Law of Everything

Have you ever thought about a "law"?


9. The Crimson Witch

""Law of Everything

The Crimson Witch

During the span of a week, I managed to climb the thousands of feet high valley with only a bare hand and some minor equipment. By the time that I climbed up the valley, I noticed that there was a house in the middle of the rocky region, as I had expected from the description. The first thing that I did was to knock the door.

"Is there anyone?" My first question seems to be unheard.


"Arch Mage? Arch Mage?" I shouted at the door for a quite long time. Now that enough time has passed since the lack of response, I decided to descend until the moment when a noise had come inside of the house.

"Crimson Witch-" A sudden, abrupt swing of the door almost broke my nose. 


"That is my question, what are you?" The Crimson Witch, contrary to my expectation, looked like an ordinary red haired youth who wore a witch costume for a Halloween or something similar to that...

"My name is Rale, I wished to learn about magic from you," I answered straightforwardly.

"You probably climbed up the cliff using magic, didn't you?" Crimson Witch questioned me.

"No, I climbed it up using my bare hands." 

"(I don't see any sign of magic here... Is he telling the truth?)"

"What are your reasons to become a mage?" Crimson Witch, with a suspicious look, asked me.

"I wanted to become Rank S Adventurer." 

"(How straightforward. I don't see any lies here or there....)"

"What is benefit of me teaching you?" Crimson Witch, pushing her hair near my face, glared at me.

"Anything you wish..."

"(Found it!)" When Crimson Witch found the hesitant tone in his voice, an idea came to her head.

"I will ask you for ten gold coins per week as a lesson fee, isn't that a equal trade?" 

"Here," I gave her the 10 gold coins without any hesitant. I was having trouble with the last one because I didn't know what an Arch Mage would need that I have in my hands.

"Fine! You are in!" 




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