Law of Everything

Have you ever thought about a "law"?


4. The Time Passes

Law of Everything

The Time Passes

The snow white covered the entire surface of the earth, the snow melted and the green sprouted, warmth had arrived to the outside world, and the times have became cold and the trees were drenched in maple colors. These seasonal phrases have repeated three times, which meant that three years have passed from the day that I had my ceremony.

[Rale Calris][13][No Class][Level 12]

[HP(Health Points)]: 3000/3000

[MP(Mana Points)]: 6000/6000

[S(Strength)]: 612



[List of Skills: Law Maker(5000)/Ember(15)/Zap(15)/Gust(15)/Flamethrower(50)/Lightning(50)/Tornado(50)]

[Bloodline: Law Manipulation] 

Headmaster taught me fire, wind, and electric elemental and intermediate magics to me.

Ember is the elementary fire magic that are used to light fires and control them for everyday uses. Cooks, chives, and housewives are mostly likely to be the frequent user of this ability. 

Zap is the elementary electric magic that are used to shock opponents. It is mostly used for self defense of ordinary citizens. 

Gust is the elementary wind magic that are used to move objects. Though it can't move heavy objects, its high control allowed one to clean houses quickly. 

These were three of five basic elemental magic basics. One person learns at least one or two of the throughout their lives, but I was able to learn three because of my assistant from Headmaster himself. 

Guilds have classification by ranking and it allowed to briefly measure one's current capabilities as the member of the guild. One must begin from the rank F and climb up to the rough path of adventures and battles to reach the ultimate stage of rank S. I started as rank F as rest of the others, but Headmaster suggested that I would be able to use my deceased parent's credit to position myself in higher position. I wanted to start from the bottom tier and face the same challenges as everyone else, but Headmaster and I had arguments for long period until we decided that Rank D would be the right location to begin with. 

"Here is your usual mission, Rale," Emily, the receptionist, offered the work with the usual smile.

My mission as Rank D was normally subjugation of weak monsters that acted in a medium sized group of five to ten. The reward for the Rank D mission was about two copper coins. One small coins were enough to purchase a small loaf of bread from large markets. Ten small coins make normal coins. Ten normal coins make a copper coin. Ten copper coins make a silver coin. Ten silver coins make a gold coin. 

(In a real world, he has been making about 200 dollars per work)

I have been assigned to magic academy and I am currently living as any ordinary child in the capitol city. There wasn't any clear goals and there were nothing that I would need to do, so I decided to repeat my everyday doings and watch over my days until something worthy had came upon me.

I never expected this much of tragedy that day.


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