Law of Everything

Have you ever thought about a "law"?


2. The Child with Confusing Bloodlines

Law of Everything

The Child with Confusing Bloodlines

It was a temple that seemed as if it didn't have limits to the amount of enormous space that it still had. Not in my ten years of life that I would experience to see something as majestic as this architecture. I do not know what are other's approach toward this visit, but to me, it had already attracted me as if I was a moth who had seen the light for the first time in its life.

"Mum, what Bloodline shall I be able to redeem?" Roberto Claseis, the first heir of the Claseis household, formally questioned his mother for an advice, which she responds with a confidence.

"You are to gain the same bloodline that our family has gained since the farthest generations in records, dear," Ellis Claseis, assured of the household heir's potential spoke without any hesitance in her mouth. The royal families had the different mindset compared to that of the ordinary commoners like us. 

The thousands of different light source from the descriptively carved chandler has brightened up every segment of the room. Even the commoners were to be equipped of such gorgeous suit for their bloodline ceremony. No wonder why one's tenth birthday is considered the highest pinnacle of one's life.

Wondering down the hallway of glorious details that had been will be carved onto my memories forever, I was faced with the most important person who had brought me to this point of my life. 

"Headmaster!" I shouted at the elderly man in formal suit, forgetting how to act properly in the public area.

"Invisible Limbs!" The headmaster, without moving an inch away from his sit, held onto my entire body in a gentle manner.

"Oh dear, how much times have I explained to you that such abrupt greeting would be painful for I..."

"He-he..." I giggled and smiled.

Headmaster Rastith was the master of the guild that my parents were enlisted in. When both of them were missing in action, Headmaster was the only person who was there to support me. 

"Haaaa~" Headmaster sighed.

"Hmm...Hmm!" The old priest had cleared his throat with serious tone. 

"I, Alroys Gracis, welcome youths for the ceremony."

"Each youth, by the order of their arrival, stand in the middle of the ceremonial rune."

The youth, forming a line in a circle around the rune, watched as the first lucky child commenced his life time event. 

"Aris Viane Cariel Rus Garisl Varius Xres Iuas Aeven" The letters began to form from around child's small body. When the words made a complete circle that had surrounded him, a heavenly light had devoured the entire room with warmth.

[Vint Cous][10][No Class][Level 1]

[HP(Health Points)]: 100/100

[MP(Mana Points)]: 100/100

[S(Strength)]: 65



[List of Skills: Ashes(10)]

[Bloodline: Heat Flares] 

"Woooooow!!!" The children's exclamation had ruled the atmosphere of the room. The adults somewhat enjoyed the nostalgic image of their past history. 

"Next, please."

The children, one by one, had theirs examined.

[Bloodline: Enhancements]

[Bloodline: Divided Minds]

[Bloodline: Synchronization of Nature]

[Bloodline: Lightning Severing]

[Bloodline: Overheat]

Each and every bloodline was unique and only some of them were similar to another. When the 51st children were finished, my ceremony had finally arrived. I walked gently toward the center of the rune, but I couldn't manage to straighten out my face from the excitement of such event.

[Rale Calris][10][No Class][Level 1]

[HP(Health Points)]: 250/250

[MP(Mana Points)]: 500/500

[S(Strength)]: 132



[List of Skills: Law Maker(5000)]

[Bloodline: Law Manipulation] 

"!?" The first skill that one receives was supposed to cost around 10-25 mana per use, but this abnormal 5000 mana point requirement wasn't that of ordinary at all, not to mention Rale's abnormal stats for that of the level 1.


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