harshly and continued over towards Cameron’s room.

I had only kissed one other guy in my entire life, which happened to be my (now ex) boyfriend whom I had been madly in love with. Something as small as a kiss was quite personal to me and one thing was for certain-

I was furious.

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