Law of Everything

Have you ever thought about a "law"?


10. The Elements

Law of Everything

The Elements

The azure sky color, which felt more like a liquid than an air, surrounded every segment of the space. Neither did I know why it was warm and relaxing nor did I understand what situation that I was in. I simply closed my eyes and waited, waited until the moment something worthy of my attention comes by.

"......." I wondered, why was I here first place.

"............" What am I?

"................" I closed down my eyes and began to recollect my memories. Countless frames of memories has swept violently in my head and  everything became clear now. I now understood what I needed to do.

"Puwhaaaa..." Bubbles were formed as I accidentally let tiny bit of air out of my mouse. I remembered how to use my arms to move around, I remembered how to use arm's movement to swim around, and I remembered how to swim out of the body of water.

*Cough* *Cough*

My lungs felt the burning sensation of not experiencing air for such long period of time.

"How was your near death experience?" Crimson Witch, standing outside of the room, called upon my drenched, half conscious body.

Everything came up to date with me. One of the requirements to become a mage was to learn all five of the elements, but not everyone had the talent to be compatible with them. One of the ways that one would be able to enable the use of other elements would be to experience near death experience related to the element. For example, to enable earth element, you must be buried alive.

"Use the first water element skills," Crimson Witch ordered me.


Water was slowly forming from nothingness and it soon gathered a handful onto my hand.

"Now that you are compatible with water, you will need to study them everyday, just like with everything else."

"Hmmm... If I forgot to mention it, you are now Trainee Magician, you see. You should be grateful that it is an Arch Mage who is teaching you, you won't receive same benefits with lower ranked magicians."

[Rale Calris][14][Trainee Magician(Master: Arch Mage)][Level 35]

[HP(Health Points)]: 8750/8750

[MP(Mana Points)]: 26250/26250(50 Percent Increase)(Trainee Magician+Arch Mage Bonus)

[S(Strength)]: 2212



[List of Skills: Law Maker(5000)/Law Altar(50000)/Ember(15)/Zap(15)/Gust(15)/Droplets(15)


[Bloodline: Law Manipulation] 

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