۝The demon queen۝ natsu x oc

Jayrah Riess isn't your typical high school girl with magic. She's a demon princess and the daughter of Satan. While the school's mean girls, Lucy,Juvia,Lissana, and the other group of queen bees try and bully her and make her miserable, the school's jock, Natsu Dragneel, now learns he has developed feelings for this geeky girl.


1. Day out of hell

~Jayrah's pov~

I'm finally sixteen! Yassss! Your probably wondering 'why is she so happy being sixteen??' Well my friend, my dad will finally let me see the human world! I already know how things work reader's (yes I broke the fourth wall already… now bring Eren and Levi!!!) so I'm not like the little mermaid. Suprisingly my father, Satan, is very kind and spoils me ALOT. But to his workers he's strict and to bad people who want to rape or have sex with me he either beats them senselessand kills them. I don't know if this means I'm crazy, but I ENJOY gore thanks to my dad and Vilin. Oh yeah! Vilin is my inner demon self and is ruthless and will kill ANYTHING and ANYONE. Anyway my dad has packed all my stuff and I'm on my way!

~Timeskip to a bigass mansion~

wow it's so big! I'm so happy my sister Lola decided to let me stay at her mansion! She signed me up for this school named 'fairy tail high'. I can't wait! After my shower I headed straight to bed waiting to tomorrow to happen.

Boom how was my first chapter? :D

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