Law of Everything

Have you ever thought about a "law"?


6. The Rising Nightmare

Law of Everything

The Rising Nightmare

The dark night sky, the darkness that had engulfed the entire hemisphere of the world, was divided when the flaming human figure had dived straight down from the darkness. Its body radiated as if it was the sun and it caused the night itself to be turned into radiating day. Its single step caused the ground to melt, causing a crater at every footstep.


Its silent nature had frightened the entire alliance of adventurers and possible combatants. 

It would have been better if this thing screamed or shouted.

Its silent destruction made fears crawl inside of the those who are fighting against them.

"Those who want to protect your family, those who want to protect their acquaintances, and those who want to protect their hometown! Attack that beast!" Headmaster made the first move against the flaming monster.


The sphere of water with at least ten kilometer of diameter was formed with the flaming monster inside the bases of it. However, to the monster with potential of Rank S, it was nothing but nuisance that can be erased at anytime. Without doing anything, nearly half of the sphere was evaporated and it was still ongoing.

"*Cough* *Cough*" Headmaster frowned as his strongest magic was disarmed within few seconds.


Each and every attack of mine was nothing but a graceful wind against this thing. Headmaster's Hydrosphere would have been like being dropped on a swallow pool of water for mere seconds, and the continuing attacks by every able bodied person in this town was like experiencing a tickling rain washed toward it.

Suddenly, Archtype raised his hand.

"!?" Headmaster noticed something.


I couldn't notice anything until the moment that I had seen the sphere of condensed flames, no, an actual sun that was coming down to us. 


It was the similar technique with that of Headmaster's except that it was using its own flames to recreate the same technique. Despite the similar formation and scale, its destructiveness was nothing near that of the original Hydrosphere. Because the hydrosphere was completely gone now, the radiating flame from the figure begun to blind us. It would completely ruin my eyes if I were to look directly at it, but I knew that it was the only time that I will be able to use my  bloodline ability to its full extent. I opened my right eye and targeted onto the monster. 

[Law Maker]

The ten kilometer sphere of flame was instantly reduced to one kilometer diameter. 

Headmaster, noticing the final chance to increase the chance of survival, used his bloodline ability.

[Concept Maker]

The flame spear was finally reduced to that of a hundred meter sphere of flame.

"!?" It may have only been a second, no, a millisecond when Rale had realized something that he shouldn't have. He noticed that Headmaster's ability was similar to that of his own, which meant that he was his blood relative.

"Headmaster, are you?" I asked him in struggling voice to which he responds with a silent, weak smile.

[If I noticed this sooner]

The Heliosphere had exploded the moment it had reached onto the ground.

Thousands lost their lives, but their purpose and goal was fulfilled: To protect the place they lived.

Only handful of people had survived the explosion.

Though I lost my sight of my right eye, the fact that I lost my last blood relative, Headmaster, was the more painful. 



[Why did this happen to us!?]




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