Law of Everything

Have you ever thought about a "law"?


3. The Adventure as a Suggestion

Law of Everything

The Adventure as a Suggestion

The shimmering lights of the chandlers, the warm atmosphere of the ceremony, and the details that were carved to the base of my head was nothing but a bothersome attraction for me now... Though I was confirmed to have the highest status the priest have ever evaluated, it still couldn't change the fact that I wasn't able to use my first bloodline skill. 

"Ummm... Rale?" Headmaster, walking toward the balcony, spoke gently to me.

"Though you might not be able to use your first skill, you will be able to become one of the strongest magician in the world! I will teach you about magics that you can learn without bloodlines. The elemental, the reflection, and the shield...." Headmaster knew that these words were truly meaning. He knew that Rale wanted something that was unique, something that was the only gift that his parents were able to leave him with.

"(... Fate truly is fate)" Headmaster, before preparing for an explanation, thought to himself.

"I..." Headmaster stopped as he was trying to force himself not to say the words.

"What is it, Headmaster?" I asked him with sincere look on my face.

"I know a way that you can expand your mana status to be able to use your first skill..."

"Really!?" I was greatly excited.

"b...But it really isn't the method that I would like to suggest..." Headmaster began to crush. He wasn't being his usual calm self right now. He was now emotional. 

"Its one of the most dangerous and painful method. Only five percent have actually managed to achieve this stage and only one percent have survived out of it..." 

"..." I stopped. It seems that it would be somewhat inappropriate for me to insist any farther.

"Your parents suggested me to assign the task for them and it left them with incurable scar for rest of their lives, until this day if they were alive..."

Headmaster's solemn expression stopped me from continuing this conversation any farther. With a weak smile, I confirmed my decision.

"Could you teach me the magics, Headmaster?" 

"...." Headmaster, finally looking straight at me, smiled back and replied.

"Certainly, Rale, Certainly."

I truly wish that I had a foresight ability during this moment of my life. If I had such ability, then I wouldn't have to face the tough reality. 

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