Law of Everything

Have you ever thought about a "law"?


7. The New Headmaster

Law of Everything

The New Headmaster

A week had passed since the Archtype was brought onto the town. The entire human continent was now preparing for the countermeasure against the next possible attack. Everyone was wondering if their town will be the next to be the target of the attack as it wasn't held on any large city, but an ordinary town. 

The town of Clasis, where the first attack was held on, was beginning to settle down. Though the majority of the town guild has been annihilated, people began to move into this small town as they believed that Dars wouldn't be attacking the same town twice. The matter of headmaster was already agreed upon. 

"Hey... Head..." Yatak, one of the only survivors, called out to me.

"What is it?" I, without any activeness, glanced toward worried Yatak.

"Your Rank B promotion was approved."

My role in minimizing the casualties and level up from the life threatening battle allowed my promotion. However, nothing truly mattered now. What was left of me? The guild that I was living? Any other friends from magic academy? Or last blood relative that I had left in this world?


[Utterly Nothing]

[Rale Calris][14][No Class][Level 35]

[HP(Health Points)]: 8750/8750

[MP(Mana Points)]: 17500/17500

[S(Strength)]: 2212



[List of Skills:

Law Maker(5000)/Law Altar(50000)/Ember(15)/Zap(15)/Gust(15)/Flamethrower(50)/


[Bloodline: Law Manipulation] 

Growing stronger made Rale feel worse. Without going any farther, now that he had mana to use Law Maker at least three times, it made him think that I he was this strong back then, he would have lowered the casualty far more... Save Headmaster and everyone else.

The wind blew without any hindrance or obstacles. Watching the sight of the freely traveling winds, something came to Rale's mind. Something important that he shouldn't miss.

.... In the guild bunker, the newcomers and the several original members gathered for the announcement of the new headmaster. While the guild members were ready to present the reign of the new head, they were confronted with somewhat unfamiliar figure, and it was Yatak.

"Ummmm..." Yatak began to mumble in anxiety.

"Rale refused to become the new headmaster."

Everyone was in the middle of the confusion until Yatak decided to explain the detail farther.

"He left us with 50 gold coins as a repair fee and a letter designated to all of us."

When everyone gathered around Yatak to hear about the information in the letter, everyone was surprised.

[Dear Guild Members,

  By the time that this letter is read a word by word in front of  a crowd, I will be already out of the town. In order to not make the same mistake again, I am attempting to fulfill the Rank S adventurer requirements. I am not certain when this task will be completed. Five year? Ten Year? Half a century? But I will promise to you that I won't let any one of us tremble in fear anymore.]

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