2. I'm not changing me

Chapter #2

"I'm not changing me"

Alisha's Point of View


I was walking through the streets of England. So enough I walked into my house again. I sighed. "Ma lady." Hera said. I looked at her with a frown. "What is of the matter?" She asked. Ever since mother died, father has married twice.


Every wife tried to steal our family fortune. Which is rightfully mine. I've won the battle each time. I'm not ready to marry. I'm ready to travel and experience the world. But I can't leave. Father needs me.

England needs me. I can's describe the feeling. It's that you feeling you get when someone is mocking you and spitting on your shoes.

Though... who actually knows that feeling. It's just a thing that hurts oh so much. I can't help it when I feel like I can't protect those I care for, or for those I love.

"Ms?" Hera asked as she looked at me with concerned eyes. "Yes Hera?" I ask her with the same look. She soon stepped out of the way. Then to see my childhood best friend. "Kailey!" I say smiling and we hug. "I'm on my way through, next stop Dublin." She say with excitement. Her fiancé died a few years ago and so she has been doing all the things that he couldn't.

How sweet!... I know right! Her blonde hair was still short and frilly while her green eyes were blazing with adventure and excitement. Her pale skin shown through half closed curtains. "You should come with me." She said to me as she held my hands in hers. "But what about father... what about James?" I ask. "Who's James?" Kailey asked in the most sly voice she could muster up. "He's a man my father has living with us." I say in an annoyed tone. "This could be fun Alisha. Let's see, I'll stay here with you for a year. Then if you too don't get married, I'll move on." She said with a wide smile. I sighed and smiled at the same time. My cheeks felt hot and rosy at the thought of the mysterious man in my living with me...

As the day went on Kailey and I caught up, spreading the daily gossip which I the best jobs for house wives.

"... oh you should have seen the poor man. He was so drunk that while he was slugging the guy I decided to spike his water and make sure that way he wouldn't mess with me again." Kailey said. She does love to tell these stories and loves to drink coffee. Maybe eat some scones while she's at it.

Like OMG! The woman could eat a whole horse if she wanted to!


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