Law of Everything

Have you ever thought about a "law"?


5. The Rising Dark

Law of Everything

The Rising Dark

"Have you heard about the human experiments that Dars did?" Yatak, the guild member around my age, once asked me in the lunch table.

Dars was one of the several countries to exist in the human continent. Though it was somewhat weak and small as to country's scale, it was feared because of the fact that there have been reports of ongoing inhumane experiments. Despite the neighboring country's effort to investigate this matter, the request has always been refused by them.

"Its just rumors, Yatak, there is nothing to worry about," I, somewhat interested, suggested for Yatak to continue.

"You know how every country manages the drop items of dangerous beasts?" Yatak began to explain.

One of the requirements to become Rank S was to subjugate at least three S Class monsters. When a monsters die, they leave a specific item for their species known as the drop items. Drop items can be used to enhance weapons and armors, but using multiple drop items to enhance item greatly lowers the successful chance of doing so. Rank S hunt more than three S Class monsters in their lives, but they only keep use three of them throughout their lives. Others are to be sold to the country at a enormous price. 

"About hundred to thousand, depending on country's history or strength, isn't it?" I answered to Yatak's question.

"Right, but did you know that Dars tried to fuse drop item to humans?" 

"What!?" I was extremely surprised. Though fusing S Class drop item won't guarantee the performance of Rank S adventurers, whose skills are carved to the human limits, it will be at least Rank B or higher with potential that of the Rank S. If hundreds of these soldiers were to be made, not a single country on this land would be able to compete against them.

"That sounds awful."

Remembering the conversation that I had about few days ago, I am now within the situation that will be remembered by the history itself. The first successful drop item merge, nicknamed Archtype, was to be tested on the very town that our guild, our houses, and our acquaintances were here. 

[Archtype][??][Level 100][B Class or higher]

[HP(Health Points)]: 50000/50000

[MP(Mana Points)]: 75000/75000

[S(Strength)]: 5000+

[D(Defense)]: 5000+

[A(Agility)]: At least 5000

[List of Skills: Unknown] 

[Bloodline(Merged Monster): Unknown]


[The lonely ominous figure fells from the dark night sky of the small town.


[Looking forward to bloody fest]



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