Law of Everything

Have you ever thought about a "law"?


8. The Journey

Law of Everything

The Journey

The road to become Rank S adventurer requires the combination of jaw-breaking talent and a bone-shattering effort simply to meet the basic requirements. First of all, one must achieve the highest possible level of 100 with stats that are at least five times greater than of the ordinary human. Second, one must be able to hunt down at least three S Class beasts by themselves. Last, one must receive the class of hero, arch mage, or sword master.

The most important requirement to accomplish was to earn the legendary class titles. Humans who have the titles as the title of either three of them are able to boost their status by tenfold. However, the title as a hero can only be received through bloodline and I do not possess any talent when it comes to martial art, meaning that Arch Mage is the only option that I have left.

"Haaa...Haaaa..." My lungs were burning with pain as I climbed up the narrow, steep valleys in the middle of the dessert. Though I had eight times the stamina of ordinary adult man, climbing up a valley for eight hours without any resting would be more than enough to kill me.


I, mustering all of the strength left in my body, stuck an ax to as it as a resting foothold. When I realized that I still had fifty more hours to climb the valley, I was devastated.

Anyways, the process of becoming an arch mage is about the same as the sword master, but with less pain but more effort. The magicians are more focused on research and development than gaining strength. In short words, they are most likely to spending time on research and taking effort rather than quickening the process. There is a way to become a mage, the down tier of Arch Mage, within few years but it brings more pain than becoming a sword master. 

The only person who were said to become Arch Mage was a named individual, Crimson Witch. Mages have higher life span than the normal humans, and it seems that she had already completed the first requirement which is to learn all nine elements and their skills. 

"Haaaa....." I inhaled as heavily as I could.

"Whooooooo....." I exhaled with a slight bit of relaxation.

Looking up the nearly endless steepness of the valley, I began to imagine why anyone would build their mansion in the middle of nowhere...

"....." I closed my eye with a slight bit of frown and misfortune behind of them.


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